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As a website founded in Canada (shout out to Waterloo + Guelph Region) I thought it would be fitting to shed light on the best Canadian stock investing forums. In the noise of financial news and investing related resources, Canadians sometimes get overlooked or forgotten about. Well, not today!

Previously we reviewed and shared our top 20 resources websites for Canadians. With a plethora of stock investing forums, chat rooms, and social networks out their in the world, we decided to focus this article specific to Canadian investors. If you aren’t yet sold on the value you would get from participating in a stock investing forum then you may want to closely read the next few sentences. While the concept of forums is not new, the idea of an online network of like-minded individuals has evolved and has been present throughout the internet ages. This includes online networks such as chat rooms, social networks like Facebook, and specific focused websites built for investors like Stocktwits, Seeking Alpha, Trading View and others. By joining a community, you are able to easily share, discuss, learn, and generate new ideas you would never have thought of on your own. Self managing your own portfolio can also be a lonely experience so having a tribe of others going through the same experience as you is always reassuring. Many members on Hashtag Investing have either made better trading decisions or have stopped themselves from making bad ones just by bouncing their ideas and getting quick feedback from the community.

That being said, here is our list of the best Canadian Stock Investing Forums and Message Boards.

Full Discloser: Hashtag Investing is itself a community for stock investors. The intent of this post is to spread light on other communities as well as each have their own unique characteristic. If you own a community and would like it listed please contact us.

Canadian Money Forum

Canadian Money Forum is likely the largest player when it comes to a forum built for Canadian investors. Boasting over 160,000 members you can be sure to see tons of engagement ranging through a wide variety of topics. If you are looking for a large network of Canadian investors then this is your place. One negative aspect of this website is that it runs an archaic forum technology and looks like it is from the 1990’s. If you don’t care for user experience and ease of use then that won’t matter to you!

Canadian Investor – Reddit

Now Reddit is love/hate relationship for most. The r/CanadianInvestor sub-reddit has tons of content being posted daily. Like Reddit as a whole though, the quality of content can be really suspect. You don’t really know who is who and people can easily make false claims and push stock ideas. I would use this forum more so to gauge the sentiment of younger millennial traders. The demographics of Reddit tends to be younger.

Hashtag Investing

Hashtag Investing is the new kid in town when it comes to a Canadian stock investor forum. While Hashtag Investing appeals to all traders globally, it does have a large percentage of members who are from Canada. As Hashtag Investing has only been live for a year now, it has around 2500 members but is growing extremely fast. The unique difference with Hashtag Investing is its modern platform with mobiles apps for Android and iOS coming soon. It also has group chatting capability as well as polls . Hashtag Investing also has partnered deals with many popular Canadian services including Dividend Earner.


Stockaholics has been around since 2016 and has over 5500 members part of their community. Stockaholics has a good community feel to it unlike the other other larger forums like Reddit. Stockaholics also doesn’t focus on a single topic but has sub-forums related to all the different strategies related to stocks.


Stockhouse is large publisher in Canada that also provides a community forum for their readers. With over a million monthly unique visitors, Stockhouse focuses it’s community for small cap investors. Stockhouse is essentially a hub that provides financial news, analysis, opinions, and subscription based expert newsletters. Stockhouse does also use a older forum software that isn’t the most user friendly.

RedFlagDeals – Investing

RedFlagDeals is such an interesting website that has some solid staying power. RedFlagDeals was initially a website that allowed people to share deals amongst each other. Slowly, it began branching out into other topics related to money including personal finance and then investing. This community has a thrifty vibe to is so they are always “deal hunting” even when it comes to stocks.


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