Top 10 Crypto Trading Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow in 2022

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Cryptocurrencies are a rage these days and a lot of people are eager to get into the crypto space. If you are one of them and looking for information to give you an edge, following good crypto Instagram accounts can come in handy. In this article, we list the top 10 crypto trading Instagram accounts to make your research a lot easier.

Data Dash

Handle: @data_dash

Nicholas Merten, the owner of this crypto trading Instagram account has a huge fan base in the crypto world. This account is mainly about the Dash cryptocurrency. With over eight years of experience in traditional markets, he understands the potential of cryptocurrencies very well and is now quite an established crypto analyst with 3,690 followers on Instagram. On this account, he usually shares his technical analysis of crypto-related news. For detailed analysis on certain topics, one can also take a look at his Youtube Channel which is also pretty huge.


Handle: @cryptonary

Cryptonary has experienced strong growth since last year and is still growing rapidly. This Instagram account is massive with over 524K followers. It posts news and infographics related to the crypto market and shows funding of platforms, comparisons with other commodities and sometimes even memes. This channel can be a great source of information for all crypto enthusiasts since it provides a detailed analysis of popular coins. The range of information covered here makes it perfect for both, newbies and seasoned traders.


Handle: @cryptoplayhouse

If you are into cryptanalysis and signals, the cryptoplayhouse account might be a good one to follow. Having a huge fan base of over 166K followers, this Instagram account shares information on trading signals and also provides certain tips and analyses. It is one of the best Instagram accounts to follow if you want to get high-quality technical and fundamental data to improve your overall market analysis capabilities. You will find a lot of information on BTC trading and alternative coins trading on this account.


Handle: @sharecrypto

ShareCrypto is one of the best channels to keep you updated with all the latest events in the world of crypto before they become mainstream. Unlike most other crypto accounts that avoid any sort of rumors or speculation in the crypto space, sharecrypto literally has it all. It is amongst the few that would even report ‘minor’ stories like central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). So, if you want to know literally everything that is happening in the crypto world, you should definitely follow this account.


Handle: @koreanjewtrading

If you need data for performing fundamental analysis or predicting the price of certain cryptocurrencies, this account is the one for you. Having over 6K followers at present, this popular Instagram crypto trading guru, apart from focusing on mathematical calculations, concentrates on real-world factors which lead to the movement of any cryptocurrency. This account has its main focus on Bitcoin but posts about other coins as well. It is perfect for you if you want to go deeper into the market.

The Cryptograph

Handle: @thecryptograph

This Instagram profile is apt for newbies and intermediate-level crypto enthusiasts as it provides a simple and straightforward explanation of important market happenings without using complex jargon. This account has about 191K followers at present and its information mainly revolves around Bitcoin and alternative coins. So, if you want to improve your crypto trading capabilities or enhance your crypto trading strategies, refer to this account for accurate information.

BitBoy Crypto 

Handle: @bitboycrypto

Ben Armstrong, popularly known as Bitboy Crypto, is one of the most prominent crypto traders on Instagram with a large devoted fan base. With over 434K followers at present, to date, he has made close to 3000 posts on his account. These posts share his deep knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis which he has attained over the years. In general, his posts contain the latest information on bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and several other cryptocurrencies. Other than that, he also offers certain project reviews and trading advice to his followers.


Handle: @cryptoexplorer

Cryptoexplorer is one of the largest crypto trading Instagram accounts with a huge follower base of 617K. This account posts a lot of interesting facts and calculations. Other than offering crypto trading strategies for different coins, it also shares trading tips, updates on the latest crypto-related news from the industry, and educates its followers on cryptocurrencies in general. The account has its main focus on Bitcoins and its trades usually come from the Binance trading site. However, it rarely sticks with one site and prefers diversification of investments often concentrating on several sites at once.

Girl Gone Crypto

Handle: @girl_gone_crypto

Lea Thompson, also known as Girl Gone Crypto, is one of the top female crypto influencers having more than 27K followers on Instagram at present. She is famous for the funny yet informative videos that she puts out almost daily. Moreover, she has been immensely contributing towards raising awareness regarding the wider adoption of blockchain in other industries as well.

Armando Juan Pantoja

Handle: @tallguytycoon

Armando Pantoja is a reputed crypto expert and finance tech entrepreneur with around 358K followers on Instagram. He has spent over seven years in the Financial Technology (FinTech) space specializing in cryptocurrency, which makes his posts pretty accurate and reliable for the masses. You can get updated on all the important events and trends taking place in the crypto market by following this account.

Acing the Crypto trading game requires tons of knowledge and years of practice. Crypto buffs should make their trading strategies based on what they actually believe rather than what others say. Taking advice from anyone can be a disastrous move, but the above-mentioned crypto trading Instagram accounts are indeed reliable as they belong to experienced people.

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