Top 21 TikTok Accounts For Stock Trading and Stock Market Advice

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Most people look at TikTok as a place where users sing songs, choreograph new movements, or try to be funny. Some people also promote their products and others go all out with crazy impersonations to garner attention. However, there is a growing community of financial influencers on this social media app who promote financial literacy and investing to their followers.

Remember, TikTok videos are short and they last for 60 seconds on the outside. That is a challenge that these TikTokers have accepted and excelled at. You have finance professionals, actors and teachers who are talking about finance and investing on the platform and they are doing a fine job of it.

Here are the top 21 TikTok accounts for stock trading, personal finance, and stock market education:

Humphrey Yang (@humphreytalks):

Has 1.2 million followers. Yang is a favorite on TikTok when it comes to personal finance and making money. He was the guy who showed Jeff Bezos’ wealth using grains of rice. His videos that talk about how Bitcoin works and the real cost of a Tesla car were the rage when he put them out. He really connects with people when he talks about investing, and that is why his follower count doubled in less than six months.

Taylor Price (@thepricelessstay):

Has 910K followers. Did you know undergraduate, graduate and non-vocational students can claim 20% for the first $10,000 that went to their tuition as a tax write-off? If you didn’t, you should totally follow Price and her ‘Gen Z Financial Literacy’ videos. The finance world in TikTok doesn’t discriminate between genders like the real world does. And smart people like Taylor Price are using it to their advantage.

Rahul Rai (@thelaymaninvestor):

Has 377K followers. Rai follows a different style on TikTok. He shot to fame on the app critiquing and analyzing what other finance influencers had to say. It seems to have worked for him as he amassed over 150,000 followers in six months in 2020. Rai is also an actor and he uses his acting skills to the fullest as he agrees (rarely) or disagrees (very often) with his peers on the app.

Keyla Katz (@ikeyli):

Has 360K followers. Katz is a mother of two in Florida who talks about credit. At a time when Americans are drowning in debt, her Tikok handle has gained a lot of traction. Her posts on how to get out debt are very popular on the social media app. Investing is another forte of hers and her followers lap it up.

Graham Stephan (@grahamstephan):

Has 234K followers. Stephan is a no-nonsense TikToker. He is an established name on YouTube and added TikTok to his repertoire when he realized the potential of the medium. His content is crisp and it helps that he understands how both long-and-short form content are different. His real estate tips have worked wonders for many of his fans.

Dr. Brad Klotnz (@drbradklontz):

Has 233.3K followers. Klontz is a financial planner and a financial psychologist who loves simplifying complex financial concepts and delivering them in an entertaining, easy-to-understand way in 15 seconds on TikTok. He busts myths about the wealthy and shares research on the psychology and wealth habits of people who have gotten rich.

Poku Banks (@pokubanks):

Has 223.4K followers. Born in Ghana, raised in the UK, Banks talks about investing for the UK. His takes on personal finance and ways to save tax have earned him thousands of followers on the platform. He talks about having multiple incomes while reducing the amount of ‘outgo’ every month. He is more on the personal savings side and you get ideas for great hustles when you watch his videos.

Zaid Admani (@admani_explains):

Has 205K followers. Admani has a very distinctive style where he talks smack about companies and has an edgy take on business news. When you listen to his takes on the Airbnb IPO or the conflict between Facebook and the FTC, you understand why he is so popular. His posts are easy to understand and if you are smart, you can profit off them.

Ryan Francis (@themoneyceo):

Has 155.3K follows. Francis talks a lot about avoiding basic mistakes that people commit on their financial journeys. He focusses a lot on the difference between saving vs investing. His clips on tax fraud and target date funds have been watched multiple times. His text bubble style of talking makes it easy for people to connect with him.

Jamie Fankhauser (

Has 30.8K followers. Want to become a millionaire? Jamie Fankhauser can set you on the right path. She is the perfect guide for people who want to make an entry into the stock market. While she creates a lot of personal finance content, her primary strength is teaching newbie investors how to pick stocks and easy strategies to make your first million dollars.

Cole Kelley (@mrcolekelley):

Has 22.8K followers. Kelley is a high school finance teacher who has realized the value of TikTok in spreading the value of personal finance. He teaches students to save for college and invest in instruments without too much risk. If all teachers were like Kelley, there wouldn’t be such a huge problem of student debt.


Handle: @MyWallst

Managed by Nicole Byrne, the MyWallSt account provides investment tips in a humorous fashion and encourages the viewers to create for themselves a solid financial future. The best part of this account is that its content is totally unbiased and by following its videos one can easily keep themselves up to date with the current market scenarios. Moreover, the creator also answers several FAQs targeted towards clearing the common doubts and misconceptions of investors and potential investors. Other than that, the account also contains other fascinating videos like what long-term investors need to remember during the GameStop market volatility or details on Tesla’s highly anticipated earnings.

Brianna Parkins

Handle: @briannaparkins

Managed by Brianna Parkins, this TikTok account is of an ex-financial journalist whose content went viral when she was trying to explain the sequence of events that took place during one GameStop saga. Though the channel comparatively has a lesser number of videos than most other popular TikTok accounts explaining stocks, the content she posts are quite popular on the platform. Most people love her content because she explains even the most complicated stock terms in a humorous way. Her most popular video is about the short-selling concept which she explained using Guinness and stocks.

Mark Tilbury

Handle: @marktilbury

Mark Tilbury is one of the most popular TikTok accounts explaining personal finance. This account provides much-needed investment motivation to beginners and contains old school business advice about investing and money making. Being a self-made millionaire himself, Tilbury’s ideas on money making are indeed insightful and are loved by many in the platform. His video on “Stock v/s Bitcoin” gained a lot of popularity where he gave his personal advice about investing in cryptocurrencies.

Steve Chen

Handle: @CallToLeap

Stev Chen is a former middle school math teacher turned financial literacy influencer who shares a lot of insightful investment knowledge. His content mostly stresses on teaching the viewers about investing for the long haul. From his TikTok account one can not only understand about beginner level investment terms but also about some more difficult and in-depth topics on finance. Therefore, both beginner level investors and the ones who have been into investing for a while can easily refer to his account for some value addition.

Errol Coleman

Account Name: @Errol_Coleman

Despite being only 22 years, Errol Coleman’s TikTok account can provide a lot of insight on stocks as the man has spent quite a lot of years till now learning about investments. Coleman has been actively trading since he was in college and mostly shares his trading experiences with his followers. The best part about this account is it explains technical investment terms in a simple way. Moreover, he also has a free community where he encourages discussions on investment-related topics.

Hayley Sacks

Account Name: @MrsDowJones

This is a unique kind of account that uses pop culture and humour to teach its viewers about investments and investment-related terms. Like in one of her videos Hayley Sacks, the content creator of this channel used Netflix’s Bridgerton characters to explain some critical investment terms by comparing to which terms those characters are more akin. This unique approach of explaining critical terms have garnered Sacks a lot of audiences. So, if someone loves pop culture then they can follow her account to make their investment journeys a lot easier to understand as well as more enjoyable.

Austin Hankwitz

Account Name: @AustinHankwitz

Austin Hankwitz is one full-time investor and on his TikTok account, he shares important investment tips as well as various information relating to personal finance. Much of his account’s content is related to the stock markets and crypto markets and can provide the much-needed cognizance on the said topics. Moreover, the account’s content ranges from stock market basics like how to choose companies on which one should invest in and goes on to include Hankwitz’s personal stock recommendations for trading.


Account Name: @breakyourbudget

This TikTok account is not much into making any fancy graphics, sophisticated videos, or funny dance routines to explain investments. Michela, the account’s owner, targets mainly the millennial generation and writes down steps on a piece of notebook paper to talk about important topics such as investments, budgeting, and personal finance. Though the channel’s communication mechanism unlike most others is quite boring, its content is quite interesting and therefore has garnered a follower base of more than 500K over a small period of time.

Carmen Parez

Account Name: @makerealcents

Carmen Perez has a relatively smaller reach. However, her account’s content is quite good and contains interesting videos that explain the ins and outs of important topics related to personal finance, banking, budgeting, as well as explaining the realities of learning to live within one’s means. Moreover, her account also has videos that explicates the financial choices one should make for tackling debts and creating wealth. Besides, by following her account one can stay updated with the latest stock market happenings and also get to know about trending investment topics that matter in one’s everyday life.

Vivian Tu

Account Name: @yourrichbff

Vivian Tu is the personal finance guide everyone seeks for. She offers financial and investment-related advice to both the Gen Z and Millennial followers with the aim of improving their financial literacy. Vivian has been a Wall Street equity trader which largely enhances her credibility amongst her followers. Her short videos on finance are easy to understand and covers a wide variety of topics ranging from investment in real estates to stock markets.


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