Top 11 Metaverse Discord Servers Every Web3 Enthusiast Needs to Join In 2022

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Discord groups are some of the best options for people who want to invest insights with a twist. Discord groups throw out dozens of ideas and not all of them are great but once you start understanding patterns in different groups, it’s a matter of time before you are able to utilize those insights to your benefit. The Metaverse has taken the digital world by storm and it is natural to find discord servers hosting a bunch of really cool Metaverse groups. You can discover everything from billionaire fanboi clubs to dog breeding universes on these servers. Here are the top 9 Metaverse Discord Servers to join in 2022.

Crypto Dads

An expansion of the renowned Stock Dads community, the Crypto Dads Discord is the most value-packed Metaverse discord on the market. Not only are they official partners with TCG World, the largest open world metaverse on Binance Smart Chain where they will build their virtual Headquarters, they have also built out an entire educational program on the Metaverse, cryptocurrency, NFTs, shitcoins, and more. The self-paced course will teach you everything from what is crypto and the Metaverse, to how to monetize and build a business within the Metaverse (and a lot more unrelated to the Metaverse as well). Additionally, they do several hours live coaching every week on technical analysis, personal finance, and live trading. Since their focus is helping dads build generational wealth for their families, they have even partnered with Perspective Wealth Planning ( to offer free financial and retirement planning as a part of their quarterly and annual subscriptions that gets you 1:1 access to an accredited investment fiduciary and a fully customized and personalized financial plan for you and your family. They also offer real-time alerts from professional traders and investors for stablecoins, altcoins, shitcoins, NFTs, and more (both spot and high risk leveraged trading). Their all-star team of analysts boasts an average of 88% success rate on their alerts. You can also make some amazing friends with other dads across the world and attend special events such as their quarterly live cooking classes with a professional chef via Zoom, called Stock Dads Date Night. If all of that isn’t enough, they even do large giveaways where you can win a grill, lawn mower, power tools, travel gift cards, and more. What more can you ask for in a trading community?


Web3Tribe is the best discord group available for anything Web3, including topics related to the metaverse. Web3Tribe is high quality community geared towards Web3 developers and enthusiasts to share ideas and get engulfed in the topic. Applications to join are required in order to maintain a high quality community with absolutely 0 spam and noise. Click here now to apply for a membership!

Voxel City

This amazing discord group is a community of 1,185 individuals sharing similar interests. Voxel City is basically a progressive metaverse where one can purchase a plot of virtual land over the internet. The Voxel City Project is being created with the intention of offering unprecedented opportunities to anyone and everyone who want to create a stake in their virtual landscape to purchase virtual land. Based on blockchain Ethereum, this one boasts of having quiet, tree-lined suburban streets including sun-kissed waterfronts, and anyone who likes the hustle and bustles of city life better can look for its central business districts.

LifeOfMuskNFT Community’s server

The LifeOfMuskNFT is a unique venture in which a collection of NFTs is developed to celebrate the work and achievements of Elon Musk. It operates on Ethereum Blockchain. All these unique hybrid NFTs consist of 10 sealed Tesla Tequila bottles + 10 unique NFT artworks and are displayed on a virtual reality platform called Decentraland. The collectors of these also receive the physical item that the work represents in addition to those NFTs. The LifeOfMuskNFT Community’s server is a discord group that has 213 like-minded individuals. It conducts weekly giveaways and promotes visionary investment through these hybrid NFTs.

DoRac Official

DoRac is a metaverse space crypto Play-to-Earn game where one can race, breed, buy or sell the world’s fastest dog breed Greyhound. This is the world’s first dog racing game with utility NFTs and RPG elements and is built on blockchain DoRac. It lets you enjoy thrilling races and engage with fun features of the metaverse to make profits. To participate, one can start with raising their own dogs, breeding them, and training them to perform better in competitions and races. The DoRac coin can be used for participating in races, training, feeding, or other amazing services planned for the dogs.

Unicorn Detective Agency

Unicorn Detective Agency is a new MetaAnimation by Twitch Pixel Studios, powered by the crowd via NFTs. It is both an animated series and an expanded universe of animated shorts where the NFTs are of primary importance and a living, breathing world is being created around the main story. It has a collection of 8000 NFTs whose characters make up the “Citizens of Unicornitopia”. The NFT holders are a part of this Discord group in which events like storytelling are held and simple ideas, jokes, or fan arts are shared.


SolPokers NFT features a Poker table which gives the player ownership of it in the Solana Metaverse. One will be able to host their own poker tournaments and poker sessions with their buddies in the Metaverse. Moreover, the best part is that while enjoying these tournaments, one will also have a share of the profits off the table. The more tables one owns, the more profits they will be able to receive. A tier-system of reward is being used to reward the holders and airdrop tokens are being issued weekly together with the profit share on winnings.

Citizens of the Metaverse

Citizens of the Metaverse is a fun and friendly casual gaming and roleplaying channel. It is founded by the Twitch streamer Kr0m3ous who is a robot from the Metaverse. It welcomes everyone including gamers, roleplayers, anime-lovers as well as Twitch streamers. The Twitch streamers also get an additional bonus. There is a special Twitch channel for raiding and hosting streamer members. Moreover, the Metaverse building is a treat for every sci-fi roleplay lover out there. The Metaverse building starts down from the Human and Synth characters uploaded to the Metaverse and goes all the way to designing ships and world-building.

Spartana NFT

Spartana is an NFT collection project based on the Solana blockchain. Each model and attribute of it has been carefully designed by professional illustrators to offer unique and original content. Its Universe is inspired by the movie 300 and its collection is centered on spartans. Its collection includes 1000 Spartans, including 10 Commanders and characters like King Leonidas have their own model in its collection. More than 60 attributes have been carefully chosen by their team, ranging from common to legendary for the rarest, and each model except Commanders has attributes randomly generated via an algorithm.


ERTHA Metaverse is the first-ever Defi game ecosystem powered by ERTHA tokens. This new dynamic NFT metaverse is based on Binance Smart Chain. One can own NFT land in this ERTHA metaverse and generate lifetime revenues. This one is an economic, social, MMO game that is kind of inspired by games like Heroes of Might and Magic game and focuses on exploring and investigating the world, leveling up, choosing specializations, and increasing the strength of the player’s company and country. This Play-to-Earn metaverse allows owning lands, real estate, companies and also hiring in-game experts to maximize global influence.


LandRocker is another play-to-earn online multiplayer game based on blockchain technology where players can engage in fierce PvP battles, nail-biting vehicle races, and also earn crypto while playing. The players can collect exploration tickets on playing and use them to launch expeditions to Smart Contract generated planets. Hidden crypto tokens can be found using zero-knowledge calculations. Besides, those tickets can also be sold alongside a number of other in-game assets directly to players on the NFT marketplace. From this discord server, one can instantly get informed about token sales, initial asset offering, and other development updates.

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