Top 10 Successful Options Traders on Instagram You Need to Follow

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Options trading has been steadily rising in popularity due to its high profit-making capability with a small capital base. If you are interested in options trading, you can follow any of the accomplished options traders on Instagram to not only get a better picture of successful trading strategies but also to better your trading game as a whole. Here are the top 10 options traders on Instagram you should follow.

Max Options Trading

Handle: @maxoptionstrading

This Instagram account is handled by a team of professionals having expert knowledge who provide accurate information. It mainly focuses on helping its followers grow their overall options trading knowledge and increase the value of their portfolios. Having a follower base of close to 34K, the posts on this account help you in framing options trading strategies. The best part is that both, newbies and seasoned traders will find this account useful.

Option Alpha

Handle: @optionalpha

Options Alpha is one of the best options trading platforms out there. If you intend to gather more knowledge or simply learn to make more profitable trades, you will find this account very helpful. With close to 12K followers at present, this Instagram account posts the latest and important market updates. It also helps traders research ideas and make profitable options trading strategies in general. Being one of the topmost trading platforms, its posts are extremely reliable too.


Handle: @optionsswing

OptionsSwing is one of the fastest-growing educational communities in the options trading world with around 449K followers at present. Its main motto is to provide financial independence to the masses by educating them on the wide range of recent and important market events. Its posts are quite insightful and suitable to budding investors who intend to learn all facets of options trading and strategies. Videos of live trades are also posted here often.


Handle: @onlyoptionstrades

OnlyOptionsTrades is a top player in providing options trading education. Having a team of financial analysts and full-time traders, this account shares valuable information with its followers, helping them navigate the highly volatile market. It also helps the newbies understand when to actually make a trade. All things aside, it is the timing of their strategy and execution which actually determines the profits or losses you incur while making a particular trade.

IQ Option

Handle: @iqoption_official

Options Trading IQ is founded by Gavin McMaster, a self-taught options trader with 17 years of experience. He is one of the top options traders on Instagram that provide information on literally every possible option-related topic. The depth and breadth of information shared here, free of any cost with 217K followers is really outstanding. Follow this account to get the ultimate trading experience and create a solid and valuable portfolio. However, if you are into binary options, this account won’t provide you with much value.

The Options Insider

Handle: @options_insider

Having close to 8K followers, the Options Insider Instagram account is a relatively small, yet great place for options enthusiasts. It posts live trade updates and Options Podcasts along with educational material to keep its followers updated with all the latest market trends and events. The strategies, different analyses, and trade experiences provided here are excellent and can bring in good gains to an investor if incorporated correctly. Moreover, it is also a beginner-friendly account where newbies can get a lot of guidance and direction for making better trades.

Focused Trades

Handle: @focusedtrades

This Instagram account is useful for both, day traders and options traders on Instagram. Having more than 17K followers at present, its options segment is handled by Taylor Horton, who is one of the best options traders on Instagram. Horton believes profits are simply a byproduct of good trading and therefore his trading strategies are usually focused on trading high-probability setups with high-probability options strategies. Attributes like unique trading style, tools, mindset, philosophy of life, and focus of the person managing it makes it a perfect place to start your learning journey.


Handle: @advantie

If you want to be an advanced trader and need the best resources to reach your desired goal, you should take a look at the Advantie handle. It is still a small account with close to 4.5K followers but it provides necessary trade alerts to help traders form attractive trading strategies in turn boosting their confidence in the process. Its knowledgeable posts are suitable even for newbies.

TheOptionPro – ZMTrades

Handle: @theoptionpro

This Instagram account with about 28K followers at present has helped many of its followers make maximum possible profits while averting their losses. By studying tens of thousands of stock charts and some amazing chart patterns, then using that data for calculation, the TheOptionPro’s team of experts determines precise stock price targets. It also keeps its followers updated with all the important market events that take place or are about to take place. Though it does not claim its forecasts to be totally perfect, it has actually helped many of its followers earn excellent gains in the past.

Stock Options Trading Service

Handle: @stockkingoptions

If you want to receive attractive trade suggestions from pro options traders on Instagram, you must consider following Stock Options Trading Service. With around 4.6K followers in its kitty, it provides several Entry-Exit Stock Option Alerts which if implemented at the correct time can bring in lots of gains. These alerts are only some examples of the trades undertaken in its trading rooms. Both new and experienced traders are welcome here to take advantage of its services by copying trades.

Options Trading undoubtedly has a lot of benefits but also involves significant risk factors. Trading options without proper knowledge can be disastrous. All the above-mentioned options traders on Instagram provide reliable information, but before forming a particular strategy you should always do your own research.


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