8 Best Dividend Investing Newsletters You Must Subscribe to in 2022

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Newsletters have become a common way for businesses to send detailed reports about relevant information to customers and subscribers. They are a great way to share content, and information about sales and to drive traffic toward a company’s website. This is true with regards to stocks and dividends as well. Investors can get direct access to important information about stocks with high dividends by subscribing to newsletters, giving them an upper hand in the knowledge they have regarding their shares and dividends. Here are the top 8 dividend investing newsletters you can subscribe to for staying updated.

8 Best Dividend Investing Newsletters You Must Subscribe to in 2022

  1. Sure Dividend

    Sure Dividend is the best website for investors to get monthly newsletters on reports and information about dividends. Sure Dividend aims to help investors build a dividend growth portfolio of high quality to help them in the long run. They also help investors reach the goal of financial freedom through an investment portfolio that pays a continually rising dividend income. Hashtag Investing readers get a 7 day FREE Trial along with a $41 coupon code discount to Sure Dividend!

    Sure Dividend allows investors to choose from a variety of newsletters to find one that suits their particular investment needs. Some of these include newsletters that focus on investing in high-quality dividend growth stocks, high yielding stocks, REITs and MLPs, with a focus on expected total returns. Here is our detailed review of their service. This is one of the best dividend investing newsletters to subscribe to.

  2. Simply Safe Dividends

    If you are looking to invest in dividend stocks, the Simply Safe Dividend Newsletter is a great newsletter to subscribe to. It is a monthly newsletter and has a comprehensive and easily usable suite of various research tools to help you make the right investing decisions. The newsletters help you find and research individual dividend stocks, track your dividend portfolio’s income and even give you access to exclusive guidance and information about potential stocks you can buy. Simply Safe Dividends was started to help investors based on professional experience, and services that are rooted in integrity and filled with objective analysis and data to give you the ability to have a responsible dividend investing experience.

  3. Morningstar Dividend Investor Newsletter

    The Morningstar Dividend Investor newsletter is a newsletter that illustrates portfolios that are invested by a particular dividend select strategy. The strategy aims to generate a portfolio that yields 3% to 5% from stocks. They target economically advantaged companies that regularly and consistently raise dividends to stay ahead of inflation. Subscribing to this newsletter will give you access to monthly issues on current events with strategies and relevant data as well as e-mail alerts and free investing reports to help you get the most out of your subscription.

  4. Dividend Stock Newsletter by Dividend Monk

    The Dividend Stock Newsletter is a free dividend investing newsletter published by the Dividend Monk. The newsletters provide monthly market updates and stock ideas that cover topics related to income investing for wealth accumulation and cash flow. This newsletter is great for both beginners and experienced investors, thanks to the valuable information in it. These include general news on the stock market, specific dividend stocks, links to popular and informative articles, investing tips as well as articles on income investing and wealth accumulation. This free newsletter is unique and beneficial to all investors who are currently in search of a perfect newsletter subscription.

  5. Forbes Dividend Investor

    This newsletter is a specially curated newsletter by a fellow investor who conducts regular market research for various opportunities in stocks and equity options. He sends out weekly news rankings with the top current buys that have safe and generous yields that average 4.5%. The newsletter can be subscribed to for various time periods for different prices.

    Subscribing to this newsletter will give you information about top attractive dividend stocks, ad-free content, exclusive and special reports, and detailed information about research conducted to show how a particular investment dominates a sector or the kind of payout you can expect. In addition to all this valuable information, you can also gain access to their subscriber-only website that provides information on how to get profitable investments.

  6. Dividend Growth Investor Newsletter

    The Dividend Growth Investor Newsletter is a newsletter that focuses on premium content curated only for subscribers. The newsletter provides a summary of ideas and listings of dividend portfolio holdings that are owned by the publisher. You can get access to information about running a real-world dividend portfolio to give you an insight into the workings of the market. A subscription to this newsletter will also give you access to analyses of different companies with details on dividend safety, growth potential and valuation. The newsletter is published every month and by subscribing to it you will receive premium information about the dividend growth investor’s portfolio. 

  7. MarketBeat Dividend

    MarketBeat is a website that helps in empowering investors to make better trading decisions in a way that will be beneficial to them. They provide real-time financial data and market analyses that ensure you have all the information you require to analyse any stock in the market. You can get access to analyst ratings, corporate buybacks, dividends, earnings, economic reports, financials, insider trades, IPOs, SEC filings and stock splits through MarketBeat.

    They offer a free subscription to their daily newsletter that gives you the headlines and important commentary on the top dividend stocks. Subscribing to the newsletter will also give you access to a list of stocks that will be going ex-dividend on the next day, as well as a summary of dividend declarations and a web-based dividend research tool. This is a great dividend investing newsletter that helps you keep on top of news.

  8. TruMark’s Financial Dividend Newsletter

    The main aim of TruMark’s Financial Dividend Newsletter is to keep all investors informed and updated about the latest news in the market. They release monthly newsletters that can be availed for free on their website. The newsletters provide vital and detailed information that can help you make better investment decisions. The experienced financial specialists at TruMark provide details with the most relevant information and analyses regarding dividends, stocks, and the market.

There are a wide variety of dividend investing blogs and newsletters worth reading and subscribing to. Before committing to a specific newsletter, you must make sure that it suits your investment needs the most. The newsletters detailed above are some of the best dividend newsletters you can subscribe to, ensuring that you get all the required and relevant details to make informed investment decisions.

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