The Definitive Guide of the 14 Best Stock Trading News Sites in 2022

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Keeping track of the recent developments in the stock markets is key to becoming a profitable trader, as markets signal trend reversals over a short span. Identifying such events in advance can help you gain significantly from an impending rally or downturn, through long/ short positions on key players in the market. Along with the internal affairs of a country, global events play a huge role in influencing the stock markets, owing to the increasing globalization and international trade. This is where the best stock trading news sites comes into play.

Having access to the best stock trading news with fast updates is fundamental to making smart and profitable decisions. While the internet is littered with thousands of news sources, there are only several that should be worth your attention.

Here are the 14 best stock trading news sites you should bookmark in 2022:


Benzinga is a fast growing financial media site that appeals to the new generation of traders. It is the more authentic and genuine stock market site and does not have the culture of the old age wall street suits. It’s content is focused on actionable trading news, and has content that covers a wide range of topics. Benzinga also has great paid tools including Benzinga Pro and as well as their premium newsletters.

Wall Street Journal

This premium news website is known for its unique articles and accurate data. Curated by some of the well-known players in the investment world, Wall Street Journal comes in a monthly subscription plan. You can sign up for the plan for $12 for the first twelve weeks as a discounted trial period. Thereafter, readers are charged $36.99 per month. Note that additional tax is levied on each subscription.

Bloomberg News

Though known for its flagship terminal service used by economists and analysts worldwide, the Bloomberg News portal is one of the most popular go-to hubs for institutional and retail investors alike. The company offers a preset number of free articles on its website, after which users are required to opt for its subscription service for regular access. The platform has a three-month introductory offer for access to all news-related content for $9.99 per month, known as the ‘Digital’ plan.

After the introductory period lapses, subscribers need to pay $34.99 per month to keep their access to the website. Bloomberg News also offers an additional ‘All Access’ package for $39.99 per month after the three-month introductory period, which gives users access to the Bloomberg live events.


CNBC offers real-time coverage of the world economic events and their corresponding reactions in the major stock markets across the world. In addition to its recent news on the macroeconomic events occurring globally, the platform has a live TV feed option and commentary on important worldly events headed by market experts. Many companies often provide a live breakdown and explanation of their quarterly results on CNBC TV, often headed by company CEOs or other top-level C-suite management. The platform’s media coverage of trending topics grappling with the stock markets garners high views from across the world.

Yahoo! Finance

This platform is one of the most popular platforms among retail investors looking to get a closer peek at a company’s fundamentals. Its free website offers a comprehensive compilation of a stock’s real-time updates, annual and quarterly financials, as well as basic technical indicator values. Yahoo! Finance’s premium version, comes at a monthly subscription cost of $34.99, as well as a yearly subscription plan of $349.99.

Apart from the basic services available on the free version, investors can get unrestricted access to enhanced charting for technical analysis as well as event analysis, value analysis services, portfolio management support, and third-party investment ideas bundled ad-free.


This publicly traded financial services firm offers one of the relatively cheaper subscription services for investment research related news in the market. At an annual subscription cost of $199, MorningStar is ideal for retail investors looking for clarity in terms of asset management and fundamental analysis of a company. Additionally, the platform offers a 14-day trial service to all potential members.

However, the company’s investment research arm does not engage in technical analysis, and hence, is not ideal for investors looking for an in-depth analysis of a company’s historic price performance before investing. With investments skyrocketing over the past year as more and more people are engaging in active trading, the publicly traded financial services firm gained 44.56% over the past year.

Unlike MorningStar, TradingView focuses on the technical aspects of stock trading. This platform is known for its wide and extensive charts and indicators, and hence, is very popular among technical investors and charting experts. The platform provides stock coverage for the majority of the stock markets, forex markets, and bond markets, as well as for cryptocurrencies. The paid version of the platform is divided into three categories – Pro, Pro+, and Premium. Users can get access to the “Pro” version for $14.95 per month, the “Pro+” version for $29.95 per month, and the “Premium” platform for $59.95 per month.


MarketWatch provides the latest business news, financial data and market information to its visitors. Published by Dow Jones & Company, this website actively tracks the pulse of the market and has over 16 million visitors per month. You can use its website to get breaking news coverage, the most recent market data, as well as market alerts. It has tools that provide an opportunity to create watchlists and track MarketWatch stories relating to the user’s picks. You can also seek personal finance advice from here. Subscription to its services can be made just by paying $1 for weeks in the starting and thereafter $7.99 per month. is another excellent financial market platform that provides real-time data, quotes, charts, financial tools, breaking news and analysis to the readers across 250 different exchanges around the world and in 44 language editions. It is the go-to source of many investors for tools and information relating to the financial markets like real-time quotes and streaming charts, up-to-date financial news, technical analysis, broker’s directory and listing, economic calendars, calculators, customized portfolios, personal alerts, financial insights and many more. Other than stocks, it also offers in-depth information on currencies, indices, futures & options, commodities, and rates and bonds.

The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool helps people in attaining financial freedom through their excellent newsletters and reports. It is an extremely dependable financial and investing advice entity. Apart from proving regular and timely updates, it also has a plethora of features such as financial portfolio management, picking services of stocks, and making recommendations to the users, both beginners and experienced investors as per their preferences. There are also two paid services: Fool Stock Advisor and Rule Breaker which takes Motley Fool’s trademark to another greater height. The flagship service Fool Stock Advisor has generated a return of 590% with S&P 500 of 134% over the last fifteen years while Rule Breakers’ services expand stock picks and investment portfolio volume.

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is one of the best websites for actionable stock market opinion and analysis and provides scope for vibrant and intelligent finance discussions. It is one of the largest investing communities in the world where you can get stock market news, analysis on stocks, investing ideas, earning calls, charts, and many more. The investing decisions provided over here are quite reliable as they are based on independent and balanced stock research, fundamental analysis tools, crowdsourced debate, reliable news, and actionable market data. By using its services, you can easily understand why the market and the stocks in your portfolio are moving or are about to move and thereby improving your understanding of the market largely.

Alpha Street

Alpha Street can be the one-stop destination for financial news, data, and resources for investors both beginners as well as experienced. It empowers your decision-making capabilities by offering high-quality data which is easily customizable, flexible to use as well as precise and time-sensitive. It tracks over 25,000 companies and has captured over 1000,000 events as of date. Its team of financial and technology veterans leverage the best practices of NLP and AI to provide the investors with exceptionally accurate and in-time news, research and data. Many users prefer it for its visually compelling and easy-to-digest Alpha Graphs that give insights into companies, competition and industries.

Stock Rover

Stock Rover can be a favorite for both personal and professional-level traders as it helps its visitors to compare and dive into equity data like never before. The website offers around 500 in-work, stock-related, and price-conduct ratios as well as in-depth stock information for over 40,000 stocks, funds, and ETFs. Its services include well explained operational in-sights, explained operational in-sights, deep portfolio research devices, exchange devices, investment devising, and re-balancing. You can effortlessly screen for stocks, plan your trades and analyze their investment portfolios. Moreover, real-time analysis sheets can be built to get a complete view of an organization’s market movement for one decade in a row.

Zacks Investment Research

Zacks is one of the top investment research firms focusing on stock research, analysis and recommendations. It offers a detailed compilation of data for over 5,000 organizations operating in the current market. The information provided by it revolves around stock investigator measures for interest and profits, agreement ratings, and many more.

Its recommendations are based more on the quantitative aspects and are intended to give its members the most potential for profit. Moreover, it also has a proven record of recommending stocks having some major upside potential and therefore its ranks are considered as an excellent indicator of future performance by many investors.  

The authentic usability of stock market research websites has a great role in shaping one’s investment journey. So, one needs to properly choose their source of information. All the above-mentioned websites offer excellent service and are very much reliable as well. Though each has its own strengths and weaknesses they all have the common objective of helping investors collect opinions regarding the best investments available. Also, investors should frame their financial goals at first before choosing any website because many of the premium subscriptions are highly specified are not suitable for every kind of beginner investor.

Bottom Line 

Investors often find it extremely time-consuming and complex to go through individual stock trading news sites to gather information about a potential investment. Also, without adequate knowledge of the intricate workings of the markets, investors often miss out on the lesser-known money baggers, known to yield triple digits on higher, owing to relatively absent media coverage on these stocks.

Investors wanting to isolate market patterns and consequently, stocks that have the potential to benefit most from the projected events can read articles and investment reports offered by third-party websites. Hashtag Investing is emerging as a go-to website for investment-related articles, designed to cover the Canadian and US markets.


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