Hashtag Investing Culture and Member Principles


Recently, Hashtag Investing re-launched a entirely new community platform for stock investors. One of our biggest focuses is ensuring that the community grows properly and has the right culture that allows investors to freely share valuable content from diverse perspectives Below is our first draft of our internal community culture and member principles.



. Hashtag Investing mission statement is to create a high quality, warm and authentic community for stock investors to share and learn with genuine, thoughtful and diverse discussions. In order to achieve this mission Hashtag Investing has a strong focus on the culture of the community and principles that members display. The following are items that we believe should define the way we interact, share, and build this community. 

1. We are open-minded: 

We expect their to be disagreements and personal beliefs that may contradict our own ideas, strategies, and mind-set. Differing opinions is necessary and important in order to build a high quality information source, as that is the way to get different perspectives. The concept of disagreement is absolutely required and encouraged. At Hashtag Investing, the way you disagree is just as important. Taking personal shots, name-calling, being overly obnoxious, over-powering, shaming, bullying, and any other hyper aggressive tactics are the wrong ways to disagree. Listening, asking questions, understanding the reasoning and assumptions behind different perspectives is the right way to disagree. This allows us as a community to break down arguments logically in order to ensure whether the reasoning is sound or not. This can lead to a wonderful learning experience. 

2. We share valueable content: 

Transparency is key. Whether you are a complete newbie, or a seasoned expert, anything is fair-game to post as long as it fits in the topic/category it is being posted in. Spam will not be tolerated as it usually does not provide any value for members. If you honestly have a tool that you want to promote, and you truly think it is a good fit for the audience, feel free to post it in the proper area. If you are promoting your own services/tool or are getting paid by others, please add a disclaimer at the beginning of the post to let other members know. Spammers will be removed immediately. No pump/dumps, no misleading, no BS. 

3. We share what we know and join discussion: 

Many other social communities online have a lot of lurkers, this is completely normal as some members want to just read and see what others are saying. Hashtag Investing encourages that all members, even lurkers, jump into discussion if they have a thought, opinion, or information on a given topic. Nothing is seen as dumb. More members discussing allows more points to be made, more discussion to narrow down ideas, and more information to be learned.