The Definitive List of the Best Websites to Learn About Stocks in 2022

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Stock markets are an excellent source of a secondary (or primary) source of income if one has the appropriate trading knowledge. However, many investors have lost a lot of money there as well which indicates that dealing in stock markets is not child’s play. One must have thorough knowledge of the market and should always be updated about the latest market happenings to create a high-quality portfolio. If you are looking for websites that will assist you in learning about stocks then this article will help you.

Here are the best websites to learn about stocks in 2022:

Hashtag Investing

Hashtag Investing is a great site for beginner stock traders with its magazine section providing current articles focused on resources and content related to trending stocks. Furthermore, it has a great community in the form of a forum as well as a chatroom for traders. It is a high quality group that requires an application to join. The Slack chat is a great environment to discuss market news, stock picks, and even has trade alerts.

Options Trading Club

When it comes to options trades, there is no better place to be than Options Trading Club. It is the best discord server for options traders with daily live trade alerts with multiple strategies, in-depth discussions, and education. Options can seem scary at first, but having a strong mentor with a strong community makes all the differences. Their reviews speak for themselves, and their trade logs show a strong history of results!

Crypto Dads Discord

Related to stocks content is crypto trading. Crypto Dads is the premier trading community for anything related to crypto trading, NFT, and metaverse. With its Crypto Dads Academy, in-house financial advisors for tax, and daily trade alerts from multiple trade callers. Whether you are a beginner looking to get started with crypto trading or an experienced trader, you will definitely find value here.

The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool is a highly renowned and indispensable stock market platform that has been providing investment advisory services since 1993. Its services are especially curated for individual investors. Here one gets access to high-quality commentary on markets, advisory, and other premium services related to stocks. Premium members can use CAPS, their online investing community platform that permits members to construct their equity portfolios along with providing facilities like tracking the market and interacting with other like-minded individuals. This is one of the best websites for learning about stocks since one can get expert advice from professionals having lots of experience. Also, they have a 30-day money-back policy for their premium services.   

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is a common name. The famous website provides lots of stock-related information and comes with a very easy user interface. Many investors consider it as their go-to resource for analyzing stocks, obtaining the latest financial news, or for finding various research reports. Most of their services are free. But if one avails their premium package, they additionally get a portfolio watch list along with details about extensive stocks, daily trade ideas, and proprietor leading indicators. It also allows direct trading facilities via linked brokers. This can be the one-stop destination for the newbies as it familiarizes them with accounting, finance, and economics terms. 


MetaStock is best for those traders looking for websites having super-powerful trading systems and facilities like back-testing, forecasting, and access to real-time news service from Reuters. Additionally, it also covers global data and has an amazing set of automated expert advisors and a huge collection of professional add-on strategies. Its Thomson Reuters facility, a very powerful tool, gives excellent global data coverage and broad market coverage facilities, that also includes information about futures, Forex, ETFs and options other than stocks. However, MetaStock allows broker integration but limits the execution of trades from charts or live integrated P&L analysis. Also, the newbies may find its interface a bit complicated.


Look out for MorningStar if you are looking for a website that provides detailed and accurate information about the prevailing financial conditions or stock performance. Prior period comparison can lead to better investment decisions and MorningStar helps compare the last five years performance of various stocks. Additionally, it also shows how much the executives get paid and the latest statements available from conference calls. Even beginners can try subscribing to their premium plan. The subscription allows access to some high-quality investment monitoring tools, a library of stock screeners, stock ratings, and company valuations and thereby makes the investment journey a lot smoother.

Bloomberg.Com should be the one-stop destination if one is looking for websites providing critically curated and high-quality news and data. provides very useful insights for professional traders and experts. While trading, every second is precious as gains can turn into losses very quickly. If one subscribes to their premium services, they get specialized hardware and software sets for enhancing data speed along with an array of reliable and extensively researched market data. Its sister unit is also renowned for providing quality financial and stock investing news. And Bloomberg TV is broadcasted for free and keeps viewers updated with the latest market developments.

Alpha Vantage

Alpha Vantage has an application programming interface that provides the users real-time as well as historical data relating to stocks, digital/cryptocurrency, and forex. This financial data proving tool is extensively used mainly by data analysts and developers. On opening an account, one can get lifetime eligibility to use a free API key. Additionally, it has a plain and insightful documentation site that easily explains every endpoint. If you are a beginner, you can try this one. 


TradingView is mainly for USA-based investors who are looking for websites having good fundamental and technical analysis tools and also have good stream engine facilities. The site offers free charting software and does not even require registration for availing the basic features. It is also very user-friendly and covers global information relating to the stock market as a whole including ETFs, futures, forex, cryptocurrencies, and bonds with no added price. Its broker interaction facility lets traders trade based on charts and takes care of the profit & loss reporting and analysis on their behalf. However, if one wants to know about option trading then this is not the right place for them.

The Wall Street Journal

For the ones who want access to up-to-date and reliable economic and business news, then The Wall Street Journal, which is known to uphold the gold standards of financial publications, is the best place for them. Just by visiting their website one gets to see ample amounts of high-quality stock and investment news written by people having decades of experience in the financial markets. Much such information is found here which one will not get from anywhere else. Budding investors should go through their insightful write-ups like ‘Wealth Advisor’ or the ‘Heard on the Street’ column to get a better overview of the markets and thus become knowledgeable enough to create a high-class portfolio.  

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha has a huge library of content and has available information for every kind of investor. The platform initially started as a contributor-powered community, and now has successfully transitioned into an offering of reliable and in-depth news and analysis about stocks. This website is perfect for those who are still unfamiliar with the technical aspects of stock investing. If one subscribes to their premium features, they will also get to use Seeking Alpha Pro and Seeking Alpha Essential tools which provide more of the high-quality kind of stuff.


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