The Ultimate Guide to the Best Email Newsletters for Stock Investors

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Investing in stocks can be daunting when the whole world is battling against a pandemic hit global economy. To make matters worse, the outbreak is happening at a time when there are genuine fears that the US economy could be slipping into a recession.

The fact the upcoming 2020 Presidential elections will be held in a few months just makes things much more complicated. All of these factors are a serious cause for concern especially to investors in the US stock markets. A barrage of information is easily available on the internet. leading investors to wonder which of these datasets are actionable and which ones are irrelevant.

A prudent investor always keeps an eye out for the latest information to stay abreast of the market events and one of the best ways to stay updated is through email newsletters with coverage focused on relevant and curated information for stock market investors.

This article discusses some of the most well-known and credible websites that share regular email newsletters with their subscribers. Some of the email newsletters are freely available while some of them charge a small fee to their subscribers. Different newsletters cater to different investment strategies or styles. A leading newsletter for dividend investors might not be the right pick for you if you prefer to make a higher frequency number of trades per month.

Here is the ultimate list of the best newsletters you should check out and get yourself registered for a seamless grip on the latest news updates.

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Email Newsletters for Stock Investors

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is a renowned news and media publication globally. A significant share of the controlling interests held by Dow Jones Publications. The WSJ covers a range of news like the economy, politics, business news, technology, real estate, and lifestyle. It has a wide range of products under its email newsletters and alerts section.

The “What’s News” section is probably the best email newsletter for stock market investors. Its coverage includes the latest business and market-related news. The WSJ also releases a weekly scoop, “Diversity + Business” newsletter with information on changing corporate governance policies. Some of its other weekly releases include a digest of Technology related newsletters that cover technology reviews by tech pundits.

Subscriptions to the WSJ+, Wall Street Journal’s premium offering, comes at an initial cost of $1 for two months. You can find all the pertinent information about the subscriptions here


Forbes publications are a reputed source of information across the globe. This American magazine publisher features original articles on entrepreneurship, finance and business news, articles on investing in stocks, latest advancements in technology, geopolitics etc. There many segments of Forbes email Newsletters designed for a variety of audiences. Some of them include

  • The Balance Sheet covering written pieces about the increased role of financial leaders. It is sent out to subscribers every other Tuesday

  • CIO – a weekly briefing on technological upgrades and potential impact on business. A new CIO newsletter is released every Thursday.

  • The Memo is a newsletter about the latest events in Europe. Subscribers are sent this newsletter every Saturday.

  • Sound Money shares tips and advice to manage the financial well being for investors. It is released every Thursday.

  • Topline newsletters contain expert analysis from global researchers. Subscribers receive this notification when analysts estimate potential market impact during a news break.

Forbes has a host of different newsletters for multiple target audiences. You can find more information on Forbes email newsletters here.

Investment U 

Investment U is an up and coming finance publisher with a rapidly growing user-base with now over 200,000 monthly readers on their website. The unique advantage of the Investment U newsletter is that they provide an extensive educational resource hub that is completely free. With many free newsletters typically the quality drops, however, Investment U offers collections of insights from some of the worlds best investing minds including Alexander Green.

Newsletters that you can join include “Liberty through Wealthy”, “Wealthy Retirement”, “Profit Trends”, “Trade of the Day”, and the “Manward Press”. Investment U is also affiliated with popular paid newsletters that are curated directly by investing gurus. The most popular ones include “The Oxford Communique” and “The Manward Letter”.

You can find out more about the newsletters on their website here.

Motley fool

Motley Fool was founded in 1993. In close to three decades, Motley Fool has become a trusted name across many countries. In addition to the Motley Fool Website, it also hosts podcasts, radio shows, newspaper columns, and many other services for stock market investors.

In addition to the US and Canadian stock markets, Motley Fool analysts also cover stocks listed in Hong Kong, Australia, UK, Germany, and Singapore. It has many dedicated readers worldwide. Motley Fool premium services package costs US$ 199 a year. The bundled package includes two stock picks every month, a Best Buys section, stock recommendations as well as additional resources for community investing.

You can find out more about the premium service packages here. For directly subscribing to the premium, you can visit the Motley Fool website here

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha website is an open-sourced content portal that publishes financial and business news. Many research analysts around the world contribute to this website. According to the website, Seeking Alpha has over 8,000 contributing authors who cover in-depth stock trading and investment analysis.

Seeking Alpha’s internal content team adheres to a strict editorial guideline and publishes articles after a thorough vetting process. The open-sourced financial news platform boasts of housing over 2 million subscribers to its daily alerts. This website also allows investors to create a virtual portfolio to track daily price movements and the overall impact on the portfolio.

Seeking Alpha has both a free news alert and a premium newsletter package.  The paid services cost US$ 29.99 if billed every month. The lump sum annual subscription comes at a discount of $120 and costs US$ 239, paid upfront (i.e.US$ 19.99 per month). For subscribing to Seeking Alpha premium alerts, click here.

Sure Dividend

Sure Dividend is arguably the most popular newsletter for investors who are focused on dividend investing. Boasting over 100,000 subscribers on their free newsletter and over 10,000 subscribers on their paid newsletter. Sure Dividends free newsletter sends a daily email each morning on weekdays and gives investors ideas for building a long-term dividend portfolio. Their paid newsletter is highly sought after as it can enable investors by providing a complete list of the best dividend stocks.

To check out and join the Sure Dividend newsletter, click here.

Zacks Research

Zacks Research is an American investment research firm that produces independent research for stock market investors. Research publications from this organization are sourced and cited by many fund managers and research analysts. A lot of historical information and research are freely available and published on its website. But for the latest updates on stock trends, you can opt from any of the three paid services. You can find the specifics on Zacks paid services here.

  1. Zacks Premium Package – After the trial period, the Zacks Premium package costs $249 per annum. The premium package bundle includes equity research reports, a Focus List portfolio with 50 stocks, access to premium screens, and Zacks #1 Ranks Lists.

  2. Zacks Investor Collection – This is a package well suited for long term investors. Subscribers will get updates on real-time signals on stocks, ETF’s and mutual funds. Some other features include stocks priced under $10, tips for value investors and income investors, and many more. The 30 day trial period access costs US$ 1. After the trial period, subscribers are billed US$ 59 per month, whereas the annual Investor Collection subscription costs US$ 495.

  3. Zacks Ultimate – As the name suggests, this is the ultimate bundle for stock market investors. You name it and you’ve got it! This package includes market insights along with private picks from the entire gamut of Zacks portfolio recommendations. Subscribers will also have access to multiple investment approaches and can determine the best strategy based on individual risk appetite. In addition to all of the features in the Premium Package and Investor Collection package, Zacks Ultimate also has updates on Blockchain, Legalised Cannabis stocks, Healthcare, Commodities, and Technology sectors. This bundle is the most expensive and costs $299 per month or comes at an annual subscription charge of $3,000 per year.


There are many more websites and media publication houses that offer email newsletters to stock market investors. Some of the other noteworthy names include Reuters, MarketWatch, Business Insider, and Jim Cramer Action Alerts on The Street. For investors in penny stocks, you can subscribe to Tim Skyes Penny Stock alerts for US$2.50 per day. A newer newsletter focused on millennial’s and generation Z investors is The Average Joe.

Disclaimer – All of these websites (and many others) share crucial market updates. However, every investor should make prudent investment decisions based on their individual risk capacity.


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