One of the largest mid-stream oil companies in the country. Enbridge transports over three million barrels of crude oil daily, which is approximately 30% of the oil produced within North America.

Fortis is one of the top utility companies in North America. Despite rising interest rates, Fortis just extended its desired annual dividends growth rate of 6% through 2025.

The world’s largest gold mining firm is Barrick Gold Corporation. Barrick Gold is not a dividend growth stock but a value stock and one of the best gold stocks around.

Royal Bank is one of the top blue-chip stocks that can be a great addition to anyone’s portfolio. Its market capitalization of around $180 billion makes it an attractive investment for long-term stock market players.

Largest railway company in Canada. It has shown a growth in dividend rate for the last 25 years and has a five-year dividend growth rate of around 12%.

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