Top 10 Brokerages in India for Stock and Options Traders

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Options trading is one of the common methods that people choose when they want to enter the trading platform. Like any trading methodology, options trading presents different kinds of risks. In order to enter the world of options trading, you need to make sure that you research well on the brokerage that is best suited to your investment style. You need to look into the different kinds of brokerages that are available, research the platform that you like and go ahead with it. To help you with your research, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best brokerages in India  for stock and options traders to make sure that you choose a brokerage that suits your specific needs whether you are a beginner or an advanced trader.


Zerodha is the biggest stockbroker in India in terms of the number of active clients. They charge a flat Rs 20 per executed delivery irrespective of the number of lots. They offer zero brokerage equity delivery trading as well as free direct mutual fund investment. They also ensure paperless account opening and facilities that make fund transfers easy and reliable. Zerodha pioneered the concept of discount broking in India which has led them to overtake other big brokerages in the country.


Upstox presents a simple and smart way for you to invest in options and futures. With a variety of investment opportunities on a single platform, Upstox allows you to pay just up to Rs 20 per order, it provides an option chain with strategy mode and TradingView and ChartsIQ chart libraries. It is beginner-friendly and has a comprehensive 2FA authentication which ensures speed and security while trading.


Fyers is a technology-focused stockbroking firm that aims to deliver high margins, advanced charts, real-time screeners and analytics, and thematic investment to all its users. You can choose from a variety of in-house products to meet your trading requirements. They have an advanced web as well as mobile-based options trading platform that has been specifically designed to provide all the facilities required in options trading. Their special 20-day challenge also presents an opportunity to get a 100% brokerage refund.

5 Paisa

5 Paisa is a brokerage that provides solutions driven by technology that allow you to invest at low costs. The interface used by 5 Paisa has been designed to be user-friendly and can easily be navigated by new traders. It is one of the few brokerages that have the lowest charges for options trading in the country. Under India Infoline, 5 Paisa has become one of the best brokers if you are looking for low brokerages in trading.

Kotak Securities

This is one of the largest full-service stock broking firms in India. Under the Trade Free Plan, customers can enjoy zero brokerage for intraday trades across all segments – Equity (Cash), Equity Derivatives (F&O), Currency, and Commodity. Brokerage for delivery trades in equity and commodity segments are charged at 0.25% of the transaction value with a minimum of Rs 20 per executed order. The different kinds of innovation in technology developed by Kotak Securities allows you to have a secure environment for trading across different platforms that meet all your trading needs.

Angel Broking

Angel Broking is one of the oldest brokerages in India. They offer different kinds of services including services in options trading. It has one of the largest numbers of active clients as well as a large network of brokers and franchises. It is one of the most trusted brokerages in the country with a team of research analysts that provide updated research reports and tips to users.

Trade Smart

Trade Smart is a brokerage that offers users a step-by-step guide about all the important details regarding options trading. It is one of India’s trusted discount brokers that provide services and facilities, including an excellent support team that helps to make trading less complicated. Trade Smart also presents you with an opportunity to save up to 90% on brokerage charges, making sure that costs remain low. It charges Rs 15 per executed order.

ICICI Direct

ICICI Direct is a bank-based broker in Mumbai. It provides full services on all kinds of trading opportunities. It has low brokerage charges for options trading based on your initial trading margin and stock market turnover that are ideal for beginners as well as advanced traders. They provide a wide range of trading and investment products across a series of trading platforms that meet all your trading requirements.

Alice Blue

Alice Blue is focused on decreasing brokerage charges for all traders to make trading more accessible to individuals all across the country. It offers cheap brokerage charges and is one of the most advanced platforms for trading. Powered by ANT, trading has been made simpler for beginners and experts who use Alice Blue. You can get real-time feeds, advanced charting indicators, instant updates, and price alerts, and even transfer funds easily and faster with Alice Blue. All these services, amongst others offered by them, make Alice Blue one of the upcoming brokers in options trading in the country. It charges Rs 15 per executed order on futures and options.


Sensibull is one of India’s biggest options trading platforms. Beginners can use it to learn about options trading and they can even practice with virtual money. It has useful features that help in analyzing, conversion and keeping track of important events in the trading world. It has a sleek and simple interface that users can easily navigate. Experts and researchers work to provide users with the best trading advice as well as all the important updates in trade, strike prices, risks, profits, etc.

With brokerages that function on a wide variety of platforms from banks, to websites, to mobile applications, finding the right brokerage for options trading in India can be overwhelming. This list of the best brokerages in the country offers you the necessary information to discover new brokerages that better suit your trading needs, whether you are a beginner or an expert in the trading field.

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