25 Best Online Crypto Trading Groups & Communities You Need To Join in 2022

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One of the best ways to learn about cryptocurrencies is through crypto trading groups and communities. As a community ourselves, we thought it would be fair to share others that are popular! These communities allow you to interact with others involved in cryptocurrencies and share ideas. You also get to discuss the latest events in the crypto space. With this in mind, you are probably wondering, which are some of the best online trading platforms out there? Well, there are many of them, but to help you join the best, let’s look at the top 25 cryptocurrency trading platforms you can join.


Discord is by far the most popular channel for traders looking for communities. For that reason we created an entire article highlighting the best best discord trading servers here! Click here to open this article in a new tab!

Reddit bitcoin

This is one of the biggest communities if you are a bitcoin investor. The participants in this group come from all across the world, and discuss everything from upcoming news, the issues affecting bitcoin, and how they can be resolved.

Bitcoin.org (Blog)

This is a blog that focuses on everything to do with bitcoin. What makes this blog stand out is that it acts as the official blog for bitcoin, and offers all the latest news that are related to bitcoin. By joining this blog, you always stay updated on the latest with regards to bitcoin.

Voat (v/bitcoin)

Voat is one of the most popular forums for discussing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  Voat is quite popular because, it does not have the censorship issues that face Reddit.

Google+ bitcoin community

The google+ bitcoin community has one of the most robust bitcoin communities in the world. By joining this community, you are guaranteed of regular updates on bitcoin and other cryptocurrency related issues.

Facebook groups

Facebook offers some of the best groups that allow you to have interactive discussions for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Some of the best ones are:

This Facebook group of more than 16,000 participants is one of the best, if you need to stay updated on bitcoin issues.

This group has over 6000 members, all of them dedicated to discussing cryptocurrency related news.

Telegram groups

Telegram too is one of the best channels for people looking to discuss issues to do with cryptocurrencies. Some of the best telegram groups you can join are as below:

  • TheCoinFarm group

This group has more than 4000 members and discusses all issues to do with cryptocurrencies.

  • WhaleclubBTC

This group has more than 4000 members and has some of the biggest bitcoin holders as its members. By joining this group, you are sure that whatever is discussed has an impact on the value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

  • ICOCountDown

This is a group of more than 1000 members that focuses on upcoming ICOs. By joining this group, you can gain insights into interesting ICOs, way before the public gets to know about them.

  • Cryptosignal

This group has around 1000 members and offers great analysis into upcoming ICO projects way before they hit the market. This can be quite profitable since it allows you to get into high potential ICOs at a great price.


There are a number of groups that you can join on Slack and gain deep insights into cryptocurrencies. Some of the best among them are as below:

  • Hashtag Investing

  • BitcoinMarkets

  • Blockstack

  • Cryptominded

  • Radon

  • Coinality


For the best cryptocurrency information on Twitter, you can follow crypto influencers who have a significant knowledge on this issue. Some of the best that you can follow are:

  • Andreas Antonopoulos

  • Roger Ver

  • Vitalik Buterin

  • Nick Szabo

Ethereum blog

The Ethereum blog is focused on all issues to do with Ethereum. Through this blog, you can learn about upcoming Ethereum projects, and how to invest in them.

Bitpay blog

If you are an investor in bitcoin payment technologies, you can follow this blog and learn about different technologies in the cryptocurrency payments space.

Coin ATM radar blog

This blog offers the latest information when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Through this blog, you can learn about the latest issues to do with cryptos, and become a more informed and savvy investor.

Coin Ninjas blog

This blog has a very active user base, and focuses on all issues to do with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. This is one of the best blogs to follow when looking to make the most of your cryptocurrency investment endeavors.

Bitcoin garden blog

This blog has 10 posts per week that have the latest information on cryptocurrency news. It’s one of the best blogs out there to stay informed on cryptocurrency news, especially those related to bitcoin.

Coin Spectator blog

If you want to access the latest information on all matters crypto, then this is the best blog for you. It gives you information on the latest issues that can affect your crypto portfolio.

Bitcoin PR buzz

This blog offers the most comprehensive information on all upcoming bitcoin projects. It has over 10 posts per week, which is enough to keep you updated on bitcoin.

Vinny Lingham blog

If you have a problem breaking down complex cryptocurrency issues in an easy to understand manner, then this is the blog for you. Vinny simplifies these issues and enables you to invest from an informed perspective.

Belfrics blog

This blog is focused on cryptocurrency prices. By following it, you can keep an eye on crypto prices, and take advantage of price fluctuations for you to make informed trading decisions.

Bitcoin trading signals

This is a blog that offers signals on when to buy or sell bitcoin. It offers signals that can give exceptional returns for bitcoin traders.

Bitedge blog

This is one of the best blogs for people who are into crypto gambling. Through this blog, you get the latest information on how to make the best of your bitcoin sports betting endeavors.

Bitcoin futures blog

If you have an interest in trading the bitcoin futures, then this is the best blog for you. Through up-to-date information, this blog gives you a glimpse into how to trade the futures markets, and make the most of it.

Coinsecure blog

This blog is focused on the Indian market and is related to the Coinsecure bitcoin exchange. It offers insights into the different aspects of the cryptocurrency markets, and how to become be a smart investor.

Bitrazzi blog

This blog aggregates all information related to cryptocurrencies, to help investors make the most out of their investments.

Decryptofied blog

This is one of the best blogs when it comes to cryptocurrency news. It has the latest crypto news that you won’t find in other forums.  Its in-depth approach gives you different perspectives on issues to do with cryptocurrencies, and how best to invest, with minimal downside risks.

Bitcoin millionaire blog

This blog presents the latest news on all matters crypto, and can give you insights into how to take advantage of emerging opportunities in the crypto space.


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