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Top 8 Upcoming NFT Projects You Should Know About in June 2022

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are growing in popularity by the day. Hundreds and thousands of investors are being drawn towards new NFT projects that are launched on almost a daily basis. Creators are working on multiple use cases to come up with projects that deliver unique digital value. Here are the top 10 upcoming NFT projects you should know about in February 2022.

The 25 Best Crypto Trading Signals Alert Services For Traders And Investors

Crypto is a word on the lips of almost anyone who is/wants to get into investing. Many people are searching for ways to get into this growing industry. This is primarily because crypto has immense investment opportunities and can potentially turn an average income earning individual into a millionaire overnight. This brand-new world of crypto trading is however quite overwhelming and confusing. But thanks to all the crypto trading tools that share trading secrets with crypto enthusiasts around the world. These tools help them make smart investment decisions and prevent them from buying failing crypto coins. Cryptocurrency trading alert services are extremely profitable tools for anyone who is into crypto trading, from seasoned crypto traders to newbies. These tools can help you achieve your ultimate goal of maximum profit-making by narrowing down the options and thereby aiding in decision making. This article contains a list of the 9 best crypto trading alert services that will tell exactly what the crypto signals entail and how one can use them.

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Top 11 Best NFT Twitter accounts You Need to Follow in 2022

Traders, advisors, and collectors mostly take to Twitter to discuss their recent purchases and trades which helps you get an idea about what kind of decisions you can make to sure you do not lose any money. Here are 10 of the best NFT Twitter accounts you can follow to help you make informed and correct decisions while trading:

crypto traders on TradingView discussing a strategy

Top 6 Successful Crypto Traders on TradingView to Follow in 2022

If you follow the crypto market, chances are you have come across the social trading strategy platform- TradingView. Apart from providing analytical tools and charts, the platform lets like-minded traders connect with one another and discuss trading. Beginners love it as it has the perfect blend of an easy-to-use interface and powerful chartists. So, if you are someone planning to enter the crypto market then you can find some of the best trading strategies on TradingView given by some of the best crypto traders on TradingView.

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To 10 Best NFT Instagram accounts You Need to Follow in 2022

In the last year, NFTs came to the forefront as people all over the world began buying, trading and investing in them. People are taking to social media platforms like Instagram to talk about their NFTs or the investments they are making. These discussions and posts help other people stay updated about the NFT space, while also influencing people to make better and smarter decisions while trading. If you are new to the NFT space or if you have been in the space for a long time, following the best NFT Instagram accounts or NFT discord servers will ensure that you remain updated about the current events and status of the space.

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