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Empowering self-managers to make better decisions through a real-time community chat and a proprietary stock + strategy discovery tool.

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Your trusted sidekick for better trading decisions. 

We're focused on providing honest value. We won't over promise, we just simply provide meaningful tools that allow DIY stock traders to make better decisions through the power of community and discovery tools. See what other investors like yourself are saying about Hashtag Investing. 


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Real-time access to hundreds of dedicated stock investors.

We vet every member that enters our community group chat. This means we are troll free, BS free, and noise free. Hashtag Investing allows for focused, authentic, and constructive conversation to help traders of all levels to discuss, learn, share ideas, share strategies, and share trades. 

Some of our topic channels include: 

  • Technical Analysis to discuss charts, technical aspects of stocks and trades.

  • Canadian stock investing for those who are focused on trading Canadian securities.

  • Stock Investor Resources to find new tools, books, websites, platforms to help traders improve, learn, and invest.

  • Value Investing for long-term investors to discuss and discover value based opportunities.

  • Any many more...

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Invest like the biggest

With our discovery tool powered by ShareAlpha, you can now have the power of billion dollar hedge-funds by using a proprietary quantitative analysis discovery tool to find new stocks and trading styles.

Some of our screeners include: 

  • Factors screener to discover stocks based on different factors like momentum, value, volatility, quality, and profitability.

  • Legends so you can model your investing style to your favorite "legend" investor like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Ben Graham, Kenneth Fisher, and more.

  • Dividend strategy to discover the best dividend producing stocks in different sectors. Learn more about our stock/strategy discovery tool.

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