Best Websites and Apps for Value Investors

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Value Investing is not just about picking the stocks at the right value, but rather about the right perspective. As a value investor, you believe that the market reacts to any kind of news, good or bad, as much as the long-term fundamentals of the company. Hence, any piece of news, insightful article, or thought-leadership posts are too precious for value investors.

In order to maximise gains through value investing, you must analyse the stock with utmost precision. For this you must have access to rich information to support your analysis.

As Benjamin Franklin stated, “Investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Reading opens up a whole new world for you. However, this process also helps you gain perspective. You develop a mind-set that helps you to make decision faster, and hence become a better investor. A seasoned value investor must have conviction while stock-picking and only reading helps you to gain that.

Here are some of information-rich websites that will empower to form a cohesive narrative for your investments:


ValueWalk has been around since 2010, and carved a niche for itself in the financial news space. It’s a non-partisan website which provides rich articles on large asset managers, hedge funds and value investing as a whole.

Besides stock investing, Value Walk also features extensive coverage on fintech and politics. The website has a rich database of resources which includes tips, ideas, latest news, knowledge bank and viewpoints. It also has detailed views on the investing styles of legendary investors like Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger.

Apart from this, ValueWalk is a goldmine for new value investors. It has a series of research papers, studies as well as exclusive resources from Value Investing Professor at NYU, Aswath Damodaran.

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Saber Notes

Saber Notes, the blog space of Saber Capital Management, has a unique and fresh take on Value Investing. Not only does it discuss particular businesses, it has a distinct way of presenting their arguments.

John Huber, the Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager of Saber Capital Management is also the lead author for Saber Notes. He features on a lot of podcasts, which is one of the most popular ways for investors to consume knowledge. All the resources on the blog are compiled neatly in the letters and notes page. This includes presentations, interviews, stock ideas, case studies, discussion on investment philosophy, wisdom of great investors, and a special series on Return on Capital.

Old School Value

If you are rearing to sharpen your investing skills as a new learner and maximize your portfolio returns, Old School Value is the place to be. The website has a pricing structure that starts from $39 per month, based on the plans you would like to opt for.

This website shares the investing journey of Mike, its CEO, who has been a value investor since 2008. Mike tells you his story as to how after incurring a lot of losses, he eventually switched to value investing. The paid plan offers you rich features like data for all the US stocks, valuation tools, portfolio management, spreadsheets and competitor analysis. Old School Value also has a huge collection of free resources like stock calculators, value stock screeners, the blog, its stock grading mechanism, as well as tutorials on financial analysis.

Broken Leg Investing

Broken Leg Investing is a website that offers high-quality investing newsletters that focuses on unique undervalued stocks. What’s exciting about this newsletter is that these contain offbeat stock ideas, even from international markets.

Broken Leg helps analyses and conducts due diligence on the stocks based on 5 deep value strategies propagated by the likes of Walter Schloss, Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham. This newsletter, besides doing the stock picking for you, also educates you about investment strategies and portfolio construction

Apps for Value Investors

Besides websites, a value investor today also has a lot of access to powerful tools at his fingertips. Apps are the new way and they are immensely convenient. Through Apps you have access to analysis, stock ideas, portfolio management as well as other data, all available at a single point.


Robinhood is the forerunner of commission-free investing. Besides allowing you to trade in stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies through its app, Robinhood has an exclusive treasure chest of learning resources for investors.

There are beginner guides to investing, knowledge about the stock market functioning, chart analysis, discussion on macro economy, as well as jargon-buster articles. Robinhood has a new way of reaching out to millennial investors. Robinhood Snacks is a 3-minute newsletter that delivers the latest financial news in a way that is bite-sized, fresh and witty.

Guru Focus

Guru Focus is an app that brings to you latest value investing news, stock analysis from around the globe as well as expert commentary. It shares the wisdom of the legendary investors and educates you to manage your investment to be in the best risk-return space.

All this comes in a very sleek and user-friendly interface which empowers you to make quick and smart investing decisions. This app is available on iOS and Android. This app is a single answer to lot of your questions pertaining to the correct pricing of the stock or your portfolio performance. The Guru Focus app also shares the wisdom of Warren Buffet, Ben Graham and Davis Tepper.

Hashtag Investing

That is right! We are ourselves a valuable app for Value Investors. The Hashtag Investing community is thriving with discussions focused on all types of stock investing strategies including many value investors sharing ideas. Forums and chat allow for users to easily share and ask questions for the entire community. A good resource for you to connect with others and get a pulse of what other value investors are thinking!


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