Top 29 Best Options Trading Books You Need to Read Right Now

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Futures and options are a very popular forms of financial market instruments. Trading them allows you to adjust your positions and strategies based on ongoing market trends and happenings. But such a trading process is much more complex. Fortunately, there are numerous options trading books that can largely simplify learning the options trading process. In addition, joining a strong options trading discord group or options trade alert service can also be very beneficial.

Here are the 29 top options trading books you need to read right now.

Top 29 Best Options Trading Books You Need to Read Right Now

Top 29 Best Options Trading Books You Need to Read Right Now

  1. Options as a Strategic Investment

    Written by Lawrence G. McMillan, this book is deemed the options trading Bible. The 1,000+ page book contains practical options trading strategies designed for minimizing risk and maximizing profits including specifics like which strategy would work best in which market scenario. Moreover, it also contains significant information about hedging through options and their tax implications.

  2. Option Volatility and Pricing Strategies

    Written by Sheldon Natenberg, this book is a go-to reading option for many market professionals. It talks about the impact of market volatility on options pricing and thereby aids in determining correct fair values in the options market. Additionally, it also explains theoretical option pricing models and specifies market strategies based on market conditions.

  3. Trading Options for Dummies

    Written by Joe Duarte, this book is more about providing expert advice. It contains step-by-step guidance regarding top market-based options strategies that can reduce risk and enlarge portfolios. Moreover, it also teaches about the basics of market and sector analysis and the approach one should have while trying out any new options strategy.

  4. Trading Option Greeks: How Time, Volatility, and Other Pricing Factors Drive Profit

    Written by Dan Passarelli, this book teaches to accurately evaluate options pricing or identify profit opportunities. It mainly explains the impact of the four options Greek terms I.e., Delta, Theta, Vega, and Rho on the options and also provides multiple strategies that can be profitable in case of change in any or all of these four Greek factors.

  5. The Options Playbook

    Written by Brian Overby, this book can be a valuable reference book for all kinds of Options Traders. The book specifies 40 different options strategies for different market conditions clearly stating their risks and rewards. Moreover, it also explains complex subjects like implied volatility and Options Greeks in an easy and humorous manner.

  6. Options Trading Crash Course: The #1 Beginner’s Guide to Make Money With Trading Options in 7 Days or Less!

    Written by Frank Richmond, as the name suggests this book is a perfect guide to beginners in Options Trading. This book teaches you about the options market from scratch and explains risk calculation and investment choosing strategy in an easy manner. However, as it is for beginners, in-depth explanations aren’t provided.

  7. Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets

    Written by John Hull, this book offers a thorough understanding of the futures and options trading markets without making the use of calculus. It explains the market with the help of lots of numerical and real-life examples and with that prepares the readers for the working world.

  8. The Option Trader’s Hedge Fund: A Business Framework for Trading Equity and Index Options

    Written by Dennis A. Chen and Mark Sebastian, this book teaches about earning a steady income from Options along with basics like managing trades and maintaining portfolios. Using real-world examples important concepts like the framework of hedging through options is explained in an easy manner. Additionally, it also comes with an operations manual to help readers set up their businesses.

  9. Options Trading QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginner’s Guide to Options Trading

    Written by ClydeBank Finance, this book is perfect for beginners as it walks them through a multitude of strategic trading decisions and explains about arriving at critical decisions. It also discusses important trading aspects like fundamentals of put and call options, leveraging intrinsic value, implied volatility, Options Greeks, and the mechanism of short selling.

  10. The Bible of Options Strategies: The Definitive Guide for Practical Trading Strategies

    Written by Guy Cohen, it is an easy-to-use reference book for Options Traders. The book systematically represents effective options trading strategies along with explaining the kind of situations in which each such strategy can be used. Therefore, upon reading this one can implement optimal trading strategies based on every opportunity, trading environment, or goal.

  11. Covered Calls for Beginners: A Risk-Free Way to Collect Rental Income Every Single Month on Stocks You Already Own

    Written by Freeman Publications, this book talks about the covered calls strategy in general. It explains why covered calls are perfect income-generating strategies and how they can create instant cash with premiums. Upon reading this book even the most conservative investors can benefit by applying this to their existing investment strategies.

  12. Positional Option Trading: An Advanced Guide

    Written in three parts by Euan Sinclair, this book is for experienced traders. The first part talks about efficient market hypothesis and forecasting and about the discovery of profitable trading strategies. The second part mentions Volatility trading structures and directional options trades while the last part discusses the concept of risk in general.

  13. Understanding Options 

    Written by Michael Sincere, this book explains Options in general like how they work, their pros and cons, their difference with stocks, and how one can use them to leverage their income. It has illustrations explaining profits and losses from simple options and option spreads and also covers advanced topics like Options Greeks.

  14. How to Trade Options: Day Trading Strategies

    Written by Warren Ray Benjamin, this book is like a companion that explains every detail that is involved with trading in options like calls, puts, strike price, and many more. It helps readers interpret important trading inputs like pivot points, resistance calculation, and support points along with teaching them to predict stock reversals.

  15. The Only Options Trading Book You’ll Ever Need

    This book by Russell Allen not only helps readers step into the basics of options trading, but also teaches advanced options trading strategies through various tutorials and important options strategy references. Moreover, it also explains things like recommended IV% and Delta values, strategy goals, trade management techniques, and profit and stop-loss recommendations.

  16. Get Rich with Options: Four Winning Strategies Straight from the Exchange Floor

    Written by Lee Lowell, the book is a complete guide for options traders. Its four options trading strategies are about buying deep-in-the-money call options, selling naked put options, selling option credit spreads, and selling covered calls. Moreover, it contains in-depth insight and expert advice regarding these strategies to help achieve optimal results within the options market.

  17. Your Options Handbook: The Practical Reference and Strategy Guide to Trading Options

    Written by Jared Levy, this book is a comprehensive and simplified guide for investment in options and risk management and talks about the secrets and mechanics of the world of options. It discusses different trading strategies for all conditions whether the market is bullish, bearish, or neutral, and also provides useful tips and tricks that can help make money.

  18. Options Trading in Your Spare Time by Virginia McCullough

    This is a great book for women who are looking to start options trading. The book focuses on understanding how to execute trades online, understanding options performance, and learning how to become a successful trader. There are guides that are easy to follow and written in a style that can be understood by beginner as well as advanced traders.

  19. How to Make a Million Dollars Trading Options by Cameron Lancaster

    If you are looking for a short read to help you understand how to trade options, this is the book for you. This highly recommended book highlights different factors about options that you can use to your advantage while trading. It also gives you details about basic concepts related to options trading, as well as additional tips on risk management and how to avoid losing money.

  20. The Complete Guide to Option Selling by James Cordier and Michael Gross 

    This gives you a practical description of options trading that can be highly beneficial for you while you trade. There is a step-by-step guide to help you throughout the trading process in a way so you can earn steadily and build a high-yielding portfolio. The book focuses on important aspects like the fundamentals of selling options, risk management and analyses of markets.

  21. Rogue Options: Making Money Online by Trading Options

    This book provides fine details and information that can teach you how to make money online by trading options even if you do not have any finance or technical background. The author provides detailed descriptions of the various options strategies with pictorial depictions from trading platforms to give you a better understanding of both the market and the platforms.

  22. The Ultimate Options Trading Strategy Guide for Beginners by Roji Abraham

    This is a very helpful book for beginners who are looking to learn about options trading with no previous knowledge about the market. It covers a variety of important and helpful topics like the types of options, basic mistakes made by beginners and how to avoid them, strategies to make profits, amongst others. The book even highlights case studies to show how options trading occurs in the real world.

  23. The Option Trader Handbook: Strategies and Trade Adjustments by George Jabbour and Philip Budwick

    This book provides a definitive guide on how to successfully trade options. The book covers basic concepts and comprehensive strategies to give you an extensive understanding of the market. Perfect for traders who have been trading for some time, this book helps you learn more about options combinations and spreads. The book also highlights how to choose the best options strategies and how to manage trades among other helpful information.

  24. The 3 Best Option Trading Strategies for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide by Freeman Publications

    This three-part series is written by experts at Freeman Publications to give traders a comprehensive guide, along with practical tips, to help them start options trading. Written mainly for beginners, this is one of the options trading books that can also be read by more advanced traders who can learn about important concepts related to options. Some of the topics covered in the series include options strategies, risk management, how to pick an option that suits you best and critical rules to generate consistent returns.

  25. The Annual $25,000 Options Trading Challenge by Nishant Pant

    This book is written with the aim to teach traders how to double their returns while options trading. The book contains information on how to create strategies and money management techniques that can protect you even in a volatile market. It is perfect for traders with all kinds of experience levels covering methods that can help generate consistent results in the market.

  26. How To Make Money Trading Options: Non-Directional Strategies for Income Generation by Balkrishna M Sadekar

    If you are looking to learn how to generate an income through non-directional options trading, this is the book for you. The book contains detailed explanations of the concept and nature of non-directional options trading, along with the relevant strategies, how to generate an income, etc. It also includes valuable information for directional traders thanks to the easily understandable explanations on options strategies, leveraging, hedging, etc.

  27. Definitive Guide to Advanced Options Trading by Rohit Katwal

    If you already have some basic knowledge about options trading, you can read this book to further learn how to avoid losses and how to earn a profit in the long run. The book contains useful analyses and details about options strategies and managing your options even in bad scenarios. It is a highly informative book that can be greatly beneficial for more experienced traders.

  28. The Short Book on Options: A Conservative Strategy for the Buy and Hold Investor by Mark D Wolfinge

    This is the perfect book for options traders who want to have a quick read and get useful information that they can use while trading. The book covers all the basics of options trading, as well as information about strategies that you can use in the market that will give you minimal risk and maximum profits.

  29. Option Greeks, Strategies & Backtesting in Python by Anjana Gupta and Puneet Kanwar

    The authors of this book are experienced traders who have used their experiences to publish a book that will be helpful for traders of all kinds of experience levels. The book covers a variety of topics like option Greeks like Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, Delta hedging, Python for traders who want to code their own strategies, as well as option trading strategies with examples to give you a better understanding.

For options trading, experience is the only key to perfection. However, one must have sufficient knowledge before making trades to avoid significant losses. The above-mentioned options trading books cover almost all the important aspects of options trading. So, if you want to gain some knowledge about the options market or want to upgrade your trading knowledge, you can choose any one of these options trading books based on your preference.


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