What Is The Best App For Watching Stocks And Trading News In 2022?

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2021 marks the second year of an extended bull run, with hopes of robust stimulus policies and vaccine disbursal paving the way for a V-shaped recovery. While the market outlook regarding the macroeconomic recovery is optimistic, the stock markets are witnessing heightened volatility, driven by multiple internal and exogenous factors. Taking a closer look into the equity markets’ performance in 2021, the rise in Treasury yields in late February last year triggered a global equity sell-off. While the equity markets have stabilized since then, the high Treasury yields are contributing to high volatility in the industry. Also, the Archegos sell-off has rattled the markets to a certain extent and might call for new laws regarding derivative swap testing to be established.

While these might look like disruptions in the stock markets from the outsiders, these developments and trend reversals provide the perfect entry or exit point into a stock. For example, the equity and tech sell-offs have led quality tech stocks to trade at a bargain in the past month. Investing amid the market slump could potentially allow investors to book hefty capital gains on investments.

Best Stock Trading News and Apps

There are several websites that provide detailed insight in the events and updates regarding the stock markets and inter-country relations, which have the potential to trigger significant market fluctuations. Here’s a list of the best stock trading news and apps providing all round coverage which should allow you to make an informed investment decision.


Yet another famous stock trading website and app, Investing.com is one of the best market tracking platforms in the country. Founded in 2007, it is one of the top three global financial websites in the world. The platform provides extensive information about stocks and industries alike, with real-time price updates and requisite charts. Furthermore, the platform publishes financial articles curated by industry experts to guide investors about the key pointers influencing the markets.

Yahoo Finance

This platform is one of the most accredited websites for retail investors and analysts alike, providing comprehensive information on stocks and benchmark indexes. Yahoo Finance also provides charts and quarterly and annual financial results of publicly traded companies. You can also find technical analysis parameters for stocks, based on their trading history and price-performance amid market volatility.

Hashtag Investing

This budding news platform and chatroom is one of the most dynamic websites in the industry. Based in Canada, Hashtag Investing publishes articles centered around the current market development and is designed to answer the queries of individual investors. Its chatroom allows participants to converse regarding the recent developments and socio-economic factors, as well as partake in a stock-based discussion.

Seeking Alpha

Like Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha consolidates the financial performance of a company to present it in a tabular format. Also, Seeking Alpha provides comparative analysis, wherein investors can collate a company with its respective industry, or distinguish between two competitors to identify the most profitable investment. Comparative analysis generally includes a ratio analysis, past and expected performance, and valuation among two companies belonging to the same industry, or a company’s performance against a sector benchmark.


As one of the most popular global news websites, Reuters is ideal for keeping track of the trending news in the global markets. Reuters provides real-time updates regarding the United States and Canadian stock markets, highlighting the most important events and benchmark index performance. Reuters also provides a detailed description of a company’s operations and price movements in tandem with the broader markets.


A renowned website in the field of financial journalism, CNBC is known for its eclectic stock market reporting and expert analysis. The website has ties with industry experts, who guide investors regarding the recent market developments and help identify the most profitable investment avenues. CNBC also has a live TV feed option and commentary on important worldly events, headed by market experts, and quarterly/ annual financial results analysis provided by top-tier management of companies.

Wall Street Journal

WSJ has consistently been a top-ranking site for financial information of the global capital markets. The website has remained the one-stop destination for developed and emerging market news. Wall Street Journal’s articles provide insight into the socio-economic developments of the world, allowing investors to gauge the domestic industry growth. However, Wall Street Journal comes with a monthly subscription plan, at $12 for the first twelve weeks, and thereafter at $36.99 per month.

Bloomberg News

Bloomberg has been dominating the markets for the data outsourcing and market developments in the market. Bloomberg terminal has remained one of the vastly used platforms by analysts worldwide. Its news platform is also one of the most prominent websites in the world, with a digital access plan available for $34.99 per month, with an ‘All Access’ add-on for $39.99 per month.

Motley Fool

Motley Fool is one of the biggest financial journals, publishing articles based on market news. The website’s articles are written by highly experienced financial writers, on some of the most recent market movements. These are mostly written from a fundamental and growth perspective and are ideal for gaining preliminary insight into a stock.

Trading View

This platform is designed for technical analysis of stocks. Trading View’s charts and indicators are very popular among technical investors and charting experts. The paid version of Trading View is available in three slots– Pro, Pro+, and Premium. Users can get access to the “Pro” version for $14.95 per month, the “Pro+” version for $29.95 per month, and the “Premium” platform for $59.95 per month. The platform provides stock coverage for the majority of the stock, bond, and forex markets. It also covers highly coveted cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bottom Line 

Being updated about the recent occurrences and world developments are key to becoming a successful investor. However, given the complexity and volatility of the global markets, a slight change in the current international balance can threaten the stability of the stock markets, or have a parallel reaction to a socio-political development. While narrowing the list to just one platform is not feasible, the above-listed websites are some of the best platforms to get a head start in the investing world.


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