28 Best Stock Market and Investing YouTube Channels in 2024

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Self-learning is a lot easier now with the advent of the Internet where platforms like YouTube help enthusiasts learn anything for FREE. Even other platforms like Discord have great communities to help new traders learn the ropes. All the newbies in the world of investing who are seeking some financial knowledge often get confused about which channel to rely on as there are thousands of stock market and investing YouTube Channels out there discussing investments and stocks. So if this is the case with you then this post might clear your confusion as here we are going to discuss the ultimate list of best YouTube channels related to US stock markets and stock trading to help you learn how to invest.

28 Best Stock Market and Investing YouTube Channels in 2024

1. Ricky Gutierrez | Trader

Started on November 26th, 2015, Ricky Gutierrez is one of the biggest investing YouTube channels based on the US stock markets. It offers a wide variety of knowledge regarding matters like basics of investing in penny stocks, Swing & Day Trading, Stock Market, Cryptocurrency, Real Estate, Forex, and other creative methods of making money online.

Ricky Gutierrez, the channel’s owner, an entrepreneur, is one of the youngest millionaires in Arizona. In general, he uploads two videos per day. Due to his financial expertise, he has earned 928K subscribers and his channel has about 66.05 million views from 2.05K uploaded videos.

Blurb: Young trader who makes a lot of ‘How to’ videos. Audience: Beginners who want to understand different financial experts and start trading.

2. Bloomberg Markets and Finance

Anyone interested in the stock market must have surely heard about Bloomberg. Bloomberg Markets and Finance is associated with the renowned New York based business magazine Bloomberg Markets.

This channel publishes videos related to the latest financial news events and other market analysis directly from Bloomberg TV and therefore is most suitable for ones who are willing to keep themselves up-to-date with the financial events happening around the world. It started operating on the 4th of May 2017 and since then has garnered around 889K subscribers with a total view count of 194.49M from 24.89K uploaded videos.

Blurb: One of the most respected names in the financial world. Audience: Mature investors who want to keep themselves updated on world news that can affect their financial portfolios.

3. Warrior Trading

Operating since January 10th, 2013, Warrior Trading is yet another one of the best stock YouTube channels having a subscriber base of 746K. Its motto is to teach people to make a living out of trading stocks like its owner Ross Cameron, who is a full time day trader.

Ross Cameron usually reviews the day’s trades and provides his insights to the learners. The most popular video on this channel is about the basics of day trading. Therefore, this channel is absolutely perfect for the ones willing to learn the basics of trading. To date, it has garnered around 67.23M views from 1.48K uploaded videos.

Blurb: Reviews the day’s major traders. Audience: Day traders who want to predict movements and beginners who want to start day trading.

4. Timothy Sykes

Penny stocks are cheap yet can be highly profitable. This channel is a heaven for those interested in learning about penny stocks.

Timothy Sykes, the owner of this channel, is a penny stock analyst and trader and is famous for turning $12,415 of Bar Mitzvah gift money into a massive $1.65 million at a time when he was still attending his university. The man has experience of around 20 years and offers valuable insight on trading in penny stocks. Since its inception in February 2008, the channel has a subscriber base of 424K with a 32.86M total view count from 1.41K uploaded videos.

Blurb: Expert penny stock trader. Audience: Investors who want to play the high-risk, high-reward game.

5. Let’s Talk Money! with Joseph Hogue, CFA

This channel’s owner Joseph Hogue, a certified CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), is a financial expert and investment analyst who teaches newbie investors about important matters like investment management, managing debts and credits, and so on.

So, this channel is perfect for beginner investors seeking an overall insight into managing their money along with knowing about the best available investment options in the market. It brings new episodes every four days a week and with a Sunday live session. The channel has a subscriber base of 339K and has garnered 15.96M views from a total of 539 videos.

Blurb: Finance educator specializing in investing. Blurb: For beginners who want to understand the basics of investing and different financial options.

6. Sasha Evdakov: Tradersfly

Started on October 05th, 2012, Sasha Evdakov: Tradersfly is a stock market channel where its owner Sasha Evdakov, an experienced stock analyst and renowned writer, shares his knowledge and experience about investing, trading, and the stock markets.

Stock training and investing require a lot of knowledge and expertise about financial markets, failing which, succumbing to losses and losing on capital are guaranteed. With the free knowledge available in this channel newbie investors can make more informed choices and avoid making costly mistakes. Currently, this channel has a subscriber base of 169K with about 13.65M total channel views from 783 uploaded videos.

Blurb: Expert financial trader. Audience: Investors who trade in financial markets and want to stay up-to-date on trading.

7. Patrick Wieland

This channel also focuses on day trading. Patrick Wieland, the channel’s owner shares his own journey on the stock markets and provides some out of the box knowledge to break out from the usual norms of trading.

Patrick Wieland had started day training by the end of 2015 and since then his learning curve has been continuously rising. If someone is interested to learn about live trading then this channel is surely the one from them. Since its inception on January 16th, 2017 the channel has gathered a subscriber base of 134K and has 12.56M views from its 1.32K uploaded videos.

Blurb: Expert day trader. Audience: Investors who want to trade live, and beginners who want to start day trading.

8. TradeStation

TradeStation is a firm that provides online trading and brokerage services. Though their channel is relatively smaller than the above mentioned channels, it contains information not only about stocks but also about derivatives like options and futures.

This channel usually shows trading through their own platform and the knowledge they share is backed by an extensive historical market database and teaches about monitoring investments on a real time basis along with the execution of the trading strategies. As of now it has a subscriber base of 44.6K and has garnered 875.1K views from 189 uploaded videos.

Blurb: Niche channel on derivative trading. Audience: Investors who want to learn about futures and options, and monitor investments.

9. Shadowtrader

This channel is also a comparatively smaller one but gives an overall insight into the stock market. At Shadow Trader, there are a group of professionals and experienced traders who provide knowledge on a variety of matters like stocks, options, hedging of your earnings, and so on.

It brings stock market live videos every week along with discussing the state of the major advances in the market from a technical perspective and lets the investors know what they should be aware of. It has a subscriber base of 36.5K with 3.82M total views on 1.47K uploaded videos.

Blurb: Reviews the stock market from a technical perspective. Audience: Investors who look at the market through a technical lens.

10. Brian Shannon

Brian Shannon is an American Author and technical analyst who discuss the Alpha Trends dedicated towards an unbiased technical analysis of the US stock market and other individual stock trends in his channel every week. He is also the writer of the famous book “Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes in 2008”

His channel provides valuable insights to the newbie and intermediate day traders who are willing to learn about the ongoing market trends and helps them to take the appropriate actions as per the market’s requirement. The channel has a subscriber base of 30.5K with 4.77M total views on 1.73K uploaded videos.

Blurb: Focused technical investors. Audience: Day traders who want to stay on top of the game.

11. CNBC Mad Money

Jim Cramer’s “Mad Money” is a segment on CNBC that is hosted by a former hedge fund manager names Jim Cramer. It is a constant online creator of investment education since 2005. You learn how to make profitable investment decisions and how to think like other expert investors through the content created on the channel. Cramer helps you learn about the market in order to make informed decisions rather than telling individuals what exactly they should do. The segment can be used as educational tools as wells as Cramer’s opinions on stocks and current trends. Available on the CNBC YouTube channel, the Mad Money segments on weekly game plans, advice on picking stocks, and discussions about the latest news that may affect investors.

12. Investors Underground

Investors Underground is an American based YouTube channel that uploads videos on various stock market topics. It has instructional and educational videos perfect for traders new to the market. Through the channel, traders can connect with one another and share and exchange all kinds of information on stocks, and what stock may be worth keeping or selling. You can also stay updated with the videos on the channel that discuss the major events of the day. This is one of the reasons that make it a perfect channel even for expert traders to subscribe to. It also has content that are relevant to beginners and more advanced traders making it a channel suitable for all kinds of traders.

13. Chris Dunn

Watching the videos on Chris Dunn’s channel will help you learn various skills and tricks to help you benefit in the current economy. Although he is not a financial advisor, Dunn ensures that his videos are entertaining and informative, helping you grow your income and wealth. This channel is perfect if you are looking to find videos on learning crucial skills to help you thrive in the market.

14. Tradestation

Tradestation is a YouTube channel that helps to give stock traders a financial edge to help them in the market. It shares and uploads videos that will help to inspire your trading whether you are a beginner or an expert trader. You can find all kinds of educational videos that have in-depth content about art and analysis of trading, webinar replays, and guides. Tradestation has become one of the pioneering leaders in the online trading industry. It is committed to deliver some of the best trading technology and services that will help to educate and support traders. You can also get information on stocks, ETFs, options, futures, and cryptocurrency trading with real-time market data through Trade Station.

15. Wealth Hacker- Jeff Rose

Jeff Rose’s YouTube channel, called Wealth Hacker, provides some of the best videos and content on educating traders with the most effective methods to achieve financial freedom. You can access information about various strategies used in online marketing, strategies to help you stay productive, cryptocurrency as well as news and current events in the field. one of the main reasons that people are drawn to this kind of content is because Rose provides examples and strategies from the real world that you can use while trading.  This channel is perfect for everyone who is interested in learning about personal finance strategies to aid them in acquiring beneficial information.

16. Phil Town’s Rule #1 Investing

Rule #1 Investing is a YouTube channel run by Phil Town, and investment advisor and hedge fund manager. Town teaches his viewers how to save money while investing. His videos are shore yet informative and easy to understand, covering all kinds of topics related to the stock market and trading and investing. Town provides great advice about how to locate quality stocks and have a personal income stream to help you while you trade. You can also choose from a variety of topics that you can view at any time and at any place without having the need of watching every video available on the channel.

17. Andrei Jikh

Andrei Jikh has a YouTube channel solely dedicated to investing and other financial topics like cryptocurrency, Bitcoin pricing, and buying NFTs. He also uploads videos on the best stocks to look at as well as other investing apps that traders should know about. He talks about his experiences while trading which has help him amass a large fortune, which helps you learn more about how the market works and what kind of decisions to make while trading. His content is both entertaining and educational which makes the channel popular with all kinds of traders.

18. The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool is an advisor that helps people pick successful stocks while trading. The YouTube channel is dedicated to videos on long-term stock investing strategies and services that help people during their trading journeys. It also has a premium paid service that people can subscribe to in order to access more stock related content that will be beneficial to the trading experience, including news stories that can affect stocks and an interview series with CEOs, authors, innovators, and successful investors.

19. Bulls on Wall Street

The Bulls on Wall Street YouTube channel is one of the best channels for traders dipping their toes into trading. It features a wealth of stock trading information and special courses on trading. The channel also shares live feeds on weekday mornings before the stock market opens. There are over a thousand videos on the channels on all kinds of topics related to trading that are helpful for new and more experienced traders. The Bulls on Wall Street also has a dedicated website that offers courses and different packages on stock market trading for traders with various levels of experience in the market.

20. Sven Carlin

Sven Carlin is an accomplished investor with a Ph.D. who created a model of emerging market stocks that indicates just how well-versed he is in the market. His YouTube channel is one of the best for anyone interested in value investing. His content ranges from stock analyses to commentary on the market as a whole, covering a wide range of topics on investing and the market. He focuses on finding low-risk investing opportunities with high rewards, backed with clear insight into why some stocks are more important, along with crucial information to help him determine what stocks are more valuable than others.

21. The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet is a great channel that covers topics on investing advice, budgeting, emergency funds, etc., all to help viewers track budgets and save more. The channel is one of the few that a woman hosts. The content is relatable and well-rounded and targeted toward young women. However, anyone can enjoy valuable insight shared through their videos. Subscribers can also access discounted workshops and events for a small fee hosted by the channel creator, Chelsea Fagan, which can further help them along their investing journey.

22. Ryan Scribner

Ryan Scribner’s YouTube channel is aimed at helping people learn more about investing and personal finances. The content on the channel covers a wide range of topics that include the stock market, how to build wealth, and how to manage money. The videos are beneficial for all viewers, especially those who are looking to start investing or those who are looking to gain more knowledge about personal finance. Many videos on the channel discuss reviews, updates on Scribner’s investment journey, advice on stocks, and how-to videos that are extremely helpful. The informative nature of the videos has helped the channel grow and become more popular over the years.

23. Steve Miller

More experienced traders looking for more technical analyses on the market will enjoy Steve Miller’s YouTube channel. The videos on the channel are packed with information and market analyses from someone with over forty years of experience trading stocks, options, and futures. Miller also discusses trader issues and combines technical and cycle analysis of the market, allowing viewers to take advantage of stock prices. He also will enable subscribers to attend live webinars through his membership options, along with specialized coaching and workshops on the market.

24. Learn to Invest

The Learn to Invest YouTube channel is another great channel for people who want to learn more about investing. It shares videos with clear explanations of investing concepts that are both simple and easy to understand. It also covers different investment opportunities like stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs, covering all kinds of topics for viewers more inclined towards a particular investment opportunity. The easy-to-follow content has garnered a large number of subscribers and has allowed it to become one of the best channels for investing on the platform.

25. ARK Invest

ARK Invest is a YouTube channel with some of the best insights on the industry. The channel is owned by an investment management firm with the same name and gives viewers great insight into the investing industry and what is worth actively investing in. They also share detailed discussions with the manager of the firm, who shares her insights on the current market and what companies could be worth looking at. The valuable information is shared freely on the channel and is excellent for growth investors to subscribe to.

26. New Money

New Money is a channel dedicated to helping viewers learn as much as possible about investing and how to achieve financial freedom. They cover various topics in their videos, such as videos on the stock market, how to make intelligent investments, how to grow your wealth, etc. The videos are all informative and contain valuable tips and advice that are easy to understand and follow. Viewers can also stay updated with the best and latest financial news and information by watching the content shared on the channel.

27. Ben Felix

Ben Felix’s YouTube channel is one of the best if you are looking for content on statistical analyses on the market and investing. The information he shares through his videos has academically backed evidence and covers topics in the world of finance and investing in general. He presents his analyses in an easily understandable way. He even shares the references he makes during his research in the description section of the videos so viewers can do further reading if they are interested in doing so.

28. Investopedia

The Investopedia YouTube channel has a great catalog of educational videos and content that are mainly based on the articles shared on their website. They cover various topics related to finance, investing, economics, etc. The videos offer more insight into different topics and may be more informative and easily digestible than the information shared on their website. They also post videos on various panels and interviews with professionals from the industry, which has led them to become an excellent investing channel to follow.


The above list will certainly help you find your online mentors and make your investing journey a lot more productive. You can also clear your doubts by commenting on their videos as all of them are active and reply to their viewers.  On a final note, watch their videos and pick your own stocks along with forming your own investment strategies as copycat investing won’t work in the long run.

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