Top 3 Undervalued Chinese Stocks To Buy Right Now

China is the world’s second-largest economy which is experiencing serious headwinds now. Its middle-class which was booming once upon a time thanks to the dreams laid out by entrepreneurs like Jack Ma is now reevaluating its choices. The country is facing a coal shortage, has cracked down on sectors like cryptocurrency and online education, and wants to redistribute private wealth.

Is Innovative Industrial Properties Stock In The Cannabis Space A Good Stock?

The marijuana industry is getting a lot of attention from investors of all ages and trading styles because cannabis is moving forward in a major way, and the industry, as a whole, is experiencing a pretty good time. Despite such tremendous growth prospects, the major disadvantage with this industry is it suffers from high market volatility which makes the investors are susceptible to high losses. However, there are still some excellent stocks engaged in the business that consistently generate high revenues and earnings for investors.

Is Amazon (AMZN) Stock A Good Buy In The Current Market?

Amazon is one of the top 5 largest companies in the United States with its operations spread around the world. It is an e-commerce giant and has made heavy inroads into cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. The company is an incredibly successful one and over the past years has provided phenomenal returns to all its stakeholders in general. Notably, over the past decade, the company has grown itself by a massive 1,380% and is currently sitting at over $3189.78 per share.

Top 5 Canadian Growth Stocks To Invest In For 2022

On September 21, the Canadian market rallied after the re-election of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals Party with the assurance that Canada’s economy would keep improving. Economic and regulatory environments have a huge influence on an economy’s performance because government policies hugely affect business operations. Investors should decide their investment strategies depending on how these government policies impact each industry and its elements.

Airbnb Stock Outlook in 2022 and Beyond and Why it is a Good Investment

US-based Airbnb is one of the most well-known companies for millennials and Generation Z renowned in the travel and hospitality segment. The company uses its own website-enabled and mobile-application-based online platform to help travelers across the globe find homestays for an array of purposes including lodging, primary homestays, vacation rentals, and tourism.

Top Two Gig Stocks To Buy For 2021 and Beyond: Upwork And Fiverr

The coronavirus pandemic has led to the normalization of the work-from-home culture and many organizations have found it as a good cost controlling mechanism that doesn’t hamper employee productivity levels. Due to this condition, the gig economy got a major boost. Gig websites give people the opportunity to make additional income while they were working from their homes and some also started finding it more appealing as they could set their own schedules and follow their respective passions.

Why Robinhood Is A Good Trading Platform But A Bad Stock To Buy

Based in California, Robinhood Markets Inc. is a financial services company that provides an online investment platform to its users (31 million as of 2021) for trading in various types of listed securities and exchange-traded funds without charging any commission. The platform also lists down several other facilities like high-yield cash management offerings, margin trading, and access to initial public offering (IPO) investments. The company is a FINRA-regulated broker-dealer and is registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Moreover, it is also a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation.

Is Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd. A Good Stock To Buy Right Now?

Based in Ontario, Kirkland Lake Gold is one of the oldest gold mining companies engaged in the acquisition, production, and operation of gold properties. The company carries out its mining operations from three high-quality mines namely the Macassa Mine, Detour Lake Mine, and Fosterville Mine that are located in Canada and Australia respectively.

In the past five years, Kirkland Lake Gold stock has gained more than 500%. However, the stock has taken a beating over the past year and is down by 23.62% since last year and by almost 8% so far this year. That said, it looks like a decent entry at this price point, and the stock looks like it is in recovery mode.

Will Blackberry Stock Successfully Reach $35 By The Year 2025?

Blackberry is a completely different company now than it was almost a decade ago. From being a mobile phone company in the past decade, the Canada-based giant is now a specialized cybersecurity company that provides services like enterprise-critical event management solutions, endpoint protection, and promotes internet security by employing artificial intelligence and machine learning mechanisms against any cyber threats.

Top 10 Interest Rate Proof Stocks to Buy Right Now

The US Federal Reserve raises interest rates when the market is growing too fast and inflation becomes a point of concern. This period usually indicates the economy is nearing its peak and by investing judiciously in such times, one can get the advantage of late-stage positive momentum. During such times, market indices are around their all-time highs, you have to be careful and buy stocks that can protect your portfolio and thrive in a rising interest rate scenario. Top 10 US Stocks To Buy When Interest Rates Are Rising.

Top 10 Canadian Value Stocks To Consider Buying Right Now

Last year brought a big fall for the global stock markets followed by a recovery towards the year-end. But this recovery was lopsided toward tech stocks as the pandemic came as a boom to the cloud and internet companies. This year is all about the after-effects of the pandemic and the vaccination drive. The economic recovery will begin in 2022 as all sectors, online and offline, return to businesses. This is where the value is. Here are the top 10 stocks that are trading at lower prices but hold the potential to grow when things return to normalcy.

The 3 Best Canadian Stocks You Need to Trade During a 4th Covid Wave

Canada is seeing a fourth wave of the pandemic that is stalling the growth of recovery stocks. Canada’s chief public health officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, in a press conference, said, “The latest national surveillance data indicate that a fourth wave is underway in Canada and that cases are plotting along a strong resurgence trajectory.” This comes when Canada and other countries started reopening schools and offices, easing international travel restrictions, and phasing out stimulus. The rising cases have created uncertainty around the return to normalcy.

Is Kroger A Good Stock For You to Buy Right Now?

Kroger is an American retail company operating the largest supermarket (in terms of revenue) in the country. Though the stock has lost much of its market share to rivals like Walmart post-2018, it made it through the pandemic relatively unscathed as demand for groceries and home cleaning supplies were on a rise.

4 Amazing Value Stocks To Buy In Case Of Another 4th Wave Lockdown

The fourth wave of COVID-19 is here. The number of cases in Canada is on the rise and while the situation isn’t as dire as it was in March 2020, there is still cause for concern. If the country does go into another lockdown, investors should be looking at stocks that will be able to survive and even grow during the lockdown.

Is Lightspeed Stock Worth Buying Right Now and Into 2022?

Lightspeed POS, presently known as Lightspeed Commerce Inc, is a Canadian retail POS company that offers a Software as a Service (Saas) based e-commerce platform primarily to small and medium-sized businesses located in Canada, United States, Germany, and Australia, among others. During the pandemic when online shopping was at its peak, the company’s omnichannel commerce software aiding online payment solutions got a massive boost and as a result the company’s share also blew up. Within the past year, Lightspeed has gained around 200%, and even now, the stock is continuing to outperform the market and has gained about 40% year to date.

Is Shopify A Good Buy After Its Q2 Earnings Report?

Shopify is a Canada-based multinational e-commerce platform operating across 175 countries with a customer base of around 1.75 million merchants. In return for subscription fees ranging from $29 per month for entrepreneurs to $2,000 and up for large companies, this platform enables merchants to sell their offerings across various channels like web and mobile storefronts, pop-up shops, physical retail locations, etc. along with helping them in operational processes like inventory management, order, and payment processing, shipments, and likes.

Is TC Energy A Good Buy After Its Q2 2021 Report?

TC Energy Corporation is a Canada-based North American energy infrastructure company operating across Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The company is considered one of the best players in the North American energy infrastructure sector. Its functions are mainly based across three core business lines: Natural Gas Pipelines, Liquids Pipelines, and Energy. Using a network of 93,400 km natural gas pipelines TC Energy transports natural gas from supply basins to local distribution companies, power generation plants, industrial facilities, interconnecting pipelines, LNG export terminals, and other businesses.

The Two Best Canadian Space Stocks To Buy In 2021

According to the government of Canada, “The Canadian space sector has established a world-class reputation in many areas, including in Earth observation, space robotics, space science and exploration, and satellite communications; and continues to innovate into emerging capabilities.” This industry also has a huge role in the country’s nation-building process and as per a 2018 report, it has been generating $5.7 billion in revenues along with contributing $2.5 billion to the Canadian economy.

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