The only tool you'll need to find the best stocks and strategies.

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Finally. The ultimate tool for DIY stock traders.

Discover the best stocks, portfolio's and strategies geared towards your goals and trading style. Using a proprietary quantitative analysis tool built by ShareAlpha, you can now have the power that the biggest hedge-funds are using to discover market beating opportunities. 


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Discover the best stocks according to your favorite factors.

Learn and discover stocks based on different factors. Ability to combine multiple factors to further customize a strategy. 

Factor screener criteria include:

  • Momentum

  • Volatility

  • Quality

  • Profitability

  • Value

  • Growth


Invest using the strategies of legendary investors. 

Tap into the genius strategies set by legendary stock investors and see how they match up against the S&P and other major ETF's. 

Legend investor strategies include: 

  • Warren Buffett (patient investor)

  • Benjamin Graham (value investor)

  • Peter Lynch ((P/E)/G Investor)

  • Joel Greenblatt (Earnings Yield Investor)

  • Kenneth Fisher (Price/Sales Investor)

  • James OShaugnessy (Growth Investor)


Blueprint and strategy
based portfolios.

Easily diversify your investments by following a Blueprint portfolio based
on your risk level, or follow models based on different strategies. 

Strategies include: 

  • Basic Momentum

  • Short-Term Momentum

  • Short-Term Reversal

  • Residual Momentum

  • Idiosyncratic Momentum


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