High quality stock investing group chats

Hashtag Investing hosts the highest quality online group chats for stock traders. Think of us as WhatsApp-style messenger groups built for stock investors to discuss and learn in real-time. Discuss stocks, market, options trading, daytrading, and even chat with other Tesla investors from your mobile phone for quick feedback and quality discussions. Hashtag investing is your source for the best chat rooms for investors.

Integrated with Discord

Our Hashtag Investing group chat room for stock investors is also integrated with Discord! That means you can discuss and share in real-time using your familiar Discord app!

Market Talk

Group Chat for Live Stock Market Discussion

Our Market Talk chat room is built to discuss all things market. A daily live chat group to discuss the ups and downs of the market, daily fluctuations, future insight, and sharing strategies in order to learn and improve the odds of getting great returns. With a diverse group of global stock investors within a single mobile-friendly WhatsApp style messenger group, you’ll be able to access thousands of stock investors anytime, anywhere.

Stocks Talk

Group Chat for Live Stocks Discussion

Our stocks talk is the best chat room for live discussion to get real-time feedback on the stocks you are watching. No spam, no trolls, only high-quality discussion on a completely mobile-friendly messenger-style chat room. Learn, share, and discuss different stocks including U.S stocks, Canadian stocks, ETF’s and more. Our members are diverse and have different perspectives when it comes to investing, this empowers you to have a 360 view of different trading strategies so you can limit risk and increase your returns.


Group Chat for Dividend Investing Discussion

We’ve partnered with Dividend Earner, a leading dividend investing media website with over 100,000 monthly readers to provide the highest quality chat room for dividend investors. Share, discover, and easily vet dividend stock ideas with other highly-knowledge investors including the owner of the Dividend Earner blog. With our Slack integration, you can access the entire chat through the ease of the Slack app.

Options Talk

Group Chat for Options Trading Discussion

What is the best chat room for options trading? Look no further. Our group chat for options traders is loaded with smart, intelligent, and helpful traders who are discussing what calls and puts to make on a daily basis. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a newer trader trying to learn how to trade options, our options trading chat room is the best resource for you. Easy to access, our WhatsApp-style messenger group is available whenever you have a quick question or an in-depth discussion.

Forex Talk

Group Chat for Forex Trading Discussion

Looking for the best group chat for forex trading? Hashtag Investing now has a channel geared towards forex trading. Discuss in real-time with global members to share and learn new insights. Level up your forex trading skills by getting instant feedback from an entire community of forex traders. WhatsApp style chat room for Forex where you can chat through the web or mobile browsers as well Android or iOS apps.

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