Top 10 Stocks To Keep An Eye On Going Into 2018

2018 is here with us. If you have not invested much in 2017, then don’t let 2018 pass you by. Start making investments that can give you a passive income, and enjoy financial freedom.  To make your investment journey easier, we have compiled for you a list of 10 stocks that can give you great returns in 2018.


Facebook has shown consistent growth over the last few years. It is likely to continue with this momentum as we head into 2018.   As the number of social media users continues to grow, Facebook will continue to enjoy considerable growth going into 2018, and give great returns to investors.

Heron Therapeutics Inc

Cancer has been on the rise all across the world. As such, anyone who comes with a solution to this menace is guaranteed of a hefty return. That’s why this company is poised to enjoy growth thanks to its investments in cancer drugs and pain reduction drugs. If all its ventures turn out successful, this company could grow significantly in 2018.

UnitedHealth Group Inc

The healthcare sector has always shown strong and consistent growth ratings. That’s why when a major healthcare company likes UnitedHealth Group holds acquisition talks with another major healthcare company overseas, then you know it’s time to position for a buy. UnitedHealth Group Inc is in talks with Chilean healthcare company Banmedica SA, and if the deal goes through, UnitedHealth will give investors a great return on investment in 2018.


Alibaba is the largest business to business e-commerce company in the world. It controls more than 80% of the Chinese market and is showing good signs of growth all across the world. As Alibaba continues to grow in popularity worldwide, the company’s share price will also grow. It is a company that will most likely give investors great value for money going into 2018.


Adobe share price has slide in recent days because the company missed targets in its digital marketing unit. However, this doesn’t mean that Adobe is about to lose its grip on the market. As the company continues to come up with cutting edge graphics and enterprise solutions, its value will continue to grow. In fact, the recent price slide should be taken as an opportunity to buy, going into 2018.

Micron Technology

Micron is a semi-conductor company that has reported very strong growth in the last few quarters. As the semi-conductor industry continues to grow and demand for DRAM devices outstripping supply, Micron will continue to show strong growth going into 2018. Even Goldman Sachs believes that Micron is undervalued at its current price levels.

Expedia Inc

Expedia owns several strong assets in the international travels and bookings space. As this market continues to show strong growth thanks to an increasingly stronger global economy, Expedia’s value will grow going into 2018. This makes it a strong buy and hold company for a value investor.

Neurocrine Biosciences Inc

This company specializes in the highly lucrative neurological area of medicine. This is why the company has shown strong and consistent growth in the last few quarters and will continue to do so in 2018. Those prospects are increased by the fact that the company has successfully developed a drug called Ingrezza that can be used to treat and manage tardive dyskinesia, a movement disorder. 

Paycom solutions

One of the best pointers for a company to invest in is its profit margins. The higher the margins, the better the chances of future growth. This is exactly what you get with Paycom solutions. This company offers cloud services for human resource management and retains more than 90% of the profits. As its clientele continues to grow, it will give good value growth going into 2018.

Amazon Inc

Amazon has strong fundamentals for growth especially now that it is significantly increasing its investments in fresh groceries. As the company’s share of the groceries market continues to grow going into 2018, the company’s value will grow. This means that buying Amazon can give an investor great value in 2018.