Top 7 Fastest-Growing GameFi Projects To Watch Out For

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The popularity of the crypto and metaverse spaces has seen various avenues open up that allow people to make money in unconventional ways. GameFi is one such avenue. GameFi projects refer to blockchain-based games that allow players to play games virtually and win different kinds of benefits and rewards. These rewards can apply to the real world, typically in the form of economic incentives.

GameFi gives players the ability to earn cryptocurrency and different NFT rewards that can then be transferred out of the virtual world or traded in different crypto marketplaces. If you are looking for ways to earn money while gaming, here are the top 7 GameFi projects to watch out for:

Axie Infinity

This is one of the biggest and fastest-growing GameFi projects. It is a play-to-earn or P2E platform that has simple game mechanics that includes minting NFTs, forming teams, and winning battles to earn money. Its rapid growth is thanks to the contribution of gamers who want to experiment with the platform. Users of Axie get different kinds of rewards that enable them to improve their avatars and pets or convert them to real-world money. The game is looking for further growth with plans to transition to a structure that gives users more control over the treasury and has improvements in the storyline, graphics, and design.

DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is a P2E game that has been created to have unique gameplay combined with different functionalities. DeFi is one of the most complete play-to-earn ecosystems that seem to make it better than most P2E games. Through the game, gamers can reach different levels and level up their gaming NFTs or avatars by taking part in different kinds of quests to earn rewards. The avatars or heroes on the platform are fictional characters that gamers can use in quests to win and accumulate tokens that are beneficial to them.


Illivium is one of the most anticipated Ethereum-based GameFi projects that has recently gained large volumes of users and transactions in the gaming world. It involves open-world role-playing where gamers capture deity-like characters in a large and diverse environment. It has high visual effects that gamers enjoy and even allows gamers to create assets in the metaverse.

The game involves a beta token that gamers get as a reward which can then be traded for cash or other forms of tokens. Gamers can live in their virtual lands and continue to add various resources to the land to increase the values in the market. This in turn will allow gamers to sell in-game assets, such as weapons, skins, and armor.

Liberty Gaming

Liberty Gaming is a GameFi project that offers gamers a scholarship to cover the costs of the initial investments on NFTs. The project aims to democratize blockchain gaming for gamers who require it the most. It also provides in-game NFTs and education to help gamers thrive in the ecosystem. It has become one of the fastest-growing blockchain games in the market. It is unique from other GameFi projects because gamers can enjoy various advantages like lowering the barriers of entry, offering new investment options for players, and a diversified portfolio of decentralized games.

Liberty Gaming aims to make it easier for gamers to enter the P2E metaverse and provide them with a solution to easily profit from playing games. Gamers who use the platform can also enjoy a portfolio of seven games to invest in at once to help gamers have a diversified portfolio of games.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox has its own token called $SAND whose value has had a dramatic increase in the last year. This project has had a rapid expansion, bringing in more gamers which in turn provides free software for the gamers and producers to create and develop different kinds of assets and experiences to further improve the platform. These assets are then sold in various marketplaces to give gamers the ability to earn a passive income for the time and effort they dedicate to the platform. The Sandbox is Ethereum-based and has two game variations that anybody can play with.

Xchange Monster

Xchange Monster is an infrastructure GameFi project that helps the gaming economy and development. It brings a great opportunity to the massive market and closes the gap between the creators and publishers of the games with their respective communities. It is a fully regulated platform that gives game creators the confidence they require to create, develop, and transition into new gaming worlds.

XChange Monster is also an all-in-one platform that features all kinds of products, payment gateways, an NFT marketplace, a trading exchange, etc. This makes it easier for game creators and developers to complete their infrastructures and handle different interactions at the same time. Players, on the other hand, can use the platform to get offers on low transaction costs and access to in-game NFTs.

Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is one of the most highly anticipated blockchain games that are free to play and involves mobile role-playing based on the concepts of P2E to increase the accessibility of the platform. It has become a popular choice for both gamers and investors thanks to the founding NFT sale and token launch which generated a large sum of money thereby attracting more individuals to the project. The tokens used in the game are referred to as ‘gems’, which can be used for NFT minting and market transactions.

The crypto space is being dominated by NFT projects and play-to-earn NFT games. While playing on a GameFi platform, you can enjoy great rewards and prizes which makes these GameFi projects, one of the best ways for gamers to enjoy doing what they love and get an income to support other GameFi projects.

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