10 Best NFT TikTok Influencers You Need to Follow in 2022

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People all over the world spend multiple hours a day on TikTok watching different kinds of videos to stay entertained, informed, and learn. Thousands of influencers all over the world use the app to keep followers engaged and entertained. There are influencers who post videos on fashion, music, art, politics, lifestyle, etc. and even influencers who post videos on finance-related topics including NFTs.

NFTs have grown in popularity over the last few years which have opened a new space for experts to share content to help others who are interested in the space. Whether you are creating, buying, selling, or flipping NFTs, following these NFT TikTok influencers will give you an upper hand in the space. You can stay informed and updated about the current events in the space and even learn about different NFT related topics. Here are the top ten TikTok influencers that you should follow in 2022:

10 Best NFT TikTok Influencers You Need to Follow in 2022

  1. Cryptocomix

    This TikTok account gives you access to different funny, relatable, and helpful content that will keep you entertained and informed about the NFT space. You can find videos on current NFT news and crypto news in general as well as tips that can help beginners who want to start buying or selling NFTs. You can even get some insight on personal projects and how they were started to get ideas if you want to create your own NFT projects. This account has many videos that educate followers on the state of the market as well as new developments in the space.
  2. Gary Vaynerchuk

    Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the biggest names in the NFT space. He is an entrepreneur who posts a lot of helpful NFT-related content across different social media platforms. His TikTok account contains many helpful videos that talk about different kinds of topics all related to NFTs. Whether you are new to the space or not, following this account will give you a better insight into the space, allow you to learn more about NFTs, and get insights from one of the biggest NFT TikTok influencers and experts in the space.
  3. Gregmike

    Gregmike had a substantial following on other social media platforms before they began posting on TikTok. On their account, you can find videos on the production and creation of colorful artwork that is minted into NFTs helping you get an idea of the whole process of creating NFTs. They also post videos about blending the world of NFTs into the real world which gives you a new perspective on the space that you may not have known about. This influencer helps followers learn more about creating NFTs and inspires them as well to get started on their own projects to help expand the space.
  4. nft_artwork

    This TikTok account gives you a special look into the NFT art space with various videos that comment on the latest and upcoming NFT art pieces and projects. You can learn and discover the future of NFT art and art in general through the content on this account. The videos posted on the account helps all kinds of NFT investors and traders stay educated about the NFT space. You can also learn about new and exciting NFT projects that are worth having a look into as well as meme-related videos to help you stay entertained.
  5. mr.nftenium

    mr.nftenium is another great NFT TikTok account to follow. They regularly post videos on NFT-related topics which are very informative to all viewers. Their videos are entertaining to watch while also discussing relevant topics in the NFT space which keeps viewers up to date about the major current events in the space. In the videos they post, they also discuss the metaverse and crypto which makes the account great to follow for anyone who is interested in the crypto world.
  6. offshoot.3d

    offshoot.3d is a talented NFT creator who posts TikTok videos relating to their NFT art. They also use the space to talk about their projects and promote the NFTs that they create. They feature their 3D work and talk about the process of creating NFT art on their account. This is a great account to follow if you are an NFT creator or are looking to start creating your own NFTs as you will get a proper insight into the creative process to help and inspire you.
  7. nft.degen

    nft.degen is an NFT influencer who posts a lot of content on TikTok and other social media platforms. They offer great insight on the NFT space and they talk about the current news in the space to keep viewers updated on the NFT market and space. They also talk about various interesting NFT projects which are worth looking into. The videos posted on this account keep viewers informed and updated while learning about different upcoming projects in the space.
  8. Nftsold

    nftsold is a great TikTok account to follow if you are interested in the NFT space. Although they may not have the largest following on TikTok, their videos give great insight into the NFT space which allows viewers and followers to learn and grow in the space. They also encourage followers to contact them through direct messaging to talk about any curious and exciting NFT projects. The account is educating and engaging at the same time.
  9. nftwhalemedia

    nftwhalemedia is one of the best NFT TikTok accounts to follow for access to helpful insight into the NFT space, as well as news to stay updated about the current events on the space. The videos on this account are easy to follow and entertaining to watch, keeping viewers interested in the NFT space engaged and informed.
  10. nft_gallery

    This is one of the biggest NFT TikTok accounts that promote NFTs in the form of videos shared on the platform. Not only can you discover new and interesting NFT art through the page, you can also get an inside look into the processes involved in NFT art. The comment section in this account is its own hub where viewers can discuss different topics relevant to the videos, making it a space for learning and open discussions for NFT art enthusiasts.

Following some of the best NFT TikTok influencers and accounts will give you an edge in the space. You can stay updated with all the news, learn about the space and understand it better to help you when buying, selling, creating or even flipping your own NFTs. The accounts mentioned above are some of the best NFT TikTok accounts you can follow. Besides, you can also check out the best nft accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Discord to stay informed and entertained at the same time.

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