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Featured Member: JR Ewing Investment Advisor with Annual Returns of up to 48%

Hi JR Ewing! Would you be able to tell us how you got started in stock investing?

I first started as a passive investor back in early '95. I had just finished up several years of military service after graduating from college several years earlier, and was just starting my career - my first "real" job. My Godfather gave me a magazine article that wrote about how one could become a millionaire in several decades by putting away $100 a week into the stock market, assuming of course that you would get the rate of return the markets had averaged over the years. Because my Godfather was a self made millionaire who retired when he was still fairly young, I listened to him.

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Featured Member: IV_Trader - Options Trader With Annual Returns of 35%

Hi iv_trader! Would you be able to tell us how you got started in stock investing?

I started trading stocks in a retirement and TFSA Accounts in my early 20's and started trading options after the 2008 pullback, looking for other solutions that would allow for profit in a bear market.

What is your current investing style? What kind of returns are you seeing?

I trade options actively approx 500 contracts per month.  I trade neutral beta weighted against SPX.  so some positions are bearish , some are bullish, and some are neutral but I keep the

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