The Ultimate List of the Best Stock Trading groups on Facebook

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Facebook was originally created for enabling communication amongst the Ivy League Students. Since then, the community has grown a lot and even surpassed Google in terms of the number of visits on the web. Lately, it has transitioned from just a social networking site to a huge network of the general public, as well as various communities, groups, and organizations. This huge network also has various groups of enthusiasts who discuss stocks and financial markets.

Some Facebook groups are huge and contain thousands of members discussing ongoing market scenarios and trades while some are newly growing ones with just a few participants. On becoming a member of such groups one can always keep themselves updated and learn to trade better only by following the group posts and discussions. If you are searching for one such group, this post can help you as here we will be addressing some groups on Facebook that focus on stock market trading.

Market Traders & Penny Stocks

Created in 2018, Market Traders & Penny Stocks is one of the fastest growing stock trading groups on Facebook containing about 62.9K members. As a member, one can learn about different successful trading secrets from the 300+ posts made every day by a bunch of experienced traders. Additionally, they also offer free access to their discord group and a free handbook on making trades.

Other than regular stocks, this group also discusses trading strategies about things like commodities, forex, options, blue chips, penny stocks, and more. For example, one can find almost everything in one place. Everyone has their different successful trading strategies and it is always fascinating to know about different perspectives.

Stock Market 2021

Created at the end of 2016, Stock Market 2021 is a Facebook group targeted towards forming a community of stock market traders and investors who would discuss different trades. The USA-based group is very active, hosting 700+ postings a day and is a community of more than 185K members. Other than stocks a thread on cryptocurrencies are also available once a week.

Before joining, one must remember the group has strict protocols which in case of any breach may lead to banning as well. It also has a policy of no spams, no ads, and no RH referral links. Other than that harassing or insulting fellow members are also strictly prohibited. Additionally, one must remember discussing illegal matters like tax evasion is also strictly discouraged.

Stock Market for beginners

Stock trading is difficult and involves a lot of risk. For the newbie traders venturing into this field can become quite challenging as it requires in-depth knowledge and constant learning. As the name suggests, Stock Market for Beginners is a group primarily targeted towards those struggling newbie traders and investors to help them in their trading journey and help make profits.

The group was formed by the end of last year only and because of its innovative posts it already has a member base of more than 20K. Around 200+ new posts are also made every day specifically curated for educating budding traders and investors. If you are starting your investing and trading journey, this one can be perfect for you.

Robinhood Stock Trading

Robinhood Stock Trading is another Wallstreet discussion group where a group of like-minded members together share stock market updates and trading ideas. Formed in 2017, the said Facebook group is a huge community of around 38K learned members and makes around 450+ posts in a day. Also, every member joining here is encouraged to share their honest ideas and thoughts related to stocks.

It can prove to be a great platform for the ones who are new to trading and are intending to learn trading strategies because they can get hold of a diverse range of trading information from the various fellow members and therefore make better-informed trading decisions.

Penny Stock Trading – Robinhood | Webull | TD Ameritrade

Investors interested in penny stocks can join this group. Investing in penny stocks can lead to huge gains but they are risky. Therefore, such investing requires lots of market knowledge for making successful trades while reducing risks to acceptable levels.

This group is not even a year old and is a rapidly growing community of around 16K members as of now who are interested in trading penny stocks. On joining this group one gets regular access to stock tips, along with knowledge about tried and tested successful trading and investing strategies from fellow experienced traders.

Day Trading Stock Options

Day trading is getting extremely popular these days. For newbies intending to learn day trading, it is always better to learn from experienced day traders to get a clearer picture.  As the name suggests, Day Trading Stock Options was created specifically to help day traders discuss their day trading strategies.

In this group day trading of options is held every day so it is perfect for both newbie learners as well as experienced day traders. Currently, it is a community of 10K+ day traders who don’t shy away from sharing their trades with fellow day traders every day, and therefore around 30 posts are made every day.

Strategy for Stock Investing

Created in August 2017, Strategy for Stock Investing is a community of 36.8K members. As the name suggests, this group intends to teach strategies required for trading in stocks. This one posts around 70 posts a day and is great for beginners as well.

Making money in the stock market is not that difficult but it is always necessary to find proper guidance in the initial days of investing. From this group, the budding investors can get to learn about the specific steps they need to undertake for starting with their investing journey properly including the kind of actions one must take on a particular situation to avoid losses.

The above Facebook groups contain some really learned and experienced stock traders who are always open to share their learnings with others. Therefore if stock trading excites you don’t miss out on this huge learning opportunity. Select the one group that you feel is perfect for you and choose your own trading mentor based on your preference. In case of any doubts, your fellow members will just be a post or comment away from getting them cleared.


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