Best Trading News Apps You Need To Download In 2023

Arrow is one of the best market tracking platforms in the country. Founded in 2007, it is one of the top three global financial websites in the world.

This platform is one of the most accredited websites for retail investors and analysts alike, providing comprehensive information on stocks and benchmark indexes. Yahoo Finance also provides charts and quarterly and annual financial results of publicly traded companies.

This budding news platform and chatroom is one of the most dynamic websites in the industry. Based in Canada, Hashtag Investing publishes articles centered around the current market development and is designed to answer the queries of individual investors.

Like Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha consolidates the financial performance of a company to present it in a tabular format. Also, Seeking Alpha provides comparative analysis, wherein investors can collate a company with its respective industry.

Reuters is ideal for keeping track of the trending news in the global markets. Reuters provides real-time updates regarding the United States and Canadian stock markets

CNBC is known for its eclectic stock market reporting and expert analysis. The website has ties with industry experts, who guide investors regarding the recent market developments and help identify the most profitable investment avenues.

WSJ has consistently been a top-ranking site for financial information of the global capital markets. The website has remained the one-stop destination for developed and emerging market news.

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