#Investing is now partnering with ValueWalk to further grow our exclusive chat community!

Hi investors! 

Trying to grow a community it hard. Trying to grow an exclusive community is even harder.

When I first created this community for investors 2 months ago, I envisioned building a strong community of global members with a diverse knowledge base. The goal was to build a community where members could engage in thought provoking discussions about news, opportunities and ideas in a simple chat based platform powered by Slack which allows it to be used on mobile, tablet, laptop, and/or desktop. 

With 0 marketing budget and minimal press exposure, the community is already 125+ members strong. The discussion levels vary depending on the day and I admit it's a work in progress and my main concern and focus. We've implemented new features such as polling to spark discussion among the members. This seems to be a neat way and we'll definitely be doing more of these! Here is an example (click to enlarge): 


The chat platform itself is extremely simple to use. Slack, which primarily is used as a corporate communication software, has recently seen a surge in being used for communities.  It makes sense, many of us are using chat applications more then ever such as Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Snapchat, Skype, and the newest addition to the market, Google Allo. A community chat on Slack provides a similar experience of a real time conversation, but with 100's or 1000's of members instead of a small group of friends/family. I like to think of it as a live digital networking event right in your pocket. I think this is extremely useful and incredibly valuable. 

As a way to further increase the exposure of the community to reach even more potential interested investors, I reached out to a few online investing bloggers with an established user base. ValueWalk was my first pick and my first email sent. Jacob Wolinsky (Founder and CEO of ValueWalk) was quite interested in the chat aspect of the community and its potential for people to easily share and discuss investing ideas. From there we agreed on some simple terms to see if we could keep growing #Investing together to the next level. ValueWalk is an amazing investing news publisher and media website with monthly views in the millions. Being affiliated with such a brand is exciting for the community as we focus and look forward to planning it's growth into our vision of a thriving exclusive investing community. 

So who are we looking for? Not quantity, but quality. #Investing's true value will be in it's members and because of that we are looking for people who are truly passionate about investing and money making ideas. If you're a curious person who loves to share news, discuss opportunities, and continually learn from others, then this community will fit like a pair of new Levi's jeans (assuming you like Levi's jeans and that they fit you as well as they do for me). 

If you have any questions or hesitations about joining feel free to fill in the contact us box below. 

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