Solaris LandLords is a real estate NFT project that allows collectors to own real estate that is easily accessible and more profitable for investors Investors can invest as little as 150 USD and enjoy the perks and benefits of participating in the project.

Dog Eat Dog World is an NFT project that aims to form a tight-knit community of individuals in the web3 and crypto space who are knowledgeable and updated about the events in the space.

MetaSkulls NFT is an NFT collection based on a futuristic planet called Meta that is discovered in the future. This fantasy world includes a collection of 4,000 NFTs, of which 3,600 are common NFTs that give holders access to different kinds of lotteries, and 400 are legendary NFTs

CryptoChronic is a multi-platform video game that is immersive, engaging, and surrounds the metaverse. It is a free-to-play and play-to-earn project that aims to convert traditional gamers into adopting crypto-centric games.

DeFi Tribe is one of the first crypto GameFi lending platforms that lets users earn rewards while playing games and using crypto assets.

The Alphas NFT is an NFT collection with up to 10,000 3D-generated avatars that allow users a new world of personal and professional growth. Each avatar is a unique NFT representing a leader designed using the Web3 platform.

Moon Goons Mint is an exclusive NFT collection of 7,777 NFTs that are unique and hand-drawn cosmic crusties that wander around the Solana Blockchain, searching for space junk.

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