8 Best Finance and Stock Market Podcasts to Follow in 2022

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The podcast industry has gained significant popularity in the last few years. Millions of people started listening to podcasts during the pandemic and never stopped. A recent survey said over 12 million Canadian adults i.e., 38% of the Canadian population have listened to podcasts in the past year. This is happening because a vast number of people these days prefer listening over reading. Moreover, these podcasts are also conducted on a wide range of topics including finance-related podcasts

Finance and Stock Market Podcasts to Follow

These are the 8 best finance and stock market podcasts for US and Canada-based stock market enthusiasts. So, if you want to expand your knowledge of finance and investing, then you can follow the below-mentioned podcasts on the stock market.

  1. Motley Fool Money

    This 40-minute-long podcast is hosted by Chris Hill and a team of other Motley Fool investment analysts every Friday and a bonus 3-minute episode every Tuesday. This podcast shares insight on the implications of the week’s top business and financial news on the stock market along with breaking down their implications on the long-term or business-focused investors. Hill also discusses the stocks that are on his radar and often interview many leading industry experts and authors of certain bestselling books.
  2. Fast Money Podcast

    This 45-minute-long podcast hosted by Melissa Lee can be rightly described as the “roundtable of top traders”. This podcast by CNBC is one of the best finance and stock market podcasts one can come across. Every day, Lee provides her guests with an in-depth vision of what is happening in the markets or what is expected to happen in the days ahead. Though some of the guests in this podcast are not highly knowledgeable, still the way Lee conducts the interview compensates for everything. This podcast is perfect for anyone who wants to get their daily dose of financial news.
  3. We study Billionaires

    With more than 30 million downloads We study Billionaires is one of the most interesting finance-related podcasts that is a flagship podcast of the “The Investor’s Podcast Network”. Released every Saturday in these 45-60 minute-long episodes, Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen interviews or research the lives of some of the most famous finance personalities like Warren Buffet or Howard Marks and teaches the listeners some important financial lessons including the application of their investment strategies into the stock market.  
  4. More Money

    More Money is one of the best finance and stock market podcasts for the people of Canada. This podcast with more than 270 episodes and 12 seasons was started by the award-winning millennial blogger Jessica Moorhouse in 2015 and the list of persons being interviewed includes celebrities and authors from around the world. Besides, some of the listeners of this podcast are also interviewed at times. This podcast also casually provides several financial tips on topics like “Finding Your Financial Joy” or “Enjoying the Journey to Financial Independence.” It is suitable for the ones who need advice regarding the handling of their personal finances.
  5. So Money

    So Money is a very popular personal finance podcast that was regarded as one of the best podcasts by several big names such as Time Magazine, New York Times, Real Simple and MSNBC. In this podcast the host, Farnoosh Torabi, an award-winning financial strategist and an editor at CNET Money, interviews everybody starting from famous personal finance Gurus to any person from the listeners who has an insightful or interesting story to share with the world. The topics covered over here range from ETFs to investing in corporate debts and pensions.
  6. Mad Money with Jim Cramer

    The Mad Money show is for the ones who have an aggressive approach. This podcast has had more than 800 episodes up till now and provides its investors with an insight into the mind of Jim Cramer, one of the most respected and knowledgeable money managers on Wall Street. The basic intent of this podcast is to easily explain the market to the finance enthusiasts and thereby make the stock market a little less confusing to them. He explains all the biggest market information, and investment language in an easy manner so that even the beginners can understand everything clearly.
  7. Stress Test

    The Stress Test discusses a range of educational topics, especially for Canada-based investors. Operated by The Globe and Mail and hosted by Rob Carrick and Roma Luciw, the columnist and personal finance editor at Globe and Mail, the Stress Test podcast is much more than just a bit of money advice. It covers a range of topics starting from information about credit scores, to matters like the changes in consumers’ spending habits that had happened due to the pandemic, including advice regarding why it is necessary for a person to obtain financial advice. This podcast is basically for the ones who apart from financial advice also require information on managing their resources.
  8. Money for the rest of us

    Money for the rest of us is another interesting personal finance cum investing podcast. It is hosted by a former chief investment strategist and money manager, J. David Stein. He has spent over two decades teaching different people how to make investments or in general how to handle their finances in an easy manner. The podcast is conducted in such a manner that the listener will feel like they are sitting with Stein himself and learning from him all his everyday tasks and experiences in the field of finance.

Learning about finances and making investments are extremely important for growing one’s wealth. These days finance YouTube channels and podcasts are one of the most convenient sources for learning about investments. Also, there are finance and investing podcasts held for both beginner-level investors as well as experienced ones. Therefore, as per one’s level of expertise and learning preference, one can select one or more of the above-mentioned finance and stock market podcasts to make their journey toward wealth creation much easier.

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