Top 20 List of the Best Twitter Accounts for Stock Traders Right Now

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Twitter is best known as ‘the place for breaking news’.  Anything that happens anywhere in the world gets reported first on Twitter. There are a lot of finance gurus and handles on Twitter that talk about financial advice and breaking news in finance. However, Twitter is also a great place to follow experts in stock markets whose advice can help you earn a lot of money. Here are 10 of the best Twitter accounts for stock traders right now:


Follower Count: 194.7K

Benzinga is a US-based media and data technology startup company that drives investors on the path of financial prosperity by educating them about the financial market. Its Twitter feed empowers investors by providing them with real-time coverage of the happenings on the financial market along with other details such as analyst upgrades and downgrades and details about technical events like price breakouts or unusual volume. By following their Twitter feed and by using those superior quality market information and data one can improve their trading and investing results significantly.


Follower Count: 915.9K

StockTwits is a social media platform that focuses on sharing ideas and valuable information between various investors, traders and entrepreneurs. Its Twitter feed consists of a community of active traders from around the world who post the details of their trades on a real-time basis. Other than that, the feed also contains highlights of the conversation amongst multiple traders regarding their trades and what they perceive about the market. By following their feed one would get to know about the trading perspectives of expert traders and can incorporate the same in their trades.

Hashtag Investing

Follower Count: 1.5K

Hashtag is a new kid on the block that has been making waves in the personal finance and investing space. Its online community is one of the fastest growing ones, and while it has been on Twitter since 2016, the brand has recently come into its own on the microblogging site. Its Twitter feed talks about interesting investing strategies and potential breakout stocks. Smart investors can use that knowledge to frame their own trading strategies to make much more improved and successful trades.


Follower Count: 83.5K

This Twitter feed is produced by and lists down stocks that are breaking out I.e it tracks down stocks that are depicting some unusual behaviour in the market with respect to price or volume changes or both. Therefore, upon following this Twitter feed one can upgrade their trading game to new heights as they would regularly get updated about stocks that are breaking out to new highs and lows along with getting complete details about the average gains/losses that had occurred after their previous breakout.


Follower Count: 707.6K

The Wall Street Journal is amongst one of the reputed sources of news about the US financial markets and doesn’t require any introduction. The Twitter feed of this reputed news magazine provides real-time news about the market along with other information such as smart analysis and in-depth features on global markets and finance. By following the Twitter feed of this reputed international daily, one would get notified about the market happenings easily and therefore their trading journey would get a lot simplified.

Stephanie Link

Follower Count: 97.1K

Stephanie Link is a Chief Investment Strategist and Portfolio Manager at Hightower Advisors and is a contributor to CNBC. She is a prolific tweeter and her tweeter feed contains information about all the developments in the financial market with respect to the latest trends and patterns and also lists down her unique stock selections which she selects after rigorous analysis of several latest market aspects. So, by following her Twitter feed one can get a lot of information and detailed analysis from a single place itself and can make their trading strategies accordingly with much more ease

NYT Business

Follower Count: 821.8K

The New York Times is also another highly reputed news source and is famous amongst almost all kinds of investors around the world. Its business feed contains up-to-the-minute market news and other notable events compiled together and is thus very beneficial to the stock market traders. It has one of the best news feeds and helps readers understand the world of finance in a much better way and as a result, help them in interpreting the market trends and patterns with much more accuracy.

Emmet Savage

Follower Count: 14.9K

Emmet Savage is the CEO and co-founder of the market journal MyWallSt. In his Twitter feed, he talks about tracking the buys and sells in his own portfolio with proper reasons behind those decisions and also provides other regular market updates. The investment stories he posts also teaches a lot of things. So, upon following his Twitter feed one can get an insight about how it is to be a long-term successful trader and can try to incorporate all the learnings in their own trading strategies for improved trading results.

Joe Weisenthal

Follower Count: 287.8K

Joe Weisenthal is the editor of the reputed Bloomberg’s business Account and also hosts “What’d You Miss?” on Bloomberg TV. He usually tweets about current affairs and financial markets and always keeps his readers and listeners on his Twitter page updated about all the happenings in the financial market. Moreover, he also brings a fresh and opinionated take on the latest market changes and therefore his feed is very helpful for all kinds of traders.

Earning Whispers

Follower Count: 280.9K

Earning Whispers should be the one-stop destination on Twitter when the earnings season sets in every time in a year. The Twitter feed consists of detailed weekly calendars about the most relevant earnings reports in the markets that are an excellent source to keep the readers informed all the time. So, by using those key trading information one can take much better decisions about which stocks they should buy and which ones they should sell more accurately and with much ease.

The above-mentioned Twitter accounts provide some excellent pieces of information. They contain all the breaking news and can provide much-needed inspiration to the traders through their articles. So, based on one’s information requirement and style of trading modern-day traders can follow all or any of them to keep an eye on the ebb and flow of the financial markets.


FOLLOWERS: 4 Million

CNBC is an American pay television business news channel that primarily covers US and international financial markets. Its Twitter handle basically tweets about business and finance. So if you follow them you can easily update yourself with real time stock market data and news about international business, world news and global stock markets.



This website covers the stock market, international business, finance and economics. @IBDinvestors provides news and analysis on stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, commodities, and other financial instruments aimed at individual investors and financial professionals. They post about the newest trades and advise followers on what their next move should be. They also post about teaching tools and strategies for newbie traders and also provide in-depth analysis of the markets for those who are more experienced.



Bespoke is a twitter handle that speaks about financial market analysis . Bespoke Investment Group was formed in May 2007 by co-founders Paul Hickey and Justin Walters. Bespoke investments is becoming one of the go-to research handles in the financial sector. Their website gives you easy to read reports on the latest trends and movements on the exchange.



MarketWatch is a handle that provides financial information, business news, analysis, and stock market data. Along with The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s, it is a subsidiary of Dow Jones & Company, a property of News Corp. They have over 3 million followers and provide minute by minute market updates to their followers. This is great for experienced traders.



Steve H. Hanke is an applied economist at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. He is also a Senior Fellow and Director of the Troubled Currencies Project at the libertarian Cato Institute in Washington, DC. He shares his views on the current economic affairs on Twitter whilst aiding traders in FX and commodities. He tweets about world stock markets. Everyday he tweets his predictions about inflation using the hashtag #inflationsatellite. He talks about various commodities in the stock market and the reason their values go up or down.



Steve Burns has been an active trader for more than 14 years. He helps new traders by tweeting on investments that time the market. Burns is featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal for his commendable trading ability. He has written 13 books on trading.  He is also the founder of His tweets are filled with trading advice and his live commentary helps a lot. He is also known for funny memes on stock markets and shares, that make it easy for newbie traders and investors to relate to.



Helene Meisler writes a daily column on markets for RealMoney. She has worked as a financial market analyst for more than three decades. In 1986, she started her own company named ‘Meisler’s Market Insights’. Her hand-drawn stock price charts on Twitter hark back to an era where technical analysts would do their work by hand instead of on computers. She is not very active on social media and primarily focusses on Twitter. She is a remnant of an earlier age but her columns and advice are timeless.



Chris Kimble is a technical analyst who runs Kimble Charting Solutions. He believes in showing rather than telling and uses chart art to explain the highs and lows of stock markets via his Twitter handle. He also blogs regularly on his stock market experiences that help people take minimum-risk decisions in the stock markets. @KimbleCharting is a great confidence booster.



Allstarcharts is handled by J.C. Parets. He has tweeted about his analysis on stock markets for over a decade on Twitter. He prefers long form writing to share his views on stock markets and backs them up with suitable charts. Parets uses a comparison model to make his points. He looks at the relative performance of any two securities.



David Keller is Chief Market Strategist at He tries to eliminate behavioral biases through technical analysis. He is also President and Chief Strategist at Sierra Alpha Research LLC. He is a great resource for investors and traders who are dipping their toe in the market for the first time.

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The above-mentioned handles are an excellent repository of knowledge, research and live updates. They are great for investors as well as traders. People who want to enter stock markets would do well to learn from them, and experienced ones can use them to validate their moves. Choose the right handle that suits your needs.


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