13 Best Dividend Investing Blogs to Start Reading in 2022

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Dividends are a share of the company’s profits that allows investors to stream income on top of any growth in their respective portfolios. Because of the increased demand for constant cash flows these days, a lot of investors are looking for good quality dividend stocks that offer regular income in addition to capital appreciation. For this reason, we scoured the internet to find the best dividend investing blogs to read in 2022.

The method of buying stocks that pay dividends for the purpose of receiving a regular stream of income from investments is called Dividend Investing. 

At the time of developing dividend investing plans, an investor can opt for the high dividend yield approach or the high dividend growth rate strategy. While the high dividend yield approach focuses on slowly growing companies with high cash flows, the high dividend growth rate strategy is all about those companies that pay low dividends but are growing quickly. Both have their distinct roles in a portfolio but the former approach provides immediate income while the latter can help one make a large amount of income over a five- or 10-year period.

Best Dividend Investing Blogs

One of the easiest means to learn about dividend investing is by referring to blogs that focus on dividend growth. There are numerous blogs out there these days talking about the process of dividend investing and assisting investors of all levels in their journey towards financial freedom. But the investors should always be cautious as not all dividend investor blogs contain the right amount and kind of information that’s needed. Therefore, if you are looking for some good dividend investing blogs, you can refer to the below-mentioned ones.

Dividend Investing Blogs USA

Sure Dividend

Run by Ben Reynolds, who is on a mission to help people gain maximum benefit from dividend growth investing, the Sure Dividend blog helps you build a high-quality dividend growth portfolio at a minimal cost. Its database is full of Dividend Aristocrats and Dividend Kings. They rank high-quality dividend growth stocks by using the 8 Rules of Dividend Investing. This rule is based on academic research and is known to have historically either increased returns or reduced risk. Moreover, Ben also personally addresses the queries raised by readers and tries to clear all their doubts.

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Hashtag Investing

As a website that is focused on becoming the highest quality online community of stock investors, Hashtag Investing is a safe place for all types of stock investors, including dividend investors, to share knowledge, discuss ideas and news, and get quick feedback on any investment decision prior to going through with it. With over 2500 members, Hashtag Investing is quickly becoming the best forum and social network for dividend investors, as well as all stock investors.

Div Hut

DivHUt is run by Keith Park, an author in his mid-40s who is an internet entrepreneur and world traveler. DivHut is a dividend investing blog that intends to inform and entertain readers about dividends and stock investing in a simple and easy-to-read manner. Park purchased his first stock in 1988 and around 2007, he started fully focusing on generating dividend income. His blog provides great details on investment portfolios and dividend income and is one of the best ones to run through for the purpose of dividend investing research. 

The Dividend Pig

The Dividend Pig blog intends to help people build their wealth through the means of dividend growth stocks. Blake, its founder, is a 41-year-old middle-level manager guy from Atlanta who wishes to retire by 45 has a feeling that his blog can serve as a roadmap to all those people who are planning to retire early like him. The best thing about this blog is that it not only educates about the fundamentals of dividend investing but also helps investors in identifying good quality dividend-paying growth stocks for their portfolios.

Dividend Value Builder

Run by Ken Faulkenberry, an Arbor Investment Planner founder, the Dividend Value Builder blog focuses on educating and empowering individual investors so that they can manage their own investments for cheap. He doesn’t you to waste your money on management fees. The blogs and newsletters over here cover important topics like dividend investing research, individual stock analysis, and risk minimization. So, if you are looking for blogs that provide in-depth information regarding the selection of dividend stocks, refer to this one.


Dividend.com is one of the largest websites dedicated to dividend investing. With over 1 million monthly readers, Dividend.com provides researched daily articles, tools for dividend investors, stock screeners, advisors, and strategies. Dividend.com also provides a premium membership where members get even more access to dividend investing related data and also the ability to track their portfolios.

Simply Safe Dividends

Simply Safe Dividends markets itself as the ultimate source of tools geared towards dividend investors. This is a paid tool with over 2000 members but does offer a 14 day trial period for investors to try and test the value they would receive. Some of the tools include a dividend safety score system that would help you avoid trading stocks that would likely see future dividend cuts, an ability to auto-sync to your broker, and a tool to see how your portfolio would perform during a recession.


Finviz seems to be becoming the most referred stock screener online. With it’s robust screener, portfolio tracker, and log of insider trading, any investor would benefit by using Finviz for viewing and tracking stock prices. For those who like to take a more active approach in discovering their own dividend stocks, the Finviz screener is a powerful tool to do that.

Dividend Investor

Dividend Investor is another major dividend investing website that has over 400,000 monthly readers. With daily content, a dividend screener, dividend calculator, and even a dividend score card, users of Dividend Investor can be sure to get a ton of value. Dividend Investor also has a tool that can send email alerts for new dividend stocks. There are also premium tools that investors can subscribe to for as low as $29.

Dividend Investing Blogs Canada

Dividend Earner

The Dividend Earner blog helps in making confident investment decisions. This blog focuses on helping investors retire with dividend income only by achieving substantial dividend growth. Through this blog, the author shares his dividend growth investing experience including the mistakes and learnings he had encountered during the process. Also, by visiting this blog one can not only get access to important financial information but also learn to make their own Portfolio & Dividend Tracker in 6 easy steps through which they can evaluate their investment decisions.

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Tawcan is a personal finance and dividend investing blog that can help one achieve financial independence. Bob Lai, the author of this blog, believes dividend investing is a great source for retirement income strategy. You can learn every aspect of dividend investing on his blog and therefore, it is a great source for almost every level of investor. There is also an option to subscribe to the newsletters to know about the purchases Lai would be making beforehand.

Simply Investing

Authored by Kanwal Sarai, a successful dividend investor with over 3 decades of investing experience, the Simply investing blog posts excellent reports and analyses to help investors achieve financial freedom in the fastest and easiest way. It lists down the best and safest stocks available in the market to save investors time while reducing the risk level at the same time. This blog can be immensely helpful in framing out your own dividend investing plans.

Dividend Power

Dividend power is one of the best dividend Growth Investing blogs and has its focus on dividend growth investing with a long-term horizon. Jordan from Winnipeg, the author of this blog has his articles focused on topics like dividend growth investing, dividend stocks, building wealth, investing principles, retirement, and financial independence.

Moreover, in the blog roll section details of various dividend sites, financial independence and retire early (FIRE) sites, and personal investing and trading sites can also be found.

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