10 Best Ways to Promote Your NFT discord Server or NFT Project in 2022

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The NFT, or non-fungible token, market is a highly demanding space that requires creators to constantly promote their products, tokens, or servers to find buyers and users. Without active buyers of your tokens, or users of your servers you may find it difficult to stay/become relevant in the space. There are different platforms available online that you can use to promote your NFTs or your NFT servers. One such platform is Discord. You need to know how you can promote your NFT discord.

Discord is an application and platform that allows its users to stay connected within different kinds of communities be it NFTs, gaming, etc. If you own an NFT Discord server, you can use the platform to communicate with users, and access different kinds of features to allow you to manage your community. Owning an NFT Discord server or creating NFTs, in general, is not an easy feat. Managing and promoting them may prove even tougher, especially if you are new to the market.

How to Promote Your NFT Discord or NFT Drop


Find other brands to help you market or cross-market. Find potential people with audiences to push your project to. As an example, Hashtag Investing helps several brands reach new potential audiences on NFT focused articles like “The Best NFT Discord” and “The Best Upcoming NFT Projects“. Reach out to other brands to help you promote your project!

Use Social Media:

If you have an NFT drop or if you own an NFT Discord server that you want people to know about, you can spread information on it on different kinds of social media platforms. Post about the drop or the server with a description that will entice people to view your product. You can also use different kinds of relevant hashtags that people can search for in order for your posts to reach them. Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok are the best social networks to push your NFT Discord or project!

Post Helpful Content:

To promote your Discord server you must ensure that the content you post or share provides good insight and will be helpful to people who are active in the market. This will help to bring in more people to join your NFT Discord server. Make it shareable so your existing base is able to promote it for you! Network effect is real!

Post Content that Appeals to a Particular Audience:  

If you want your NFT Discord server to reach more people and grow your community, you must ensure that the information or content you post should appeal to your particular audience. In this case, you must ensure that the content you share is directly related to NFTs in general or particular NFT drops. If you combine the point listed above with this one, you should be able to promote your NFT discord like an ace.

Stick to Discord Terms and Conditions:

Ensure that the way you grow your community is according to the guidelines and terms of Discord. Violating the platform’s policies can cause your server to be suspended which may result in a loss of community members. Some of the terms that can be violated is providing rewards to users who invite others to join, or advertising against the policies laid out by Discord. If you want to advertise your Discord server you can add your server to a listing site that does not violate the platform’s policies.

Make Your Server Stand Out:

If you are listing your Discord server on a listing site, it may be difficult to stand out due to a large number of listings available on the site. To ensure that your server stands out and attracts people, you can use a unique and memorable name for your Discord server and add a distinguishable and professional logo. On the listing site, ensure that you include a concise description of your server to appeal to your target audience.

Keep Your Server Active:

Discord servers that remain active are more likely to attract people to join the server. Ensure that you hold discussions with your community members related to NFTs regularly, and post and infuse relevant and helpful content that is relevant to your server. This will keep the service active and alive.

Join Conversations Online:

One of the best ways to promote your NFT drop or NFT Discord server is through participating in online conversations about NFT drops, the market, etc. on different platforms like Twitter, Telegram, and subreddits, group chats, streaming parties, etc. Providing valuable insight during these conversations can help build a small community to which you can inform about your NFT drop or server.

Use a Discord Marketing Service:

There are various Discord marketing services available online that you can use to enhance or build your community on Discord for a fee. These marketing service providers can be tailored to your specific needs and curated to reach a particular audience that will be interested in NFT drop and servers. Keep in mind that you should not be spending a lot at the start when you begin to promote your NFT discord. Take time to understand your audience, and then spend money on marketing.

Participate in the NFT Market:

If you want to get recognized within the NFT space, one of the great ways to do so is by becoming an NFT collector yourself. The tokens you collect can also be resold to help you generate extra funds for future projects. You can post about your NFT collection on your Discord server or other social platforms which can help to promote your own server and drops for people to discover. Becoming an NFT collector can also help to introduce you to new channels and groups to which you can then introduce your own server and drops. This will make people take you seriously and make it easier for you to promote your NFT discord.

Promoting an NFT Discord server or drop may not be easy but achievable. If you follow the right steps and focus on community building you can promote your server within the NFT space and watch your server members grow. With the right kind of advertising, information on your server and drops can reach new audiences as well which will help to give you a better standing within the space.

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