Hashtag Investing Launches WhatsApp Style Group Chat's for Stock Investors

samsung screencap - hashtag investing (1).png

Social networking in the stock investing space may seem to have reached it’s capacity, but that is far from the truth. Many existing networks, StockTwits, Reddit, Facebook groups, eToro, and other older style forums already exist and have many users, but the truth is that they are failing their members for a variety of reasons.

They are failing their users by either not providing a modern enough platform that seamlessly connects the real-world to the digital world. Forums, and Stocktwits style tweets are fun, but when it comes to actually learning and sharing, and actually discussing they are terrible. While Hashtag Investing has modern style forums posting, and investor polls that drive discussion, chatting, group chats, and chat rooms for stock investing isn’t done very well.

We are officially launching our group chatting capability on Hashtag Investing. A robust messaging tool that actually empowers stock traders to discuss in a high quality, real-time group chat that mimics the design of WhatsApp, Slack, Telegram, discord or Facebook messenger. These chatting apps are extremely user friendly and many mobile users are comfortable chatting on their since they already do it with friends and family.

Currently we have a Market Talk, Stocks Talk, Options Talk, Daytrading, and even a Tesla group chat for stock traders. This allows people to chat with investors globally about strategies, stocks, options trading, daytrading from their phone in order to get a better perspective and to make better trading decisions. These group chats will be available shortly on iOS and Android mobile applications. To learn more about and join the chat rooms for stock investors you can view our Group Chats page here by clicking here.

Harvi Sadhra