Top 8 Upcoming NFT Projects You Should Know About in June 2022

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Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are currently the hottest investment opportunity that everyone is talking about. Investors everywhere are always on their toes looking for new projects that they can invest in to make good profits. New NFT projects are always coming out regularly. It is, therefore, crucial to find upcoming NFT projects that are not only the most compelling but will also thrive in the ever-changing crypto market.

Hunting the best projects may be difficult with the huge number of new projects popping up every day, especially for new investors looking into the NFT market for the first time.

Here are some of the best upcoming NFT projects you should look out for in the months of May and June 2022:

Stocktrades Genesis Pass

If you’re looking for a team that’s done it all before, the Stocktrades Genesis Pass server is a no-brainer. Developed by the same team that has built a 7-figure business in the finance niche picking profitable stocks to buy, Stocktrades Genesis Pass is a unique alpha and educational Discord that not only releases the most in-depth, comprehensive alpha calls on the hottest projects today, but educates its holders on the intricacies of the NFT space and how to make money. The NFT space is full of empty promises and a lack of accountability. On the one hand, a consistent pattern of over-promising and under-delivering. On the other, no promises to avoid accountability. Dan and Mat saw the same issues in the investment industry, and built one of the strongest brands in the country trying to stop it. They plan to do the same in the NFT space. As a bonus, they’ve given Hashtag Investing a limited amount of whitelist spots for readers who join through this page (Less than 10 remaining). You can click here to join the Discord. Just pop in and say you’re from Hashtag Investing and they’ll get you set up!

Crypto Barista

Crypto Barista is the first ever NFT-based café in the world that intends to build a community of individuals passionate about things like caffeine, art forms, harnessing of innovation, and entrepreneurship. Crypto Barista’s Season 1 will contain 60 caffeine-loving characters and the owners of a Crypto Barista will receive several caffeinated perks for life across all its future cafe spaces and websites. Moreover, the owners will also control the “Barista Bank,” which contains 15% of the funds accumulated from the project’s revenue set aside for future use in the coffee space. The makers have stated that the project will evolve through Seasonal launches with each of its seasons focusing on newer endeavors within the coffee space.


The Dribblie NFT is the first-ever deflationary play-to-earn game where football players from different galaxies fight for achieving their glory. Deflationary NFTs are basically those NFTs that use unique burning and staking mechanisms to ensure the value of their remaining assets increases over a period of time. The best thing about this NFT project is it provides several strategies to the owners to help them earn money. This means by staking, owning, or renting the NFTs or by simply playing football one can earn an income of up to $100 a day. Moreover, as football is all about trophies and honors, NFT owners can play this game to win leagues, cups, or private leagues, and also celebrate with their friends and fans while earning cash prizes and brand-new assets at the same time.

StadioLeaguez First Playerz Drop

StadioLeaguez is a 3 v 3 fantasy streetball game that combines conventional gaming designs with other enabling technologies and lets the NFT owners to buy other assets in the ecosystem. The said project brings together the athletes, fans, and sports media and intends to provide a gaming experience like never before. By playing this game one can earn tokens which thereafter can be redeemed to earn exclusive rewards, discounts, or get access to an athlete’s merchandise like a clothing or apparel brand. The first mint will contain 1,300 cards that will be used to complete the Meta Cup and in the first mint, the interested sports fans will be able to mint around 3 or 6 StadioLeaguez cards. The project also has plans to roll out several other mini drops in the coming days.

Pride Pixies NFT

The Pride Pixies community contains 10,000 unique artworks consisting of 100 individual hand-drawn attributes that are randomly generated. These NFTs are extremely colorful, vibrant, loud and proud. The purpose of this NFT project in general is to empower and bring in equal rights for women, and LGBTQ+ and to promote Human rights activism. The vision of achieving empowerment of women in tech is a totally new concept and the creators of this project are trying to push the narrative of women’s participation in tech by empowering them with projects like Anyone who holds the minted Pride Pixie NFT for more than 6 months will receive 3000 $MVMNT tokens which are capable of being sold in any listed decentralized exchange.


Marion is the first-ever Music NFT release by Elliot Kid Danger, a world-touring bassist and songwriter. After having a successful NFT drop back in February, this next release is focused on enhancing the strength of the existing community. This collection will be the first music NFT to implement passive earning of $DangerCoin through staking. Basically, it is like a virtual radio where Music NFTs are played while letting the NFT holders earn $DangerCoin on the basis of the rarity of that track. Moreover, the NFT holders can also get usual big rewards like Apple Watches, Crypto Currency and free entry to game nights along with access to regular events.

Fancy Fox Association

The Fancy Fox association NFT project is a collection of 9,189 Fancy Foxes that are a series of uniquely generated 2D digitalized artworks. About 8,650 Fancy Foxes will be launched through public live minting and the remaining pieces will be provided through giveaways. Besides, by July, a few lucky Platinum Foxies will receive customized action figures and dolls. After these NFTs are on sale, a donation of up to 10% will be made to a small organization chosen by the NFT community and the base of votes will be 1 vote for 1 Fancy Fox NFT piece. Moreover, after the whitelisting, the creators will be buying land on the Metaverse which will be used to make an art gallery or game arena. 

Ome OG Collection – First ever Health-to-Earn NFTs

These NFTs are a collection of 1000 limited edition Ome ‘Pioneer Generation’ NFTs where each Ome Owner will get to earn tokens upon completing health quests that are generated based on their personalized health. The said project is an initiative by a doxxed team of PhDs, data scientists, engineers and serial founders and is built on existing in-market precision health AI processing systems that process millions of data points every month. Owning these NFTs unlocks the best-earning rates in Omeverse.

There are thousands of NFT drops going to happen in June 2022 and the above-mentioned NFT projects are a few of the most interesting available options. So, the ones who are keen on investing in NFTs can have a look at these projects. However, before actually investing one must compulsorily do their own research.


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