Options Trading Club is a premium Discord chat community for options traders. With experts providing education and trade alerts, members also engage to help each other learn and get better trading options.

Optionality has completely re-imagined the options trading process as we know it. They are a street-smart mobile trading app designed to help manage your risk & shop multiple pre-packaged spreads, all in just a few clicks!

WeBull is a website and community-driven mobile focussed online broker that allows you to invest in thousands of companies with the help of their online in-depth analytics tools wherein you get to enjoy intuitive, werful advanced charts with multiple technical indicators and Premier Level 2 Advance Nasdaq Total View.

Tastyworks is an online broker site that believes that they are one of the pioneers of options trading for retail investors and the team consists of some of the most experienced in the industry.

Robinhood is an American financial services website that is known to offer commission-free trading of stocks and exchange-traded funds via a mobile app which they had introduced in 2015.

Interactive Brokers LLC is a website that allows you to invest in bonds, mutual funds, ETFs through a global market. They make use of trading tools within the TWS or Trader Workstation platform, making it suitable for professional traders.

ThinkorSwim is a website whose parent organization is TD Ameritrade and which is ideal for the trading obsessed because it is made by people who are obsessed with trading too. You can access this website through the web, desktop, and mobile.

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