9 Top Clubhouse Rooms for Finance, Investing, and Stocks Discussion

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Clubhouse is fast turning out to be one of the best places to talk about finances and wealth. The audiocast social network has multiple rooms that are educating people about finance, stock markets and helping them to create wealth. Rooms generally work very simply: They put up a topic for the day and get in experts to come in and talk about finance. The room opens up to questions after a certain period and the audience can clear any queries they might have.

Here are some of the best financial rooms on Clubhouse:

Stocks 2 Freedom:

With 95,400 followers and 7,800 members, Stocks 2 Freedom is one of the most popular rooms on Clubhouse when it comes to stock options and futures-related. The room’s goal is pretty ambitious. It wants to show its users a path to financial freedom and it wants to break generational curses. The room is run by Keywanya Williams, Nancy Davis and Malaki Loving and the trio is very clear that they want to get the room to a scale large enough where they can make a large enough impact.

Options Bae:

As the name suggests, Options Bae is a Clubhouse room that focuses on stocks and options trading. Created by Alania Bradley, Chaz Jones, Mel Studies and Vanessa H, the room has been created by women for women to come together to learn about stocks and trading. The founders focus on financial literacy and building wealth. One of the key things that the founders do is to actively look for multiple hosts who can act as gate-keepers and correct/question bad or wrong information when it comes up in conversation. Options Bae has around 15,000 followers and 4,100 members.

Know Money:

The poverty rate for black people in the USA is 21.2% compared to the national average of 12.3%. The Know Money room on Clubhouse aims to change that. The most important rule for this room is that financial jargon is simplified. As rule number one says:

We limit the acronyms and abbreviations

The financial industry makes info confusing enough. Define/explain every acronym or abbreviation you use and limit them as much as possible.

The room has 88,900 followers and around 4,200 members, who have conversations on how black people talk, think and interact about money. But it is obviously open to people from everywhere and from all races and colors.

Day Trading Degens:

This is one of the largest trading groups on Clubhouse. It’s a community for people who discuss stocks, options, and crypto trading. Day Trading Degens is heavily inspired by the Redditors on r/WallStreetBets. Day Trading Degens says, “The goal is to become a Bloomberg terminal for Clubhouse and give everyone the ability to access groups of people to talk through trades, ideas, strategies, etc. We’re basically r/WallStreetBets meets Clubhouse.” There are over 104,000 followers with 5,900 members in the room. The two most important rules on Day Trading Degens are:

  1. No Market Manipulation

Don’t coordinate a group buying effort with the specific intent of moving the market for a security.

  1. No Pump & Dump Schemes Scams or BS

Don’t make things up, and be responsible for giving and taking advice. Avoid discussing non-reporting penny, micro cap, OTC or other sub-par securities that are susceptible to scams or pump & dump schemes.

Stock Market Moves:

This is another huge room for traders on Clubhouse, and another room whose goal is to break generational curses. The room says it wants to bring together like-minded traders and people who are interested in becoming traders, and help them gain freedom via stocks and trading. The room has almost 167,000 followers and 16,000 members.

Stock Market Academy: 

This is one of the best rooms for people who want to learn about the stock market. The room is heavy on technical analysis which means it’s great for you to learn about technical and fundamentals. New users can increase their knowledge on these important factors that teach one to read stock prices and predict their outcomes. The room has almost 26,000 followers and over 18,500 members.

ESG Investing:

ESG (environmental, social and governance) investing is the future of investing. The club tries to “bring together thought leaders, asset managers, and investors alike to discuss the ESG Industry and where it needs to go in order to save the planet for everybody”. AUM (assets under management) under ESG investing have reached over $40 trillion today and this room is a great resource for users to identify the next big trend and companies to invest into. The room already has 18,600 conscious followers and around 3,700 members.

Modern BLK Girl:

Tiffany James runs Modern BLK Girl, a room on Clubhouse that is dedicated to women of color but is open to all women because “knowledge is race and gender fluid.” Modern BLK Girl attempts to make building wealth fun, easy and cool. The room has a minimum age limit of 16 years and the room’s motto is “If you educate a woman, you educate a village”. The room breaks down the stock market, tech, real estate, Bitcoin, asset management and more in the most simplistic way possible. The room has 104,300 followers and 10,500 members.

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