Crypto Dads Founder Q&A Interview – What Makes Crypto Dads Discord so Great

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Crypto Dads discord is the best crypto trading discord server out there. With tons of content, strong play-callers, and the best dad jokes the internet has to offer, any trader looking for the best crypto trading group doesn’t need to search for long. To see a full review of the Crypto Dads discord chatroom you can see the full review here. We recently had the opportunity to ask the Founder of Stock Dads/Crypto Dads a few questions to explore further into what makes Crypto Dads so great. Here is our Q&A interview with Crypto Dads founder DJ Brown!

1. What is the Unique Value Proposition for Crypto Dads compared to other discord servers?

Since we first started Stock Dads, our mission has always been to give Dads the tools and knowledge they need to build generational wealth. We have thoughtfully developed all our products and services with that in mind. Rather than “get-rich-quick” schemes, pump and dump communities, and other reckless gambling, we do everything we can to educate our members to make better financial decisions in all aspects of life. This is the same way that we’ve approached building the Crypto Dads community.

2. How did you identify this niche? What made you dig deeper in to it?

Our dad niche was identified by my own personal experience. I am the father of two beautiful children – a 5-year-old girl, and 3-year-old boy. I was also not adequately educated financially when I was growing up to set myself up for success. Since I was learning these tools later in life than I would’ve liked to, I figured the best thing I could do would be to bring other people on that journey with me. I dug deep into this niche because it’s a widespread problem that many people experience, and I truly believe the work we are doing now can change future generations.

3. Could you describe how the community was formed?

The community started by accident. I made a post in a random Facebook group for dads about trading and it blew up. When I saw the interest, I decided to start the Stock Dads Facebook group and it blew up rapidly. Then, for me to learn how to trade/invest myself, I started the Stocks and Sandals Podcast with my best friend, Mike. This way people could learn with us. All the sudden we had thousands of dads who were reaching out for support. Since we were spending a ton of time recording, moderating the Facebook group, and more, we decided it would be best for us to create an amazing, comprehensive service that would help so many people, but also could be the start of a legitimate business that could provide for me and my team.

4. How were the rules for the community formed?

We have a pretty loose set of rules, however there are two main things that we have absolutely zero tolerance for: 1. Being a jerk to one another, especially to new traders/investors just starting out their journey, and 2. Spammers/scammers. The reason we are so strict on these two rules is because they were the two most common issues I saw almost everywhere I looked during my own learning journey. So many people that are quick to belittle you for not knowing things, and so many scammers trying to make you believe that by trading with them, you’ll have enough to buy a lambo in a week. We wanted to provide a safe and friendly place for dads of all experience levels to work together for our common goal of providing the best life we can for our families.

5. What’s a typical day like in the server?

Active all day every day. Tons of chatter about all sorts of topics, both educational and casual. You’ll get several trade alerts every day from our professional analysts who break down their plays and are happy to hold your hand through the entire process – even those who have never even started a trading account. You’ll also just see real, genuine community. Our members have grown to be actual friends that have supported one another, celebrated with one another, and have a ton of fun together.

6. 5 things that a newbie should do on Crypto Dads

  • The first thing you should do is talk to your personal Crypto Dads Ambassador. When you sign up, you’ll get a DM from one of our Customer Experience Coordinators who will answer any of your questions, or guide you to the answers.
  • Also make sure to take advantage of our proprietary educational program, Crypto Dads Academy, that includes over 7 hours of self-paced video content that can teach you everything from what crypto is, how to do your taxes with crypto, to more advanced topics such as the metaverse, and futures trading.
  • After that, make sure to take advantage of your free 1:1 coaching session with the #1 rated Crypto Analyst on all of Discord, Kenny Duran. He will teach you the basics and start to educate you on how to trade crypto using technical analysis strategies and indicators.
  • You should also make sure to jump in the chats and ASK QUESTIONS. Whether you get your answer from one of our staff analysts, or just other members who have been around the block, odds are that you should be able to get any questions answered quickly and reputably.
  • Then make sure to set up your crypto trading accounts and start watching and learning from our analysts who will give you real-time alerts for crypto futures, NFTs, shitcoins, the metaverse, and more. This will help you start making money to cover those subscription fees and then some!

7. What role do bots play in your server?

We have several bots in our servers that play different roles. We have bots that feed real-time news into the server so you’re always getting information fast. We also have bots that provide artificial intelligence alerts based on real-time data. We also have bots that do the boring stuff like helping with roles, permissions, moderations, etc.

8. Describe your relationship with non-moderator members

Our members are freaking amazing. They are super cool, kind, helpful, hilarious, and many of them love to troll me just for fun *eye roll* but I have built genuine friendships with many of these guys who I’ve never even met in real life. We talk about the good, bad, and ugly. Our community is unmatched… for real.

9. Describe the average member profile on the server

Our average member is between the ages of 22-40, is a father in some capacity, predominantly from the United States, and is just a kick ass dude who wants what’s best for their families. Experience levels range from brand spanking new with zero clue what crypto even is, to legitimate professional traders and employees from major crypto trading brokerages. There is such a wide range of skill, but the key is that everyone finds a way to add value to the group in some capacity.

10. Where do you see Crypto Dads at the end of 2022

Taking over the crypto trading world. LOL kidding, sort of. I truly believe we are the best server out there, offer the most in terms of the total package (education, alerts, community, etc.), and I think as the word begins to spread throughout the crypto trading community, Crypto Dads will be a household name.

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