The Ultimate List Of The Best 9 Options Trade Alert Services In 2022

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You’ve got to admit that options trading is complicated and not a field for a person who is a beginner in investing. Trading in the options market without proper research is equivalent to throwing your money in the Pacific ocean. You need basic knowledge of how stock prices move and what factors impact the movement. Here, things happen in bulk. This market can give you windfall gains and losses. While options trading can be intimidating with so many moving elements, some services give you direct access to the experts’ research. Outside of the best options trading courses, Options trade alert services have trade experts that monitor the market in real-time to give you trade recommendations. These alerts include information like the stock symbol, when to buy, at what entry price, what should be your stop loss, strike price, expiration date, and additional information around the trade. Some alert services also offer investor tutorials. Every service has a different methodology to analyze trade, alert frequency (weekly, monthly, long term), historical trade transparency, and pricing. These alert services are a good way to start with options trading and learn about it while trading. However, be vigilant as not all options trade alerts services have your best interest in mind. Some services are only there to earn subscription money. When searching for options trade alerts services look at four things:

  • Does the service provide real-time alerts? A delay of hours or even minutes can convert a winning trade to a losing one.
  • What is the response time of the customer support? Drop a call, email, or SMS and see how quickly they reply. After all, these trade alerts are time-sensitive.
  • The authenticity of trade alerts depends on the trade expert that gives these alerts. Look up the details of these investment gurus, their experience, and track record.
  • Also, check the historical performance of the trade strategies of these alert services. Not all strategies generate profit, but overall it should put you in green.

Based on the above parameters, we have shortlisted nine of the best options trade alerts services for 2022:

Options Trading Club

Options Trading Club is the #1 rated, and best options trading discord group you can find. The club requires an application and approval to join. This ensures the quality of the community remains extremely high. Options Trading Club has many moderators and experts that share multiple strategies and trade alerts per day. You can review the win-rate and trade log here. Trading strategies include simple options, options wheel strategy, selling options, income-generating options strategies

The reviews also speak for themselves, you can review what other traders just like yourself are saying here. If you are interested in joining Options Trading Club, you can click here to apply for membership.


Benzinga has a plethora of educational content for options traders of all types. It has a low-cost newsletter that provides 2 trades per month but also has more in-depth knowledge through a chatroom. Benzinga is one of the fastest-growing financial media websites in the world and their products come with a high level of trust and confidence.

Motley Fool Options

What makes Motley Fool Options a class apart is its 84+% win rate. For an $899 annual subscription, you get an alert service, access to the fool’s option community, and some of the best option education courses for all levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Their trading methodology is mostly long-term and is for all types of risk profiles.

Motley Fool Options alert service gives only a few reports per month, but that report is detailed with step-by-step o option trading and many alternative trades for all types of risk profiles. This detailed report and their “Options U” education material make it a good alternative for beginners and those who want to learn options trading.

It is a comparatively expensive alert service but worth the money.

The Trading Analyst

The Trading Analyst offers 2-5 real-time trade alerts per week on text message for a monthly subscription of $147 or an annual plan of $787. Its trading expert Tyler Corvin has been in the investment field for 12+ years. The service uses a methodology that focuses on trading volumes that takes time to generate returns. Since January 2018, The Trading Analyst generated 301 winning trades and lost 248 trades. With a 54.8% win rate, it has a profit factor of 1.81, which means it generated 1.8 times more profit than what is lost.

The Trading Analyst also provides a real-time portfolio tracker and educational material but lags in in-depth research reports. So if you are too busy to do research and want to make some quick trades without losing everything, the Trading Analyst is an ideal choice.

Mindful Trader

Mindful Trader is a hybrid service that offers three alerts for stock picks, stock options, and futures. For a monthly subscription of $47, you get real-time alerts plus access to education services and email assistance. This service uses Maths – historical probabilities and price movement tendencies – to get the right trade. The founder, Eric Ferguson, is a Standford graduate with a perfect score in Math SAT. He gives the alerts and also trades on them. He prepares trading strategies using an algorithmic coding approach and tests their performance on historical data.

Its major drawback is it does not provide the win rate and returns generated. It is a good choice for beginners as the service provides a detailed strategy behind all trades.

Market Chameleon

Market Chameleon is a tool-heavy platform, perfect for advanced traders and traders intending to gain in-depth knowledge. It is widely preferred because of its highly detailed and dependable options scanner and user-friendly strategy screener. It lets users view all the necessary information in a neatly organized manner, making the overall trading and interpretation process much easier.

Regardless, this options trading alert service has an old-school user interface and the subscription cost for options trading alert service is $1,188 annually.


Optionsonar kind of blurs the boundaries between an alert service and a stock analysis service. It comes with an extensively powerful research function and dedicatedly analyses the activities in the options market. Its activity scanner provides a detailed view of large moves in the market reflecting on the moves made by institutional investors. It also has useful options block trade screener and its order flow screener provides clear-cut visualization tools and utilizes customizable parameters.

Besides, It also includes a watchlist that enables the tracking of options activity tied to certain stocks. However, the alerts provided are sometimes not up to the mark.

Sky View Trading

The services of Sky View Trading are more focused on providing fantastic educational material and are, therefore, more suitable for newbies options traders. Other than that, the platform also comes with speedy real-time alerts and has several other social attributes that are not typically found in most other options trading alert services.

Moreover, here you can easily form a network of like-minded traders with whom you can connect apart from simply receiving alerts. But this one too is quite pricey and one needs to have access to a significant amount of capital to hold positions here.


OptionsGeek has its foot towards providing options trading education services as well as options trading alert services. Its educational segment called “3 Steps To Profit” has detailed videos and blog posts explaining the basics of options trading and insights into institutional options strategies and market perspectives.

On the other hand, its trading alert service called “Winning Picks Premium” provides 2-4 options trading ideas per week to the subscribers and full monthly results are also visible on the website. The best part is Felix, its founder, guarantees 50 trades per year with a minimum of +100% and in case the target is not met, access to services for the next year is given free of cost. However, its annual membership plan too is very costly coming at $1,999. Final Thoughts Before jumping on to book your trade, try the options trade alerts in a paper trading account. Watch the performance of the trade strategies, their win rate, and once you are convinced, place the actual trade. Remember, not all trades will give you 100% success. The idea is to understand the risk and put a stop to your loss before it becomes unmanageable. Make the most of the options trading alert service and become a natural trader.

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