10 Best Crypto Accounts On TikTok You Need To Follow in 2022

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A report by IT security company Cloudflare said that TikTok surpassed Google as the most popular website in 2021. With billions of active users and its unique algorithm, Tiktok suggests content to millions of users across the globe and enables them to upload small videos of themselves and share their creative ideas with the world.

Just like TikTok, crypto too has been enjoying its fair share of popularity. Consequently, it has become a topic of focus for hundreds of social media influencers. Crypto-focused accounts have sprung up all over TikTok, offering advice, news, memes, and much more to the TikTok community.

If you are a crypto enthusiast who is looking for some good crypto TikTok accounts, these are the 10 best crypto accounts on TikTok you can follow.


Cryptocita is one of the top players in TikTok when it comes to creating quality content about crypto. Having a massive fan base, this TikTok handle competes with some of the biggest names in the TikTok crypto community. Her content usually gets massive reposts and can even be seen beyond the TikTok platform. People who are curious about crypto or want to gain more knowledge can refer to this TikTok handle.


This TikTok handle is run by two experienced educators who share plenty of useful information for crypto enthusiasts and traders around the world. From creating detailed content on Youtube, Coinbureau has carried on the legacy of creating powerful content even on TikTok and has been squeezing out all the right information they think is necessary to be conveyed in a damn quick manner.


Appearing on the screen as an Anonymous/Guy Fawkes mask, Canada-based thewolfofbitcoins has amassed nearly a quarter of a million people on TikTok and has over three million likes on his videos. This TikTok handle has been active since October 2019 and covers a range of crypto-related topics including crypto mining. Wolf’s handle pretty well balances between educational and entertaining content and gives interesting insights into the world of bitcoin mining.


Modern_market contains all kinds of useful crypto content so it can be the go-to TikTok handle for anyone who wants to get all sorts of crypto-related information in a single place. On following this handle one can get informed about plenty of new investment opportunities available in the market, and also stay updated with the latest crypto news, NFTs, and other related information about the crypto market.


Virtualbacon is another TikToker with a large fan base that regularly posts about a whole lot of coins, projects, and other crypto topics. Unlike most TikTokers who focus only on bitcoins, virtualbacon casts his net a whole lot wider. One can get to know about a range of topics like NFTs, Yearn Finance, Cardano, Polkadot, Litecoin, and Chainlink on following him. Other than that, being a trader himself he delivers regular updates on what he’s buying, selling, and holding.


Matt.mortimer is a crypto investor and an FX trader so his TikTok handle is mostly filled with content related to these two topics only. One can follow his handle and get access to plenty of predictions, discussions, and useful opinions related to such investments and accordingly plan their investment strategies. Therefore, this handle is perfect for young adults curious about crypto, as well as veterans looking for some crypto suggestions.


Cryptohuck is one of the most encouraging handles one can come across on TikTok. This handle covers content related to a wide range of topics besides bitcoins. Most importantly his content is filled with a healthy dose of humour. Notably, he is also one of the few TikTokers who actually admits his mistakes in case of providing any wrong suggestion to his fans.


Performante is a unique handle since its content is not focused on any one trading technique or altcoin pick but instead on teaching fans about the general crypto world and also provides advice on financial independence. This motivational type of content is great for people looking to get through FUD or crypto exhaustion as it reminds them to focus on their long-term goals instead of only focusing on what is happening at current times.


CryptoKang is one of the most accessible spokespeople for crypto on TikTok. He not only interacts with his followers pretty well but also responds to their queries by answering questions based on community requests. His content in general is mostly based on new and interesting altcoins coming out i.e he reviews new projects and explains their special attributes. The ones looking for niche products to invest in can follow cryptokang.


This TikTok handle contains a lot of crypto-related educational content and also covers popular crypto industry news at times. Cryptolioltd as a TikTok influencer usually shares his opinions and thoughts about certain types of cryptos and about the crypto market in general. The Cryptolioltd handle can be a good source of information for the ones who want to gather some knowledge about the crypto market.

  1. Cryptocurrencies are subject to high market risks and successful investment in the crypto market does require in-depth market knowledge. TikTok’s crypto community is good for those wanting to keep abreast of what’s going on in the market or just keep track of the constant stream of developments. However, it must be understood that the recommendations provided on TikTok are not professional recommendations and that TikTok isn’t the right place for deep-dive researches or long, carefully structured investigations of the numerous projects stated there. Therefore, before investing based on the recommendations from TikTok it is advisable that one must thoroughly learn about the crypto market first and then make their investment decisions.

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