26 Best Crypto Signals Services Right Now

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Crypto is a word on the lips of almost anyone who is/wants to get into investing. Many people are searching for ways to get into this growing industry. Primarily because crypto has immense investment opportunities and can turn an average income-earning individual into a millionaire overnight, this is where the best crypto trading signals alert services come into play.

However, this brand-new world of crypto trading is quite overwhelming and needs to be clarified. But thanks to all the crypto trading tools and crypto discords that share trading secrets with crypto enthusiasts worldwide, these tools help them make intelligent investment decisions and prevent them from buying failing crypto coins. Cryptocurrency trading alert services are highly profitable tools for anyone into crypto trading, from seasoned crypto traders to newbies. These tools can help you make maximum profit by narrowing down the crypto trading strategies and aiding in decision-making.

This article contains a list of the 26 best crypto signals alert websites and services. These will tell you exactly what crypto signals entail and how to use them.

26 Best Crypto Trading Signals Alert Services in 2024

1. Stock Dads/Crypto Dads

Hashtag Investing readers get 40% off forever by signing up hereCrypto Dads has a diverse and thoroughly vetted team of exclusive crypto analysts who provide real-time alerts for crypto, crypto futures, and NFTs. If applicable, those alerts include entry price, price targets, recommended stop losses, and leverage recommendations. It also provides members with free personalized financial planning services to help them achieve their short-term and retirement goals by arranging exploratory meetings with licensed financial advisors. There is also a 10-week self-paced video educational course for beginners, intermediate, and advanced crypto traders.

2. EzCrypto

EzCrypto is a focused Discord crypto signals chatroom that provides real-time crypto signals/alerts. It offers daily high-risk signals, VIP Discord channels, access to algo indicators, and a network of 7—and 8-figure traders. With an 85% win rate and a 4.9 out of 5-star rating, EzCrypto is an easy decision for high-quality crypto signals and alerts.

3. CryptoSignals.org

CryptoSignals.org is one of the finest crypto signals groups. The team behind it has been trading digital assets since 2014 and has plenty of experience. Its team’s accuracy rate is as high as 82%. They provide users with trading alerts based on technical and fundamental analysis, including inputs from AI-based algorithms. To avail themselves of free services, users can sign up for a free Telegram group where they will get access to three VIP signals every single week. Moreover, its paid service also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

4. CoinSignals

CoinSignals is a great choice for those looking for a fully automated experience. This crypto group intensively uses artificial intelligence instead of just relying on human expertise. It uses AI-enabled trading bots to scan the markets, and when any trading opportunity is found, it sends trading signals to the users. CoinSignals offers 467% returns from signals on Bitmex and gains of 350% from Binance. However, a majority of its signals are based only on Bitcoin/Tether trades.

5. FatPigSignals

FatPigSignals is one of the top crypto signal providers. It supports all major cryptocurrencies in the world, including Bitcoin. All users of FatPigSignals can get free access to some selective signals, including market news and updates, and paid users are provided with thoroughly analyzed signals with multiple technical indicators. FatPigSignals has an accuracy rate of 75% across all signals and supports trading on Binance and Bitmex. Besides, it also offers portfolio management services that consider the user’s medium—to long-term goals.

6. Universal Crypto Signals

Universal Crypto Signals is one of the world’s best crypto signal providers, and it has been successful since its launch in 2018. It aims to provide the most accurate crypto trading signals on Binance, Bittrex, Bitmex, Bybit, Kucoin, Binance Futures, and most exchanges. It provides satisfactory growth in the portfolio of its users in the short-term, mid-term, and long-term run. Universal Crypto Signals runs free and premium Telegram channels, providing all its uniquely-researched signals. Additionally, it also offers margin trading services for a fixed fee.

7. Whaletank

Whaletank helps clients create wealth in the crypto space by offering steady, professional, and adequate signals useful for succeeding in this volatile market. It offers reliable trading signals, including trading management systems, and teaches its users the basic dos and don’ts of trading. With its high-quality services, it helps its members build a high-quality long-term portfolio while making excellent short-term gains based on daily signals.

8. Zignaly

Zignaly is one of the most unique and cheapest trading signal platforms. On it, crypto enthusiasts can follow professional analysts and learn about their trade signals. One can sign up for a Zignaly account free of cost. However, they must pay a nominal fee to connect with expert traders. This fee is not paid to Zignaly because the platform only acts as a middleman between the signal provider and other users.

9. Crypto Alarm

Crypto Alarm is a cryptocurrency group that provides well-detailed and analyzed signals to help traders make huge profits. For routine analysis, it has a supervisory team of eleven experts responsible for monitoring the market to discover a good entry and exit level. Its support unit, consisting of professional experts, is also effective and always available to respond to queries.

10. Signals Blue

Signals Blue is yet another trading signal provider with a team of highly qualified professionals who carefully analyze market data, news, and market trends of different cryptocurrencies and then provide trade signals. Their team of experts is always available to address queries. Signals Blue has a success rate of 91.07% and provides trade signals on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase Pro, KuCoin, Kraken, and Huobi Global.

11. Learn2Trade

This signal provider delivers forex trading signals in real-time along with market news, trade ideas and recommendations, and market analyses. It has a crypto trading signals-free plan and a premium subscription plan that you can choose from. This signal is ideal for new and veteran traders looking to invest specifically in Bitcoin, although news of other cryptocurrencies is also provided. The crypto trading signals telegram free service and VIP service notify you of all the technical analyses crucial to your trading experience.

12. AltSignals

AltSigns is one of the largest crypto trading signals Telegram channels with over fifty thousand members and an impressive 75% retention rate. It aims to provide trade ideas and coach traders to become more efficient in the market, making them the perfect signal for beginners and experts. It provides trade ideas on different cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, and many others. Its website also has a Results section that details its monthly trading performance for its services to show users how effective they can be.

13. OnwardBTC

OnwardBTC is another crypto trading signals Telegram channel launched in 2019. It has nine different Telegram groups that users can choose from depending on their interests, comprising different trading strategies and crypto robots. It has different professional crypto traders who focus on different aspects of the market. It has partnered with other companies that can offer a free month of crypto signals and support from automated trading robots that work with Telegram groups.

14. MyCryptoParadise

MyCryptoParadise is one of the best signal providers with over twenty thousand members, and it has reviews on different platforms with high praise. The team comprises four seasoned and expert traders who provide signals for Bitmex, Binance, and ByBit exchanges. It has a free and paid channel that receives regular and constant updates regarding the market and trading pairs. It has a high retention of paid customers who seem satisfied with their services.

15. Verified Crypto Traders

This signal provider was started in 2017 and has grown to have a team of highly experienced and skilled traders worldwide. It has a free channel and a VIP service that includes Platinum club videos and chat groups for education discussions on trade ideas. The primary focus is Binance, Binance Futures, Kucoin, Bybit, and Bitmex signals. The signals cover analyses on different markets in their premium videos and improve trading skills with the help of risk management guides and technical analysis lessons.

16. WolfxSignals

WolfxSignals is one of the most accessible crypto trading signals Telegram channels, making it perfect for beginners in the space. Its free group consists of forty thousand members. It also has paid channels that offer up to fifteen signals per week. It is based in Spain but has clients from over ninety countries worldwide. Its members get a trustworthy channel that helps them understand trading firsthand, helping them navigate the market.

17. Crypto Rand Group

The Crypto Rand Group comprises experts who aim to help investors reach their trading goals regardless of their market knowledge. They provide services that focus on trader education concerning cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Different paid tiers give traders different levels and access to helpful information. They also have a Discord group where traders can get one-on-one time with experts to clarify doubts. Based on your chosen tier, you can access daily updates on the latest crypto news with complete reviews, lessons, and examples to use. You can also access different lessons, newsletters, and information on potential investment opportunities for a higher price. The experts and the community formed around the signal are perfect for traders seeking maximum profits from the market.

18. Rocket Wallet Signals

Rocket Wallet Signals is a telegram-based signal that provides signals with complete transparency and communication. They have free and paid tiers where traders can access helpful tips in a straightforward layout that is easy for anyone to use and follow. You can get regular insights and updates on the crypto market, including news about current cryptocurrency trends. Using Telegram to its advantage, Rocket Wallet has created different groups where traders can access one to three daily crypto signals, get a lifetime membership for a specific price, and access more information to help you along your trading journey.

19. Elliott Wave Forecast

Elliott Wave Forecast is an American-based trading signal that has become quite popular in crypto. It uses blue boxes as a method for trading. The blue boxes are unique, high-probability, and high-frequency inflection areas that provide precise entries about trends to get the most precise crypto signal. The boxes provide excellent entry points to help traders enter the market according to current trends. The charts are updated daily and weekly, and traders can also get live analysis of sessions along with daily and weekly educational videos on signals and trends.

20. CryptoWolfSignal

CryptoWolf is a great crypto trading signals platform for day traders looking to find highly accurate signals while trading. The platform issues up to ten signals in a single day with an accuracy rate of 85%. The platform consists of six analysts who aim to provide the best service to users by reading and analyzing the market to the best of their abilities. They even issue signals for lesser-traded altcoins, which many users enjoy. They do not have a free plan. However, they offer a monthly subscription of $230 or a lifetime subscription of $2,300 with priority support.

21. MYC Signals

With Altcoin support, MYC Signals is one of Telegram’s leading crypto signals providers. They offer between fifty and seventy trade ideas in a month, provided by a team of experienced and expert traders. They have been providing some of the best quality signals since 2017, which come in three packages to suit the specific needs of all kinds of traders. Subscribers can choose from signals only related to BTC, BTC, altcoins, or crypto futures. This ensures subscribers will pay only for signals they require or are interested in. Based on their package, subscribers can receive one to two signals a week or up to three to five signals a week.

22. 4C Trading

4C Trading is a crypto trading signals provider based in Belgium that is used by traders all around the world. Their professional market analysts, lawyers, and experienced marketing veterans provide short- and long-term signals that help automate trades using the intelligent cryptocurrency bot. They offer a free trial and paid crypto signal services, giving traders access to the plunging market, crypto analyses, and a chat option on Telegram. They aim to become the leading trading signal and trading bots provider while offering high-level trading and investment education through online classes and personal guidance to traders. Their pricing starts at $59 per month and goes up to $179 per month, depending on the package and services that come with the package.

23. 2Moon

2Moon is an excellent solution for traders who are looking to get cryptocurrency signals and track the market at the same time. They provide detailed analyses using tracking methods to give real-time crypto signals to subscribed traders. They offer a variety of packages that include similar services that can be applied to a range of trading exchanges. The group of analysts at 2Moon shares their knowledge and opinions to guarantee subscribers with profits. They also have a 24×7 live chat, helping traders worldwide. Their starting price is $247 monthly and ranges to $997 for an unlimited subscription.

24. ProfitFarmers

The experts at ProfitFarmers aim to help people trade like professionals even though they may not be one. They have a 78% accuracy rate and use an AI-powered tool to analyze the market to identify high-probability trade opportunities to help traders profit. The AI signals are based on internal strategies shared with subscribers as the platform remains open and transparent with monthly and yearly reports. AI also helps reduce human error, which improves your profits. They also have a free trial period and a 30-day money-back guarantee that promises a return of money if they do not deliver a 60% win rate. The signals they provide also make trading convenient, as traders can copy and paste the signals provided to them.

25. Blockchain Sparrows

Blockchain Sparrows is a Canada-based crypto signals provider that helps investors and traders improve their trading skills. They have a team of experts who are passionate about cryptocurrencies, ensuring that traders get quality and consistent trading signals. They use advanced trading algorithms to provide automated trading signals for high-quality cryptocurrency pairs that help you make more profits while trading. They have different tiers of services, including a free version. Their pricing starts at just $42 per month.

26. Sublime Traders

Sublime Traders provides cryptocurrency signals from futures and spot exchanges. It is an excellent signals provider for anyone looking for a solution to trade using a feature-rich cryptocurrency telegram trading bot. Their signals are automated and manually curated to give traders signals that may be complex to acquire but easy to use. They prioritize quality signals rather than quantity to give traders the best advice they need to make the most profits possible in the market with a starting price of $89 per month.


Regardless of the level of experience one has, these crypto signals add an extra tool to a trader’s arsenal. A huge number of groups are available for interested investors these days. While some are free, advertisements support some, and some are reserved for VIP members for a fixed amount. Besides, the level of benefits they offer is entirely dependent on the reliability of the crypto signal provider. Therefore, one should research before availing of any crypto signal service.

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While the internet is scoured with trading chat rooms, many of which even charge upwards of thousands of dollars to join, this smaller options trading discord chatroom is the real deal and actually providing valuable trade setups, education, and community without the noise and spam of the larger more expensive rooms. With a incredibly low-cost monthly fee, Options Trading Club (click here to see their reviews) requires an application to join ensuring that every member is dedicated and serious about taking their trading to the next level. If you are looking for a change in your trading strategies, then click here to apply for a membership.

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