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Can I see examples of discussions first?

Due to the privacy of our community, you cannot see the full discussions without joining. However, sometimes we tweet out some snippets on Twitter. Click on the symbol below to view these snippets. 


How is this different from Facebook groups/reddit communities/forums and other existing community type platforms? 

First of all, it is real-time. It is literally a group chat which makes it extremely easy to share, communicate and follow ideas. Different topics will be organized allowing for focused discussion.

There is also a level of anonymity so you can freely ask any question without your Facebook name and picture being seen. You can also have a quick call with anyone to further discuss. Slack has built in voice calling and video calling.

It is also private. This means when you post a question or thought, it doesn't get publicized to the entire world like it does on Reddit & Facebook. Our chat is only accessible to members and members only. Lastly, while their is anonymity, it is completely optional, this means you will actually know which credible person is providing insight to you. 

Lastly, social media is extremely distracting with a lot of noise and irrelevant information. You may think of it as a useful tool in different groups, but the scenario for most people is being distracted by things they may not need to learn and see at that time. Our community is purely focused on investing and only investing. You can will not be distracted by anything else. When a community allows anyone to join, you tend to get a lot of noise, distractions, trolling, and BS.