8 Best Crypto Traders To Watch On YouTube In 2022

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This article reviews the best crypto traders to watch on Youtube in 2022.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is currently one of the most popular trends across the globe. This is because of its unique ability to make investors rich in a short span of time. However, crypto trading does require certain skills and knowledge and if not done properly can probably erode all the capital of the investor. So, anyone who is interested in trading cryptocurrencies needs to hone those skills and gain knowledge first.

YouTube has evolved into one of the most popular platforms when it comes to learning about anything including crypto trading. People prefer it because they can select a learning source as per their preference, free of cost, and learn from the convenience of their homes.

So, if you are a crypto investor or someone who wants to learn about crypto trading then you should subscribe and watch these 8 best crypto traders to on YouTube:


Drew Vosk is a crypto enthusiast who founded the VoskCoin YouTube channel to share his crypto mining journey with the world. The VoskCoin channel currently has 554K subscribers with a view count that clocks over 45 million views. In his YouTube channel, Vosk discusses almost everything relating to cryptocurrencies like market news, reviews, monthly updates on cryptocurrency mining, tutorials, and more. Further, his channel also includes interesting topics like the rise of “DeFi”, which is an umbrella term used for a variety of financial applications in cryptocurrency or blockchain.

EllioTrades Crypto

Ellio Trades is one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in the crypto space. The channel is about 583K subscribers and accounts for close to 40 million view counts. What makes Ellio’s YouTube channel pretty unique is that his videos are mainly focused on small-cap cryptocurrencies which have a higher risk to reward profile and provide detailed analysis on several small-cap coins. Also, despite playing in the riskier market, Ellio’s research is power-packed and brings forth solid plays in the market.


The MoneyZG YouTube channel is one of the best Youtube channels out there that gives detailed and clear knowledge about the crypto world. The channel has about 355K followers and 22 million view counts at present. Founded by a former broker of the London Stock Exchange, the type of videos in this channel range from Trading tutorials, how-to videos, useful financial content, cryptocurrency information, and the use of technology to invest in other assets. Besides, these videos are quite educational in nature. Additionally, one can also opt for their detailed crypto trading course for a fixed fee.

Brian Jung

Brian Jung is an American-based investor who with his immense financial knowledge is heavily focused on helping millions of people achieve financial freedom through his YouTube channel. His channel presently has a subscriber base of more than one million people and accounts for about 45 million view counts. The videos on this channel cover multiple topics but are mostly focused on cryptocurrencies and credit cards. You can subscribe to his channel to attain greater knowledge on the crypto market or to simply learn about Jung’s impactful trading strategies.

Ivan on Tech

Ivan Liljeqvist, the founder of the Ivan on Tech Youtube channel is a technology lover. His videos are all about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Ivan’s YouTube channel is one of the most successful and trusted blockchain channels on YouTube with a subscriber base of almost 500K people and 24 million view counts. Ivan’s videos provide a deep understanding of the concepts and ideas behind trading cryptos. You can follow his channel to gain a solid footing on cryptocurrencies and later on use the knowledge to navigate through the crypto landscape.

BitBoy Crypto

BitBoy Crypto is one of the most famous cryptocurrency channels in the YouTube cryptocurrency space. It has close to 1.45 million subscribers and 185 million view counts. This channel almost regularly posts videos about the latest crypto news, project reviews, and cryptocurrency trading advice. Sometimes they also host interviews with the top Crypto CEOs. You can follow this channel to get educated on different altcoins, historical Bitcoin cycles, and the latest Ethereum news. The subscribers’ community of this YouTube channel is called the BitSquad.


The DataDash YouTube channel is ideal for people whose knowledge requirements include blockchain and general economic analysis. The channel also ventures outside the crypto industry, covering topics like stock market trends or political shifts, but its primary focus is on Bitcoins. Presently, DataDash has about 492K subscribers and a view count of more than 38 million. You can follow this channel for updates on Bitcoin and to know about potential market threats, market trends, or simply get various kinds of analysis and comparisons.

Benjamin Cowen

Benjamin Cowen provides high-quality cryptocurrency education through his YouTube channel. His channel is perfect for people intending to dive deeper into the metrics that drive the market. In his videos, Cowen explains cryptocurrencies in a unique manner using memes and catchy slogans. He has a very practical approach towards cryptocurrencies and thus uses his science/engineering/programming background to explain the metrics in an easily digestible way to his subscribers. His accurate analysis and unbiased approach are often beneficial for crypto enthusiasts and supplement their research on different coins.

Every crypto channel on YouTube has a different kind of audience and therefore delivers content differently. For example, some channels like BitBoy Crypto explain almost everything in a humorous and funny manner, while some like Benjamin Cowen provide great cycle perspectives to crypto investors. Anyone who intends to gain better knowledge on cryptos can follow any of these channels as per their preference. But we always suggest you do your own research before spending your money.

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