Top 10 Options Traders You Need to Follow On Twitter Right Now

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Options are considered one of the most flexible financial market instruments. Options trading is becoming increasingly popular these days as it allows traders to adjust their positions based on new information available in the markets. So, investors often perceive options as a prudent investment tool that permits portfolio diversification besides increasing their profitability.

One of the easiest ways of attaining options trading skills is by following the Twitter handles of successful options traders. If you are confused about whom to follow then this post can help you as here, we will be addressing the top 10 options traders one can follow on Twitter.

Gianmarco – Options Trading Club

Gianmarco is quickly becoming a very popular options trading expert. As the head trader of Options Trading Club, as well as the owner of the Wheel Strategy, you can follow along his historical trades that he shares to his members. By looking at his win-rate and trade log, its no surprise that people are lining up to be in the Options Trading Club discord. The Discord has over 500 members who are learning and using options trading strategies for extra income.

Trading Guides

If you want to learn about options trading strategies, the Trading guides Twitter handle is your perfect destination as it comes up with high-quality trading strategies and trading-related tips every week. The best thing about this handle is its analysts develop well-structured and easy-to-follow trading strategies for all kinds of traders. They also show technical charts to support those trading strategies.

Trading Guides team has huge experience of around 30 years dealing in the financial markets and currently boasts of having 12K followers on Twitter. Such huge experience makes their trading strategies perfect even for the newbies willing to learn about options.

Option Alpha

If you are a beginner at options trading and need more information then this Twitter handle is your absolute destination. Presently having a follower base of nearly 29K, the founder of Option Alpha, Kirk Du Plessis, has his primary focuses on teaching options trading strategies like naked puts and calls and credit spreads to all sorts of traders. The ones interested in learning more can also avail the options trading courses from their website without any charge. Most importantly one can also clear their doubts by asking as many questions as they want as Kirk is always ready to answer all of them.

Sean McLaughlin

Sean McLaughlin has around 16K followers on Twitter and is undoubtedly one of the best options traders one can follow. He is the founder of Chicago Sean and has more than 20 years of experience trading in the financial markets. With his enormous knowledge and experience, Sean has been building options strategies since the starting of the subprime mortgage crisis. On visiting his Twitter handle one can get a glimpse of his expertise from the live calls available on his Twitter feed. If one likes his feed, they can also subscribe to his trade ideas and get options signals they are comfortable taking just by manipulating the software parameters.

Fari Hamzei

Fari Hamzei, the owner of Hamzei Analytics, mostly serves institutional traders and professional traders. His Twitter handle has a follower base of more than 147K and is worth following as it houses powerful trading information. Hamzei is known for his aggressive trading approach which is rarely found in the options trading community. If one wants to find the best ongoing options trading setups in the market then they can refer to his market timing analysis and selected options trades. Popular media networks like CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, and many others often quote him which proves Hamzei is one of the experts in the Options trading community.

Market Rebellion

Market Rebellion, founded by veteran options traders Pete and Jon Najarian, is a highly trusted source of financial information. As Pete and Jon Najarian are reputed in the options trading industry, Market Rebellion has successfully attained a follower base of more than 100K. If one wants to learn about trading options then they should definitely follow this Twitter handle as it provides a complete review of the ongoing biggest movers and shakers in the options market. Additionally, it also offers trade alerts and a complete review of all the options trade signals by incorporating sentiment analysis and fundamental analysis.

Kim Klaiman

Kim Klaiman is the founder of Steady Options, a firm offering options trading advisory services by using diversified options trading strategies and ensures steady gains to its clients under all types of market conditions. At present Klaiman has a massive follower base of around 45K. All options traders including ones who intend to learn more about options trading can surely follow his Twitter handle and reap benefits from the expert trading advice and trading strategies that are being posted at regular intervals. Additionally, one can also enrich their knowledge from the educational articles of the leading industry experts that Khaiman posts on his Twitter handle.

Schaeffer’s Investment Research

Though Schaeffer’s Investment Research has a relatively smaller reach with only 7.2K followers, yet it is a powerhouse of many interesting pieces of information about lots of kinds of stuff like options trading; technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis; finance and investing, and so on. If one is planning to upscale their options trading skills then this is the Twitter handle they were looking for. Here one can find attractive investment strategies that can be applied to their trades, news about the ongoing market condition,s and also get to know the lucrative trading deals available at a point of time from which one can benefit.

Lawrence G. McMillan

A post about options traders is incomplete without including Lawrence G. McMillan, the man who is known for writing the bible of options trading. McMillan is a man of supreme intellect when it comes to options trading. He has about 12.5K followers on his Twitter handle. The only turnoff one might feel is the fact that he does not post regularly. However, every few days he comes up with various market commentaries and related videos which are pretty informative and are enough to make his Twitter handle worth following.

The Lazy Trader

The Lazy Trader is another small Twitter handle that has a follower base of around 3.5K and usually posts about actionable trading ideas and openly shows all trades free of cost. He actually helps the newbies to know about the real struggles of trading. Here one won’t be fed with trading strategies but will actually learn to form their own ones. Henrik, the owner of this Twitter handle unlike others is comparatively new to options trading and is a part-time options trader. By following him one can actually take a feel of both the gains and losses closely and then frame their own trading strategies accordingly.

One must remember the none of the above-mentioned Twitter handles provide investment advice and should only be used for learning purposes. The strategies stated by those might not turn out to be favorable for all. So before applying any of those strategies to your daily options trades be well aware of the risks that come along with options trading and always make well-informed trading decisions.


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