Welcome to Hashtag Investing!

Our chat community is powered by Slack team communications. This allows for easy access on browsers, desktops and mobile devices. 
You must click on the link below first to create a Slack login to the group to get access.


Getting Set Up in the Chat Community

1. Update Your Slack Profile

Click on your Slack image. Then, select Profile, and update your profile picture and add a short bio about yourself.

2. Introduce Yourself

Feel free to introduce yourself in the #-general channel. Tell us a bit about your investing experience, where you are from, and what you are looking to learn and get from this community!

3. Engage

Our community is most valuable when we all engage and participate. No matter how experienced you are, feel free to ask and post anything. We are strong community and everyone here is open minded and accepting of all members. Feel free to connect and DM other members.

4. House Rules

Be respectful of all members. Be open minded and don’t alienate or criticize harshly other members. Be authentic and provide honest feedback, but do so in a constructive manner. We are all here for the same reason, to grow, learn, and help each other succeed to grow and improve our trading skills.

5. Get on Mobile: 

Click on this link from your mobile phone: https://hashtaginvesting.slack.com/  and then follow steps OR click on the "Member Log-In" on our website from your mobile phone. 

6. Get on Browser: 

Same as above but click on those links from your computer browser and sign-in. 

7. How do I share files & links?

Super easily! On desktop there is a + symbol to the left of the text type box. Click it to link anything from images, GIFs, google drives, and documents. From your phone you can click the + symbol to the right of the textbox to link to images and files! Alternatively you can share any multimedia from any source on your phone by "sharing" it to the Slack group.

8. Types of commands:

$symbol = This will show a stocks price using Market bot.
/quote symbol = This will show a stock price using closingbell and as well related and recent news.
/poll = This allows you ask a multiple choice questions to the channel to which you ask.
/stocktwits = This allows you to feed in information of a stock from Stocktwits. 

For more Slack related information, check out this link here: