Top 10 Websites To Log Into If You’re An Indian Stock Investor

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Stock market investments have grown in popularity among many individuals over the world. With multiple benefits ranging from capital growth, higher income, to stability, the investment scene in India has grown in recent years. It’s no surprise that the number of Indian retail investors has surged in the last 18 months. The number of active investors accounts has increased by 10.4 million since the pandemic. According to this article, “The total number of retail investors increased by an astonishing 14.2 million in FY21.”

With such a massive surge, investors should utilize different channels such as mobile apps and websites that provide important investing information. It is crucial that you choose a platform that maximizes your benefits before you invest. To help you with your search, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 websites to log into if you’re an Indian stock investor or trader.

NSE India:

National Stock Exchange or NSE is a national website that provides authentic and real-time information about the Indian stock market. It is renowned for its reliability, expertise, and innovation which is aimed at improving the financial well-being of people. The website is equipped with updated information about market data, steps for a first-time investor, as well as different resources and services that ensure you stay updated about Indian stocks.

BSE India:

BSE, or Bombay Stock Exchange, is a stock market website laden with all the necessary information about technical and fundamental stock analyses. This website is one of India’s leading websites that ensure transparency and efficiency in terms of trading. Investors who use BSE get alerts, updates as well as educational videos, and the most recent research findings that aid them throughout their trading experience. The website also has information on various company stocks, market info, index data, charts, etc. which is crucial for any investor.

Economic Times:

This website provides all the important and most recent news regarding the stock market, including morning and evening briefs that ensure you stay informed about all the current affairs in the market. It is one of India’s leading websites that provide the most recent and reliable information, stock research, and analysis. Its services include expert views on the market, mutual funds, stock charts, and market data which makes it perfect for Indian stock market experts as well as beginners.


Moneycontrol is one of India’s best and most popular research websites. It gives you the most recent news on global markets, the top gainers and losers, bonds, commodities, and even stock advice so that you make investment decisions that are most beneficial to you. It has a uniquely designed discussion forum to help you find out important information about the stocks of a certain company.


If you are looking to customize all the important information about various companies before you invest, you can do it through Screener. The screener provides the most fundamental part of a company’s analysis before investing. It has features and services that provide you with crucial information like financial ratios, charts, analysis, peers or competitors, profit and loss statements, etc. Screener filters out information and provides only the most important information necessary for investing.

This website helps you perform fundamental and technical analysis of stocks while investing, thanks to the amount of data it holds. It has all the important information crucial for making investment decisions so that you have all the necessary details of a company’s charts, financials, etc. among different features and tools. It also has a specially designed tool to help you screen and shortlist stocks to help you throughout your investments. This makes investing easier by keeping you more informed about the market.

Live Mint:

Live Mint is one of India’s best research websites that provide you with the most recent and crucial news about the stock market, finance, the economy as well as politics, and sports. All your investment decisions will be more informed since it’ll give you the most essential news that affects the market. Live Mint actively tracks all the important developments in the country, providing you with all the information you need to make the best investment decisions.

Bloomberg Quint:

Bloomberg Quint has grown in popularity throughout the years and has secured a spot among the best share market websites in India. It is a news company that focuses on finance and business and keeps you updated on stock market news. The website also has special tools such as analytics and equity trading platform, data service, etc. to help you stay updated and informed while making investments.

Markets Mojo:

Markets Mojo is a website that offers you pre-analyzed and important information about stocks. It also has the most recent and updated financial news, information about price movements as well as all the essential technical information about the stock market in India. It has a valuation tool that defines how the stock is valued and an analysis tool based on quality, assessment, and trend which is perfect for beginners who are learning about the market and are unable to analyze stocks. Experts can also access a quick overview of the stock analysis through Market Mojo.

Business Standard:

The Business Standard is an online business news outlet that focuses on providing its readers with the most accurate and reliable news. Its contributors have helped popularise this website which many people now refer to get the most recent news and important information about stocks, commodities, and mutual funds. It has a special mutual funds tool that helps investors to compare schemes, calculate returns and fund rankings, select funds, etc. All important information regarding the market crucial to investors is available on this website.

The wide variety of websites available online that give information and news about the Indian stock market may provide contradicting information about stocks. It is therefore very important for investors to use the most trusted websites to make sure that they do not come out of an investment with a loss. The websites above are some of the best and highly recommended sites that both beginners, as well as experts, can refer to while making investments, ensuring the highest profits in the market.

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