Top 10 Best Ways to Learn About Options Trading in 2022

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Looking to find the best way to learn about options trading? Options trading is perfect for traders and investors who want to boost their incomes without assuming too much risk. However, options trading can be tough if done without proper knowledge and can lead to substantial losses. Therefore, it’s essential to line up your learning dominoes before you start off with your options trading journey. 

The best way to gain options trading knowledge is to identify a mentor who is in line with your thought process to make the learning process easier. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 options trading mentorship programs with highly skilled traders who have successfully mentored people over the years.

Here is a list of the best ways to learn about options trading right now:

Options Trading Club

The Options Trading Club mentorship program is suitable for those who already know the basics of stocks and options trading but are not able to make consistent profits yet. It includes an exclusive 1-1 program and contains a total of four sessions discussing a range of topics. These include how to utilize different trading strategies for different tickers, overall market conditions, thought processes when taking a trade, risk management, etc. They also help learners take note of their strengths and weaknesses from their past trades and help them polish their skills by addressing their doubts and queries. Click here to apply for a membership with Options Trading Club!

Benzinga Options

The Benzinga Pro: Options Mentorship Bundle provides high-quality trading mentorship. Its education program is delivered by options veteran, Nic Chahine. This mentorship program is a bit on the expensive side and costs about $347 per month. It has attractive facilities like access to the Options Inner Circle Chat Room led by Nic Chahine, access to Exclusive Webinar Sessions for Ongoing Options Education, and access to regular Market Overview updates to Match Nic’s Winning Trading Strategies. It also lets you access some unusual options add-ons and Benzinga Pro, which is one of the best stock discovery and due diligence tools in the finance world.

Options Swing

Options Swing is an educational options trading community. It has different moderators to teach option enthusiasts of different experience levels. These include scalps, day traders, and swing trades. You can use this platform to ask questions, analyze, learn, and trade together in a safe and encouraging environment. It provides real-time trade call-outs thus keeping you on track with different trade opportunities available in the market along with teaching you when to consider taking profits. Their web/mobile device-based self-paced learning platform only costs $60/month and is perfect for beginners wanting to learn options trading.  Get 30% off forever using coupon code THANKYOU30 (all caps)

Opinicus Holdings

Opinicus provides a 1-1 options trading coaching and mentoring program to help people master the art of trading in options. The best aspect of this mentorship program is that it starts with an application/consultation session to help you understand where you stand based on your current trading skillset and knowledge. It then proceeds to focus on your strengths and weaknesses. This program also includes access to their Options Mastery Course: which has 50+ pre-recorded videos to refresh the learner’s memory, 14 one-hour Zoom meeting sessions to discuss progress, and daily discussions on different strategies and trade reviews.


Programed by the highly experienced trader Mihai Vasiliu, this options trade mentoring program does not push you into an existing mentoring course but instead focuses on your individual needs. The program’s main objective is to help you attain the required trading skills such as observing and listening to the market, using chart reading skills, selecting the right stocks and the right options for your trading styles, etc. This helps you develop your own trading plan and trade options on your own.


Tradersfly’s Options Basics Coaching Program is perfect for anyone planning to get into Options trading. It offers multiple individual sessions where they work together with you in a private video setting to serve personalized content based on your requirements and level of risk tolerance. The program covers a range of topics starting from options trading basics and goes on to cover advanced areas such as creating, managing, and adjusting Iron Condors, setting up calendar trades, double diagonal strategy setups, and so on. Its one-on-one attention feature makes the entire learning process much faster and easier.

McMillan’s Intensive Option Mentoring Program

This is a great option education program that lets you study from a professional options trader at your own pace. On this platform, you can get an individually customized curriculum that is designed as per your learning needs. It is curated keeping in mind your current level of knowledge, experience and interest. This 1-1 training program has a duration of twelve weeks and is conducted via webinar so that it can be accessed on any computer with an internet connection. The best part is even after the conclusion of the course, continued email support is available.

Options Trading IQ

It is a live accelerator program that promises to take one’s trading knowledge to the next level and also comes with a 110% money-back guarantee. The course is very well curated and walks you step by step through several tested and proven trading strategies to help you make better trades. The entire program is divided into twelve modules that talk about a range of important topics such as Iron Condors, Iron Trapdoor, Bearish Butterflies, Strangles and Weekly Double Butterflies, and so on. Besides, upon taking up the course you can also access bonus items like 5-10 trade ideas per week, member tools spreadsheet, private discord chat room, etc.

Sheridan Options Mentoring

Dan Sheridan, the Founder and CEO of Sheridan Options Mentoring has been an experienced options trader for the past thirty years. Through his 1 -1 mentoring sessions, he has been guiding options enthusiasts with a customized trading plan. This program focuses on the implementation of Live Trades tailored to your trading goal and you can meet your mentor for an hour in every session privately in an online conference room. These interactive sessions are thereafter recorded so that they can be re-watched for maximum retention. Besides, Chat, Email, and phone support are available in case of any queries.

Max Options Trading

This is a four-week mentorship program with Boot & Sean. It is designed to help you trade options like a pro by giving you the personalized guidance you need to succeed. Its entire curriculum is divided into twelve sessions. The program contains two individual coaching sessions focusing on the areas you need to improve in, along with some 3x/Week Group Coaching Sessions discussing proven trading strategies, creation of watchlists, managing plays, and so on. Personalized guidance is available on all lessons taught in coaching sessions.

The above-mentioned option trading mentoring programs are some of the best ones available in the market. The personalized touch they offer is what makes them better. Though all of them provide guidance on the same subject each of them has a unique trait and way of delivering knowledge.

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