Top 9 Upcoming NFT Projects in June 2022


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At NFTverse you’ll notice everything  is concerning NFTs! You can even be eligible to get a free channel to advertise your project! Connect, share, and learn about new NFT projects, artists and entrepreneurs.

Crypto Barista is the first ever NFT-based café. It’s Season 1 will contain 60 caffeine-loving characters and their owners will receive several caffeinated perks for life across all its future cafes and websites

The Dribblie NFT is the first-ever deflationary play-to-earn game where football players from different galaxies you can earn  up to $100 a day by staking, owning, renting NFTs or simply playing football.

StadioLeaguez is a 3 v 3 fantasy streetball game that combines conventional gaming design with enabling technologies and lets the NFT owners buy assets in the ecosystem.

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