5 Best Discord Bots For Finance And Investing

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When it comes to financing, data helps. More importantly, accurate data helps. However, when you want data quickly, alternating between different apps and tabs shaves off seconds from your trades which can be disconcerting. That’s where Discord bots come into play. Discord bots are AI that helps you automate a lot of your financial needs like tickers, prices and percentage changes.

Here are five of the best Discord bots for finance and investing:

5 Best Discord Bots For Finance And Investing


AtomBot from the house of Atom Finance provides you with all the latest breaking news, investment research highlights and analyst updates by posting them directly to your channel. Admins can create custom news feeds for specific stocks and also spark meaningful discussions within their community of investors. Every user also gets access to real-time quotes for all stocks on their platform, minus any delays. Also, one doesn’t need to have an Atom account in order to use AtomBot, so that’s an additional hassle removed!

In order to use AtomBot, simply subscribe to the specific tickers you’d like to get updates of, by using the command – ‘!atom add’ followed by the tickers. Similarly, ‘!atom remove’ followed by tickers will be doing just the opposite. ‘!atom list’ will provide you with the list of tickers to which the channel is currently subscribed to and ‘!atom price’ will provide you with the current price and percentage day change. Finally, if you’re still unsure and require further help to remember or get assistance, simply pull up their help menu using – ‘!atom help’. If you’re looking to get access to a particular feature, get in touch with them at – contact@atom.finance.


AssetX is one of the best financial and news bots out there if you’re an investor looking to stay connected and up-to-date with cryptocurrencies, stock markets and the latest news at all times. You can look up companies or cryptocurrencies to see their current prices, day’s charts, changes in the day’s pricing, 24-hour highs and lows as well as links to several reliable sources that users can click on, to see several in-depth statistics. The makers are working on creating a website with a dashboard for the bot, in the near future, depending on the success of the AssetX bot. Apart from general information for stocks, AssetX offers advanced statistics too: With easy-to-read graphs, offering Fibonacci bands, volume, and price high/lows.

The team at AssetX is also working to provide users with a well-detailed method of using Discord for investing. They intend on making the experience of using Discord more integrated with the help of unrelated tools, this time around as well as crypto and traditional investing. Thus, instead of using Google, Yahoo Finance Coinbase or any of thousands of other platforms and investing tools, you’ll simply have to use AssetX to stay on Discord and thus stay up-to-date with the business world at all times!

Alpha Bot

Alpha Bot is considered one of the most advanced and easy-to-use financial data bots in the market at present. It provides on-demand charts for any asset, right at your fingertips. It is also one of the most used finance bots, currently in the market. With Alpha Bot, you can request charts for forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, indices and more. You could add indicators, timeframes, change candle types and also look to further customize the charts. Alpha Bot has already considered a premiere Discord bot for TradingView charts and is used by some of the biggest financial communities, and they also support Finviz, TradingLite, Bookmap and GoCharting for their advanced users. You get price alerts right within your community, thus there is no need to leave the Discord chat or switch in-between apps. By simply setting a price alert you’ll get every little detail in one single place. It also has one of the best-in-class order execution client services – providing you with powerful tools so that you are able to design your own preferred system, making it ideal for traders who are more into using the keyboard instead of simply clicking with the mouse.

OptionsFam Bot

OptionsFam Bot is basically a free stock bot that features crypto commands, futures, forex, charting and data for stocks and options. It has over 800k users in more than 8,500 servers that rely on OFB to get real-time prices. You get special options data and a lot more like real-time charting of futures, stocks and crypto in your chat room. They have a list of servers from which you can choose, based on your requirement and then accordingly keep a track of your stocks, futures, options and crypto, all in real-time and completely free of cost, making it one of the best finance bots out there!

Once you open their site, you get the option to add to Discord, check their server list, a list of commands and features which you are to use in order to get real-time data. Also, since the date is in real-time, there are no delayed updates and you can keep track of your stocks by the minute. The command index is well sorted out and you can choose to check out all the commands at once or you can opt to check based on specific requirements such as stocks, earnings, options and the like.


ClosingBell Bot is a collaborative stock trading bot that lets you pick stocks as well as crypto with thousands of traders from around the world, who are managing millions of dollars. The ratings on ClosingBell can be tracked with the help of end-of-day prices to help discover the best stock pickers. Here you can filter out the top-rated stocks and provide you with picks of the people who are consistently picking winners. You can gain access to thousands of stock trading groups and get constant updates on ratings, news and much more. ClosingBell provides you with real-time data of stock quotes as well as community insights. It is used by thousands of people across an array of servers and along with Discord, they are available on Slack, iOS and the web too. You can use this bot as a collaborative tool across hundreds of different private stock trading chat rooms in order to share real-time trading and analysis tips with fellow investors from around the world. Also, since the features are completely free, there’s another added advantage right there too! They provide timely updates on their Twitter handle too, in case you’re unable to check your Discord at all times.

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